Very Curious Cuckold Wannabe here

Hi there...

I'm a 40 something guy...probably pretty typical for this site. I'm tall, pretty confident in my looks and abilities...and as you can see from my pic probably average endowed (maybe skinnier than avg). I'm married to a gorgeous latina woman who drives me crazy. She isn't all that interested in sex with me anymore, and I have developed a huge hotwife/cuckold fantasy around her. I'm interested in hearing from other cuckolds, bulls, and hotwifes about the lifestyle, and working out some of these fantasies in my head. I know her deepest fantasy is the same, to have other younger, better built guys but I don't think she is comfortable with the idea of actually going through with it. We have talked about it a lot. She says my size and abilities are "fine" but I know by her comments and past that deep down, she would rather a long, thick cock attached to a well built muscular guy to make her cum like I haven't been able to. I'm not looking to coerce her into anything she isn't comfortable with, so at this point its just working out my fantasies here.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you, whether other cuck guys, bulls or hotwives.