Videos of spontaneous, unplanned cuckold (from wife's perspective, anyway)

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    One of the hottest kinds of cuckold videos are those where the wife isn't aware of it beforehand and decides to go through with it in the heat of the moment. These videos seem very rare, even the ones that are scripted are rare although very hot. Consensual sex only, of course...maybe she is a bit hesitant at first but decides to go for it with some friendly encouragement.

    Here are some good examples of this --

    JanB's first -- this was probably scripted but it is still very hot anyway.

    Gift for wife -- obviously pro, but still very nice

    Another pro one --

    This only works if the whole scenario is shown from the beginning, with the wife fully clothed, and goes from there.

    Does anyone else have some to share? I have a real hard time finding this sort of scenario in either amateur or pro videos. Amateur or semi-pro is better but pro can be good too. The more drawn-out before the sex starts, the better.
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    I wish I would have been able to video tape my wife's first time because it was not planned but more "spur of the moment". I am sure you would have enjoyed it, I sure did !
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    Not sure of a wife's thinking but if she is satisfied sexually by another man and gets excited letting you see or know then the cuck happens
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