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verify my little penis


Real Person
whats with all the white dudes on an interracial website posting pics of their dicks? we have yet to meet any real black men on here! anyone know any websites where you can actually meet black men??
This site is full of well hung black guys. Interracial which means black men/women...:bigsmile: plus... White men/women.;) Even though my dick is little am i not allowed to use the site? and its also a cuckold site...
I'd beg to differ. Yeah, there are lots of fakes but there are definitely real blacks on this site.

And that thing about posting pics of the little ones: I think that's a bit odd too but to each their own. There are lots of different patterns and paths to arousal. Trick is to find others who match up ... so, live and let live ... variety is the spice ... and all that.

Now then, where's that pic of OralBrooke again? LOL
my wife says i am the smallest she ever seen,and laugh at me the first time. As it got i little bigger getting hard while she laugh,then knew i was total under her control Picture 331.jpg Picture 333.jpg


Real Person
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I would not laugh about the size...many ways to enjoy...;) I have a white husband now and we enjoy fine he is not the biggest but not small either. I do have some big toys though...and would so much love to be taken by bbc atleast once.....I would make it worth while....but then again I would make it yours too...;)

For me you can post anything you like ....we all have our reasons...;)

-X- Malinn