*UPDATED* The Complete Guide For Dummies on how to train a hotwife to love BBC and cuckold a hubby.

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    The Complete Idiot and Dummies Guide on how to train a hotwife/girlfriend to love BBC, cuckold a hubby/boifriend, & Interracial Cuckolding.
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    *Thanks to @MacNfries for this image (big kudos)!​

    Thread updates:
    1. 7/22/17 - updated the post narrative.
    2. 8/03/17 - updated with Section 1.4 - 'Real Life Explanations on Why the hotwife/girlfriend may be avoiding Sex'

    To Be Done:
    * Fix links to Porn videos.



    Chapter 1: Starting with the Basics on hotwife/girlfriend seduction and conversion to BBC

    Chapter 2: Starting with the Basics on hubby/boi-friend cuckold to BBC
    Chapter 3: Dom and Sub rules, regulations, expectations


    Ok, this is going to be a serious thread and I appreciate only if people who are serious and need the help or have great examples, and experiences to share post on here. All other naysayers, and negative comments can just ignore this thread and go someplace else.

    I have been receiving countless (say over several dozen messages) from people on this site, CL, SLS, FB, you name it asking me about how to get their wives to go black and from women asking me to train their hubbies to be cuckold.

    So I am starting this thread as a place to capture all of this knowledge and information collected in the field as to what has worked, what doesn't or didn't work and people's personal experiences into a scientific methodical guide on getting their wives to go black and hotwife's getting their hubby's to be cuckold.

    For many this is a Fantasy and for some it may remain just that, but this thread is meant to provide some real methods on steps or tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that people have used and had successful results.

    Consider this as the ultimate community source of information and guide from hundreds of hours in the field experimenting to compose this potent formula from crowd-sourced knowledge and the collective wisdom of countless couple's experiences.

    Learn from all of the successes and mistakes that others and myself have made but what ultimately we can say with confidence has worked overall. 'Opportunity rewards those who are best prepared.'

    This guide here will prepare you if you follow it in getting to seize the opportunities at hand in getting to watch your hotwife/GF have some amazing sex or get fucked silly by a BBC. Additional input from other Bulls, husbands, couples is appreciated on this as well. I will begin it, and others should add on as well.

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    Basic 12 Step Program
    on how to train a hotwife to love BBC


    So the following is an excellent list of steps that was written by another member @jibstar (shout out to him on this) and you can see the original post here:


    I thought his step-by-step layed out approach was phenomenal and I just added it (with cited credit to him) to this updated dummies/idiot guide here since I'm still getting more emails from guys/couples asking for help than I can possibly handle responding to them all. I did combine his steps 3 and 6 on this guide which were essentially the same bringing the total down from 13 steps to just 12 (like the AA 12 step program on reconditioning someone's behavior).

    Thus this guide is for all the hopefuls, and for you guys/couples who've successfully got it to work to pass on to all the new converts out their you want to help proselytize. Just remember to crawl, then walk, then run, then try to fly and not try to rush all of this too fast. Calibrate the steps as to the comfort level speed of your lady. Dont get ahead of her, stay with her.

    Disclaimer: Try this at your own risk and realize your results may vary. Alot of the discussions I have had with couples who did convert over to the IR lifestyle have all mentioned that they went through a process that was very similar to the steps outlined below. However I offer the following caveats from what other members had posted in response to the steps below:

    "I found that porn got me into Black guys....when i was in middle school me n my gf's would put in dirty movies being funny...but also curious....and whenever a black guy would come on the other girls would say ewww an turn it but i never felt like that...i always was so interested an it made me so wet an horny...so i started dating black guys...when i got my first taste i was hooked..." - @CrimsonAngel87

    "all these guides are useless n a waste of time. once a wife decides to get fucked she will go ahead n fuck. Guide or no guide." - @mywife4fcks

    "When i have said to my wife to fuck other men, she told me that she would fuck whoever & whenever she wanted."
    - @wanabecucked

