Vacation in Turkey


Hey all,
wanted to share little story with you.
My wife (Mrs.T) and I just returned from a holiday in Turkey. When we were in hotel,one day arrived new couple. Interracial couple where male was extremely good looking black man. My wife pretended that she is not interested, thinking that i would get mad. If she only new the truth...
Once,when Mrs.T went to showers from beach,she passed next to this black guy and he "took her mesures" with his eyes. That situation got me so horny that i could explode. After that,I mentioned her that she interested black guy and she just smiled and told me that i should be proud for that. Word by word, I confessed that i would like to see her with another man and that got her horny also. I want to go slowly with this so i could bring her to the forum when she's ready.
I just had to share this with you,and it maybe seems as a little thing but it is very big thing for me.

Rgds for all.