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My wife Jeri is 32 years old, and we share a mutual stocking fetish. This has led to many sexual adventures, including one I’d like to tell you about.

Last year we were on vacation in Las Vegas, having a really good time. The last night there we went to a show at one of the other hotels, and then we stopped in to check out a nightclub. As expected, the place was totally packed, but we managed to get over to the bar to grab ourselves some drinks, then we went to dance.

We were both tipsy, but Jeri was still tearin’ up the dance floor. She was dressed in a black mini dress, stockings and heels, but hadn’t bothered to put on a bra or panties. When a slow song came on, I pulled her close for a dance and, since I didn’t think anyone would notice us in the packed room, put my hand under her dress to massage her bare ass for a while.

A couple of songs later, I had to go to the bathroom. I was washing my hands when a guy came up to me and told me my lady was “fine” and had “a sweet ass.” I turned to see who it was, and there was a large black guy standing next to me.

“I saw you two on the dance floor,” he said when I looked at him.

He introduced himself as Omar, and we talked briefly. I told him it was our last night in town, and he asked if we were looking to party. I don’t know what came over me— it was probably the alcohol— but I told him we were and that I’d find him after I checked in with my wife. I wasn’t sure if Jeri would go for it, but I had a feeling that my wife wouldn’t turn down a chance to hook up with a big, sexy black man. Call it a hunch.

I went back over to the bar to rejoin my wife, and we had a couple of shots. I was going to ask her what she thought about Omar joining us, but I had a better idea. When she went to the bathroom a couple of minutes later, I waved Omar over and asked him to give me his number. I told him we were going back to our hotel, but he should follow and wait at the bar there, and I’d call him when we were ready.

Back at the hotel, Jeri went into the bathroom to take off her makeup, and I told her I was going to call room service. Obviously, I called my new friend Omar and told him to come up to our room in 15 minutes. I hung up just before Jeri came out of the bathroom in only her stockings and heels. I told her that drinks were on the way, and we lit a joint while we waited.

There was a knock on the door about 15 minutes later, and I went to answer it. We were in a suite with a separate bedroom, so after I let Omar in, I told him to go get naked and then come into the bedroom. He started taking off his pants before I finished talking, and that’s when I saw his cock for the first time. It was huge! He had to be at least nine inches long, and he was thick as fuck.

I undressed and brought my wife a drink from the mini bar, although she thought it had come room service. I told her I wanted to give her a massage and asked her to lay on her stomach. As she did, I waved Omar over to the bed and he climbed naked onto the mattress. He got next to Jeri, but she had her head turned away from him and had no idea it wasn’t me. His hands went to her back, and I admired the contrast of their skin.

It was only a few seconds before Jeri realized it wasn’t me massaging her. She turned over to say something to me, and that’s when she discovered Omar. I told her he was a masseur with the hotel, and she went along with it. She saw he was naked, so she had to know I wasn’t being completely honest, but I don’t think she really cared. All that mattered to her was that his cock was hard and growing longer by the second.

No one spoke for a minute, and just when I thought Jeri was going to kick Omar out, she grabbed his cock and put its head in her mouth. She could barely wrap her small hand around his thick shaft as she tried to suck and jerk him at the same time.

Jeri was in her own world, and she bobbed her head up and down trying to stuff as much cock in her mouth as she could. I sat watching as she tried to deep throat that huge prick, but she was unsuccessful. Finally Omar reached down and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Then he rolled her over, spread her nylon covered legs and got down between them. Jeri guided his cock to her pussy entrance, and Omar began easing it in and out of her, getting her used to his size.

It took several minutes before she could take the full length inside her, and she kept writhing and moaning with pleasure as Omar tried to work his dick in there. A minute after she was stuffed with that big fat cock, my wife came. Then she started begging Omar to fuck her hard. He started to fuck Jeri right away, thrusting hard in and out between my wife’s stockinged thighs, and pretty soon she was moaning as she climaxed again.