    Basically Gents you can try all the subliminal suggestions, brainwashing, mind control programming, and behavioral modification conditioning training attempts on her all you want but IN THE END ITS ULTIMATELY HER DECISION. However the power of influence and the right suggestive thoughts does help to stimulate the thinking you want to encourage and provide the supportive environment in your relationship for her to make that ultimate decision to realize your wants and dreams. Could be her wants and dreams too but they were just undiscovered until you helped her to find them. :bigsmile:

    I've bolded important content to emphasize and added additional commentary in red at the end of the steps with anecdotes on what I've, or other's have tried and can corroborate with data and evidence as to have worked in experiments and experience. Its alot to go through and proceed slowly step by step but now without further ado lets begin this.

    ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

    I have helped a lot of guys, both on-line and in real life, get their wife, girl friend, daughter, sister, or whatever, to go black. Sometimes it is fairly easy, if she is already open sexually, and sometimes it is very difficult, and sometimes it is impossible. But, you do not know which it will be until you actually try. NOT trying is the biggest crime.

    The steps below are designed to be fairly subtle, so that it allows the opportunity to back off and adjust, or go in a different direction, or even to drop the issue entirely if need be, at least for the time being. If you must drop it, then always try again later, and never give up. Give it time and space before trying again which may take from weeks to months to years.

    I am not the original author of these steps, and you may have seen something similar elsewhere. However, I have seriously modified the steps based on my own experiences in helping others.

    There are a lot of white guys who really would like nothing better then to get their wife, girlfriend, or daughter to get thoroughly blacked. There is nothing like sweet black cock to satisfy women of any race, and for those white guys who acknowledge that, the problem then becomes how to get her to actually go black, rather than just living out the fantasy.

    If you are in that category (a white guy who wants his girl to go black), and you are uncertain about how, and think it might be risky (i.e. her reaction could be very negative), then you must take it in the careful steps outlined below. Make adjustments along the way. No two girls are likely to react to everything in exactly the same way, so playing it by ear and making those adjustments is essential. Never forget that. It is very important.

    Of course, an emphasis needs to be put on this: this is a guide only, and all guides need to be adjusted to suit individual needs and responses. But the key is to take it in steps so you can always adjust or backtrack if you must, depending on her reaction.

    In undertaking the steps, you are trying to accomplish two things, really. One, of course, is getting her used to the idea of sweet delicious black cocks inside white holes. The other is to get her used to the idea of her nudity, which in turn opens her to greater sexual freedom and excitement, which then leads her to be able to more likely consider black cocks.

    Step 1:

    The very FIRST thing you must do is to absolutely make sure she KNOWS you love her. You don't do that by just saying "Hey, I love you, now how about becoming a black cock slut." That is not going to work. SHOW her you love her, not just tell her. Do things for her that truly demonstrates you care about her and her well being and her emotions and her sexual pleasure.

    You do that by bringing her flowers frequently; writing her a little love note; going on-line and copying a love poem (be sure you don't represent that you wrote it, just that you found it and thought it fitting for her); getting her a gift card for a dress shop that has sexy clothes, etc.; doing things around the house for her that maybe you normally don't do; taking her out for romantic candlelit dinners. Anything like that will SHOW her you love her, and throughout this whole process, KEEP doing it. Don't just do it once or twice, then not again. Every step along the way, SHOW her so that she knows the things you are doing are out of love for HER, not because of your own needs. It must be for HER, and she must always feel that. Once she gets the idea you are doing it for YOU, it becomes more difficult by far.

    Step 1 must become continued throughout this whole process, not just at the beginning, even though this is the only place it is mentioned. This is critical. Never forget doing this.

    BBB76 anecdote: This is VERY true and has been corroborated in the countless conversations I've had with with couples I've met in the IR lifestyle. Step 1 is a reiterative process that should take place simultaneously through-out steps 1 to 12. All of the women in couples I talked with mentioned that they became more at ease with the idea of fucking a Black man after they knew that their husbands really loved them and wouldn't think any less of them for sleeping with another man or leave them which is a big fear for them.

