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Upswing in interracial/cuckolding in culture?

It seems like I've noticed a lot of interracial (black man white woman) romance on various television shows lately, it seems pretty noticeable to me? The black men are usually portrayed as strong, capable lovers in comparison to their white male counterparts. Is it all in my head or does this seem to be a trend recently?


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IR sex has always been around. It is getting to be more accepted. I am in my mid sixties and the first IR fuck I had was when I was about 12 years old. Back then not only was IR sex frowned upon it could get you killed. I remember 3 young black males that allegedly whistled at a white woman, they were all murdered. A white woman that had sex with a black male was likely to be ostracized by her peers even if she claimed she was raped. The male was going be dead and generally wouldn't be permitted to die quickly. Larger cities offer anonymity, in smaller communities everyone is more likely to be known so discretion is more important
image.jpeg It's no coincidence that more black men/white women couples are becoming the rage. The white male is losing out. He is losing his power because all he cares about is making money. While he's at work the black man is planting his seed in the willing pussies of white women. There's no going back after we have had that wonderful experience. It's a new world order. Submit to the black man. Be happy


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Interracial is really taking over but maybe just in your head i see both white women and black men and black women with white men honestly a majority of people do date inside it's own race