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    It is I says me. Shit, what wild weekend. New week now, and I doth figure I should have some time for reading and posting here later on. Might as well let it be known that I am authentic.

    Some of what I share in my posts as time goes on might seem a bit over the top to virgin ears. It is all true, as am I.

    Let those concerned know that I am more real then Real Deal Holyfield. Modern science had concluded, with the majority of scholars concurring, that the Holyfield and his deal are empirically real. Eponymous.

    Optics, those laws of physics, make it so writing is reversed when an image is photographed in a mirror.
    My signature in the photo reads 'Ninja' in case there is some confusion. Deja Vu: Eponymous.

    I like most of what I have seen on this site thus far and I want to thank the members for making this an interesting place to share. Liked minded people having a place to express views on topics of common interest is one of the great assets of the internet age.

    I snapped those still images with my new low HD (720p) video one handed unit. My better unit (full HD) was damaged at the start of this year and does not work correctly. Liquid damage to the front and lens of the camera.Funny that I did not think it to be enough at the time to disable the device for good. I was wrong.

    It was worth it since it happened when I was POV filming myself with a girl who was an experienced squirter. Two guesses what got sprayed and who underestimated the trajectory or her joy juice! Women are so beautiful and incredible. What is the price for a new camera compared to those sort of experiences and memories?
    I Know That Guy.JPG Ninja is Here.JPG
    So I will end where I started: It is I says me.
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    You want me to become like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon? That room with mirrors scene? Scan of Proof Sheet.jpg

    I did you one better. I rescued the sheet from the trash and scanned it in. The paper I was holding has the site logo and my signed screen name, my avatar and the skyline of my current (and hometown) city. That is anticlimactic uh?

    Still, it is me in the pics.