    Men (husbands, BFs) may forget that most woman were raised (conditioned, programmed all their young lives) to be loyal to their husbands and not have extra-marital affairs or sleep with other men and be labeled as a hoe. So now you have to rewrite/overwrite decades of programming code hardwired into their brains and modify their learned behavior. Realize that the brain has neural circuitry that is hard wired into the synapses after repeatedly doing or hearing something over and over that are hard to break (habits).

    *See Field Report One of Conversion Lessons entry in this guide for additional information related to this where the hot GF said she liked that her cuck BF was doing more chores and pampering her and she truly felt he loved her and to reward him for his good behavior she considered that fucking a Black guy may not jeopardize their relationship.

    Step 2:

    Attempt to keep, as much as you can, your white dick out of her pussy. Oh, I know, that can be difficult for you at first, as you will get very horny, but why do you think God gave you a right hand? Use it to relieve yourself when you need to. For HER, eat her, suck her tits, kiss her lips, play with her asshole (fingers and tongue), and all that, and get her to cum from those things and NOT from your white dickie. When she cums from the things you do to her like that, she needs to feel good about it, but also she needs to feel a little wanting, wanting more, not being completely fulfilled, like she is missing something. Really explore her body with your mouth and tongue and make her hot and wanting more, and make her cum, but not really hard. Remember, she must always be left wanting something more that you cannot give her.

    BBB76 anecdote: This is very important and true. In Field report One of Conversion Lessons in this guide, the cuck BF corroborated with factual data on applying this step when he told me that he had to hold out on giving his GF sex for weeks to build up her sexual desire and wanting to release by finally having feelings of her getting fucked by a Black guy if her BF wasn't going to give in. He even went and got a cock cage himself and locked his own cock up and with the BF repeatedly telling her if she wanted a cock it had to be with a Black guy now. In addition to continuing to apply Step 1 above over and over she finally relented and said fuck it I want my Orgasm from a cock so I'll get the BBC and teach him a lesson. Now he has conditioned her and she has conditioned him also to not get any pussy until she first got some Black cock. After she gets her Bull then he gets some pussy by first licking it and then sticking it for sloppy seconds.

    *THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP that most white men leave out and thus are not successful. It is also conditioning step that many white men (BF/Husbands) fail at because they can't resist not using their dickies (as the writer here put it).

    Another issue, problem, and challenge is where one white guy I spoke with told me he already goes through long droughts of not having sex in his marriage so it would drive him crazy to try and hold out longer than his wife. But what I told him is that you need to do things to increase her sex drive with all of the steps provided here with pampering her, giving her foods that are aphrodisiacs (like chocolate) and getting her naked more and playing with her more to increase her libido.

    If her libido is low and she is too self conscious about her body and sexuality then you are doomed from the start. You have to get her to start feeling sexy and thinking about sex on her mind alot again. The mind leads and the body follows. But if she has no sex drive then there is a disconnect between her mind and body and you will get no where until you jump-start that sex drive engine back up, keep making her horny, rev back up that libido then hold out on her ass until she begs for some BBC.

    See also Section 1.4 of this guide covering 'Real Life Explanations on Why the hotwife/GF may be avoiding sex' for more INFO and tips to address this issue.

    Step 3:

    Start getting her into nudity. Get her naked as often as you can. Let her know you love watching her cook naked. You love her watching TV naked. Give her naked back rubs, massage her feet, with you sitting on the floor, her totally naked, and once in awhile, remark on how beautiful her pussy is. Throw in some sly comments about her having such a sweet body and pussy, and she should not be concealed. Tell her you bet other men would Fawn over her natural beauty and Black men especially would lust over her curves and being dieing to fuck her like some wild beasts or bucking Bulls.

    [BBB76: After successfully getting the step above implemented then proceed to try the next action below which was originally Step 6, or 7 in the original guide.]