Now Omar began to fuck my wife really hard, clearly wanting to reach his own climax. Jeri sensed his need to come and started bucking against him with almost as much force as he was using. When it looked like he was ready to blow his load, Jeri made him pull out of her pussy and stick his dick back in her mouth. His cock was covered with her creamy juices, but it didn’t bother her, she just sucked him in as deep as she could. Before I knew it, Omar was popping a wad in my wife’s mouth, and she sucked down as much as possible, only a few small rivulets running out of her mouth and down her chin. She swallowed more than she had let escape, though. I was pretty impressed with how much come she drank from Omar’s cock.

When Omar finished coming, somehow he was still hard, and he rolled my wife over to fuck her again. He spread her legs and started to eat her out from behind, even rimming her asshole. When he started to really eat her ass, though, I knew he wasn’t just going to fuck her pussy this time around. Jeri and I had only tried anal sex twice in our eight years of marriage, but it was clear to me that that’s what she was going to do with Omar any minute now. He pulled her up on all fours and put the huge head of his cock against her tight asshole.

Jeri gasped as he entered her, and she fisted the sheets in her hands. He held her hips as he pushed deeper into her, and I saw my wife’s eyes go wide at how much he was stretching her asshole out. He was only able to get about six or seven inches into her, he was that big.

Once he’d gone as deep as he could go into my wife’s asshole, he began to fuck her slowly. It took a little while for them to work up a steady rhythm again, since Jeri’s asshole was so damn tight, but eventually Omar was giving my wife a steady fucking. Within a few minutes, Jeri had her hand between her legs to play with her clit and help get herself off.

It was so hot to see my wife getting plowed in the ass that I couldn’t resist taking my cock in my hand and jerking off. I wasn’t sure how I’d managed to watch so much live sex without jacking off earlier, or avoid coming without even touching my dick— the action was definitely hot enough for that to happen, believe me— but I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to get a piece of the extreme sexual pleasure being shared in our hotel room.

A few minutes later, Omar started to grunt, and he shot a full load of come into my wife’s ass. I could see her body shake as he filled her, and when he pulled out of her butt to clean up, I saw the come start to leak out of her puckered hole. My wife collapsed onto the bed, panting and gasping for breath, while her play partner went into the bathroom to wash up.

When Omar came out of the bathroom, he said he should probably get going, but my wife grabbed his cock and sucked him hard one more time. She pulled him onto the bed with her, and then climbed on top of him. She impaled herself with his stiff dick and they both moaned in pleasure. My wife rode Omar’s dick like a bitch in heat, and she didn’t stop riding him until she came again. She made Omar come again, too, and this time when he freed his dick from her grasping cunt, he said he really had to go.

As soon as he was gone, my wife had me drop my dick and get between her legs to eat his come out of her. At first I wasn’t really into it, but while I replayed everything that had just happened, I got more excited by the idea, and eventually I started to really gobble up the come. Soon I was so turned on by what was happening that the come I was eating actually started to taste pretty good, like a salty, tangy treat. I greedily ate the come out of her pussy, and I did such a good job of it that I made her come again. At that point I’d lost count of how many orgasms she’d had, but it was definitely a record number for her.

After she came twice from my eating her pussy, I climbed on top of her and slid my hard cock into her stretched hole. She was looser than I’d ever felt her, and it took a minute for us to figure out the best way to fuck when she was so wide and wet. Once I’d found just the right angle to fuck her warm, sloppy pussy and create the best sensations for both of us, it didn’t take long to work up to really pounding the shit out of her. But even with that cunt so loose, it still only took a few pumps before I shot my load right up into her already messy slit.

Jeri was spent after that, and we went right to sleep. All night I dreamed about her fucking Omar, and when we woke up in the morning, I had to fuck her immediately. She let me fuck her in the ass that time, and let me tell you, after taking Omar’s giant shaft back there, she had no problem taking my cock all the way. Once I was in, I was able to fuck the shit out of her ass until we both came.

When we got home from our Vegas vacation, Jeri couldn’t stop talking about what a thrill it had been to fuck Omar’s big, black cock. She went on and on about how great the surprise had been and how much she liked taking his unfamiliar dick all night long. After we talked about it, we decided to try to find another black guy to fuck her, but one closer to home. It went so well that we’ve started bringing guys home for her to fuck on a pretty regular basis. But no one can compare to her first time with Omar