    Work on her becoming a total nudist at home. Anytime she is home, try to get her naked, and used to being naked around you and other family member that live with you. Become a nudist family, if possible, but at the very minimum, get her to be comfortable with being a nudist at home.

    BBB76 anecdote: This is also a very good point he brings up. Women are extremely self conscious and aware of their looks alot more so than men are. Lets be real and honest fellas, your GF, or wife doesn't look exactly like she did when you first met her and was attracted to her. Unless she is really athletic and semi-obsessed with exercise and nutrition like fitness instructors are she probably looks in the mirror and constantly thinks all the time how she can loose some weight. Thus she will never be comfortable getting naked in front of another man much less her own husband.

    In Field Report One (Conversion) I received a short video from the cuck BF of him taping his hot GF for me and she is walking in her nice lingerie outfit towards his camera phone. In the video she says to paraphrase "do I look ok, and give me a few more weeks to work on my midsection before we do this please." The cuck BF reassured her that she looked good and when I saw the video she looked like a smoking hot perfect ten (10) to me with no flaws I could see and a flat stomach with an extremely phat ass on a white girl but yet she didn't think she looked good enough. How many times have we heard this guys? Anyway you will have to do alot of consoling to your woman about her looks to reassure her she looks good and another man will find her attractive much less attractive when she is naked.

    Step 4:

    Whether she is into or not, watch Inter-Racial (IR) videos with her. She may not initially like it, but DO IT regardless. Don't back down on it. She may think your a pervert at first, but keep at it. The first few videos must have ONLY one black guy with a white woman, and try to get ones where the girl looks something like your girl. If she is blonde, have the girl in the porn also blonde, etc. Throw away ANY porn you have that have any white guys in it. While watching the IR porn, play with her, finger her, twist her nipples, kiss, whatever you have to do to get her hot and HORNY WHILE watching the IR porn, but remember, really try to keep your white dickie out of her, and make her cum only from watching the porn and the things you do to her that don't involve your dick.

    While watching, make some comments about how hot it is to see BLACK cock in white pussy, how much of a turn-on it is to see that beautiful contrast of black and white. After the first few times, make comments about how white girls really need black cocks to truly be sexually satisfied, sexually liberated, and free.

    BBB76 anecdote: This step is self-evident and most men know this intuitively and apply it however there is a crucial point he made here that I can corroborate. I was talking with the hot GF from Field Report One (Conversion) via email at one point and she asked me for videos and pics of me with any other women. She stated that the pics I had with a brunette where similar to her hair style and body type and she wanted to see more of those pics as they had turned her on and she was able to visualize herself with a Black Bull or me. So get IR porn of women that resemble your wife/GF so she can do as Olympic athletes are taught to use Imagery and "visualize the outcome" they want to see. To picture themselves performing at their top peak and holding the Gold medal in their hand. When you can visualize yourself doing something it gets the subconscious mind activated to make the conscious thoughts to happen which leads to your body following behind it and next thing you know you have willed something into existence from the mental into the physical dimension. You can read more about Olympic Athlete mental training at these links below:

    Also see Field Report One (Seduction) for more ideas on this.

    Step 5:

    Get her a very realistic black dildo, preferably one that vibrates. Don't make it too large for her, and don't make it blue or red or gray or whatever, ONLY BLACK. It must be realistic looking, with veins and a nice head. Start using it on her while watching IR porn. Eventually, get her to take over control of the dildo. Get her to cum from it while watching the porn. Make comments about how beautiful the dildo looks in her, how black is so good for her.

    By the way, be sure to get some good lube for the dildo, and be sure to not only keep it lubed for her, but also keep it clean for her. After use, use some soapy water to clean it. YOU do that, not her. And YOU apply the lube, not her. K-Y has some nice lubes, and you can get it at any drug store, such as in Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

    BBB76 anecdote: See Field Report One of Seduction Lessons in this guide for more commentary, thoughts and ideas on this to apply.

    Step 6:

    Get additional IR porn, only now, with more black guys and one girl, or with several girls and one or two black guys. Don't make it full blown gangbangs yet, but after she is very used to it and comfortable with several guys and one girl or several girls and one or two black guys, then graduate to gang bangs if her interests seem to lie in that direction. Adapt to what seems to turn her on. If she gets turned on by the thug type, make sure there are some like that in the videos. If she is turned on by guys with dreads or shaved heads or big balls or six packs or whatever, make sure there are guys in the videos like that.

    BBB76 anecdote: This was discussed in step 4 and something gradual to move into and not too quickly. But if you show and expose her to this type of IR porn slowly and gradually then it could help to produce more of these thoughts in her mind subconsciously. I have no field reports of experiences, or experiments that provides data and evidence to corroborate this yet.

    Step 7:

    If you have followed the first 7 steps, and she seems at least somewhat responsive, you need to start pushing the envelope some. Buy her really sexy and revealing clothing now, and encourage her to wear them. At home at first, then out in public. She will likely resist, so offer to take her to another town or to a place she won't run into anyone she knows when you go to bars or clubs or out shopping with her dressed so sexy. Get her used to the idea of looking and acting sexy.

    BBB76 anecdote: In Field Report One of Conversion Lessons of this guide, the cuck BF mentioned that he got his hot GF some sexy expensive lingerie that she liked to wear but he told her it was only for her to wear for her Bull. This was a great behavior modification TTP, in which she had an emotional connection to the cuck BF buying something nice for her that made her feel good about him and herself, but it was associated with the act of doing something with another man, a Black Bull to be specific. That was a good subconscious thought that was inserted into the programming code of her brain.

    Step 8:

    When she is used to looking and acting sexy, then get her to go without panties while wearing a short skirt. Going commando really heightens a girl’s sexual awareness, and very often gets her aroused and makes her bolder, once she is used to it. Going commando will truly change her attitude when she is out and about. At first, when she does this, it will be very hard for her to get her mind off the fact she is in a very short skirt with no panties, and the possibility total strangers could see her. Work that around so that it is a total arousal for her. Play on it.

    BBB76 anecdote: I have another Field Report I need to write up in which I met another couple at a pub in which the sexy blonde hotwife had on a short mini-dress but what I didn't know until I got back to their condo was that she wasn't wearing any panties the whole time we were out at the pub flirting and by the time I took her dress off and felt her pussy it was super soaking dripping wet like she got hit between the legs with a super soaker water gun no lie. Her pussy was EXTREMELY dripping wet. This is a TTP that works fellas.

    She will feel slutty, act sluttier, and therefore tease more. Also in following up with Step 3 it is important that she feel sexy and that men would be attracted to her. For drop dead gorgeous women who are constantly hit on all the time this is not an issue but I have met alot of women of couples who are very quiet, and insecure about themselves I find out. That's where the Bull, or Black guy can help out by flirting with her and telling her she is attractive which makes her feel good about herself and helps her get more relaxed about being with a man other than her BF, or Hubby especially naked. More to come on this in step 11.

    Step 9:

    You must now go hot and heavy with the IR porn. Ensure she NEVER cums unless she is either watching a black cock in a white pussy, or that she cums with the black dildo/vibrator. In other words, ANYTIME she cums at this point, it must, some how, some way, be related to black cock. She must begin to fully associate black cock to her own sexual pleasure and release, and if black cock isn't involved some how, then there isn't any sexual pleasure and relief for her at all. Above all, you must now, no matter how hard it is for you, keep your white dick out of ANY of her holes.

    BBB76 anecdote: Perfectly stated and another excellent point provided in this step. Alot of posts on this site corroborates this step and provides data and supporting evidence on this behavioral modification to get the woman to associate pleasure with a BBC.

    Step 10:

    Go to a club or bar or SOMEPLACE (you find it) where you know there are some black guys. Get her to dress sexy and without panties. Buy her a few drinks (don't get her drunk!!), and get her to dance with some black guys. Just sit back and watch. Don't interfere or push her if she is truly reluctant. Let it come more naturally. If she is sort of willing, but too shy to take any action, then YOU must ask a black guy to dance with her, or share a drink with her, or whatever seems right and appropriate at the place you are at. Get her COMFORTABLE with being close to black guys while she is in a very short skirt and no panties.

    BBB76 anecdote: The real critical and pinnacle level to the steps you have taken begins to happen here, her finally easing into not only her mind being with a Black man but her body next to one too. More will be provided on this soon.

    Step 11:

    Usually, if she is willing at all, it will happen by Step 11. While dancing, the black guys will feel her up, squeeze her ass, etc., and she will then begin to submit. If she has gone through Step 11 but has not submitted to them yet, but does seem even somewhat receptive, then you need to push it harder. Tell her you have arranged a date for her, or set up a meet in a motel, or invited a black friend over, so that she can get even more comfortable with the idea of being very close to black guys. If you have done this step and she still does not seem receptive to submitting, you need to repeat some of the steps. How far back to go depends on you and on her reactions.

    BBB76 anecdote: More Field Reports on Conversion lessons will be provided to expound on this step. Ive met a few BBC virgins now and was finally able to break down their last minute resistance, and defenses. A skilled Black Bull can help here with Step 11 & 12 to complete the seduction and final act of conversion.

    Step 12:

    If she has gone all the way through Step 12, and has actually dated or met but has not fucked yet, then it is time to come out with it. Tell her you worship her, and you believe she NEEDS the sexual satisfaction of fucking a nice sexy hung black stud, you encourage her to do so, and that you are 100% ok with it. It may now be time to set up an actual fuck meet for her. Let her know you will participate only to the extent SHE wants you to. If she wants you to watch, great. If she wants you to just be nearby for security at first, do it, and do not insist you watch. If she wants you for clean-up after, do not hesitate, not matter how you feel about that at first. You do what SHE wants, not what you want. It is all about HER, and always keep that at the front of your mind. She is primary, you are not.

    About the Steps

    The objective with the Steps is to get her comfortable and accepting of each Step before moving on to the next. Smaller Steps seem doable, whereas if you do it all at once, in one GIANT step, it will seem to be too much, too overwhelming, to her and she won't have time to make adjustments in her own mind and attitude before moving on to the next.

    To be successful, make sure during EACH step, you show patience and allow time for her to adjust. Making small minor adjustments is key and scientific studies show it takes over 30 days of repeatedly doing some new action for new habits to form and old ones being broken.

    If she doesn't, then you need to do some fine-tuning and make some adjustments yourself in the current Step before moving on to the next Step. Do NOT rush it. Rushing through the steps may be a fatal error with some girls.

    Remember, it is all about getting her acclimated, or comfortable with something new she is doing before you challenge her with something more.

    One final comment: Your jealousy. When she starts fucking black men, you may find that, even though this is what you really want, you feel a tinge of jealousy. You must channel that feeling into something positive, and not let it kill the whole thing for you. Change any jealousy you feel into feelings of arousal, then go jack off or something, but never let it interfere even slightly with her sexual freedom and pleasure.
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    Second Edition ...
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    Great thread
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    Damn I can't wait to get my wife blacked!
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    Ok, I talked with the hubby of this new couple and set up a meeting for Thursday. He said if I can get his wife blackened she is mine I would be her boyfriend and then he asked me what do I expect of him as a cuck and he needs to be trained. So I will expound more on this topic of what methods I have tested, what works, didn't worked.

    More to come on this. In the meantime - keep the personal ads and chatting down if its not relevant to contributing to the forum topic.


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    @MacNfries - Very nice cover design. I see who i need to hit up for any graphic design work. :bigsmile:
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    I'm waiting to see tricks and tips on how to get my wife to go black
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    I'm in my wife has been blacked many times but doesn't want to do the cuckold bit So how would you handle that?
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    @phtbootywife; @jdflacpl - below is a start to the guide. Thanks for posting your questions and stay tuned for more. Be patient as this is gonna take some time.

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    Real life Lessons on Seduction:

    Field-Report One

    So as the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. And so there are multiple ways to get a hotwife/girlfriend to convert over to wanting to fuck a hot hung Black male with a Big Black cock. There is definitely no single approach, or one technique that will work for everyone every time as all woman are different and will require different approaches and lengths of time to seduce and convert. However, although there are multiple ways of approach, there is definitely one step-by-step sequence all men (hoping hubbies/boyfriends) must follow in accomplishing the goal of their fantasies.

    This guide will include a discussion on many of the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that I've learned and used from others or discovered, and field-tested, and used successfully on my own to include ones that may have not worked so well. This guide will hopefully give you the tactics you need to get your woman to drop her defense shields she has raised, break down and destroy ones that have a high-level of resistance, and slip by some defenses like a stealth-missile.

    About four years ago, I was out in L.A. California attending an urban environment disaster preparedness course. It was basically a preppers course on bugging-out and getting the fuck out of dodge when T.S.H.T.F. The instructor of this course told the small group of some hard-core looking men there that a student in one of his prior classes happened to be Neil Strauss who used the material as research for his book 'Emergency'.

    For those that don't know who Neil Strauss is, he wrote for Rolling Stone magazine and also went on to write the infamous and NY best seller 'The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists'. The instructor said when he found out that this guy was the writer he called him out on all the Pick-Up Artist (PUA) material saying it was Bullshit and there was no magic formula or special tricks to picking up all chics. Neil strongly disagreed with him and made some wager for some free training in prepping. So the instructor took him up on it and went with Neil to a couple of spots. Needlessly to say the prepper instructor lost the bet as he witness Neil proceed to capture the phone number of several women with as much ease as a pickpocket snatches wallets before his victim even knew what happened.

    That story got my interest in seeing what were the P.U.A. TTPs they employed. I read Neil's book and I enjoyed the stories he relayed of his training and experiences within the P.U.A. society and how he went from a nerdy guy who never even kissed one girl through-out college along with going on tours with rock-n-roll artists and couldn't even land a groupie to capturing the phone numbers of a playboy playmate of the year, Britney Spears, Courtney Love, and ending up with hundreds of women using his PUA skills of mastery. There was one step-by-step sequence and application of skills he said they all used. The sequence was a set of TTPs on how they approached, opened, demonstrated high value (DHV), created attraction, and then seduced a woman to lead them to a place ultimately to have sex with.

    So in regards to the topic of discussion, I'll start from the assumption that the wife/girlfriend (Significant Other, here on out known as S.O.) has already been approached and a discussion opened and engaged about sleeping with a big strong fit black male with a BigBlackCock(BBC). The problem is most have hit resistance or the S.O. has shown no interest. That's because the attraction and seduction steps have been lacking. This leads us to my first field report (out of dozens).

    A few months ago I was contacted by a male member of couple of this website hoping hubby1 on here that asked me for some tips and tricks on getting his wife blackened. He said he lived in my area and he would love for me to be the first to blacken her. So I gave him some ideas to try and to report back.

    My first suggestion to him and to everyone is, are you currently watching InterRacial (IR) porn with your S.O. If not then start immediately. If so then what is her reactions to the I.R. porn? Is she aroused, no reaction, or turned-off (loses arousal)? More to come on this later.

    But back to the story of this hoping hubby1. So he said he was watching the IR with his wife and she was somewhat aroused and never asked him to turn it off but it wasn't moving any further. So I suggested to him to get her a Big Black dildo for Christmas which was coming up soon. I didn't hear back from him for a few a few weeks until new years eve. Here is how the conversation unfolded:

    hoping hubby1: happy New Year, You remember me?

    bigblackbull76: Hanyu-Pinyin (Happy-NewYear in Chinese)! yeah you were talking to me about getting your wife blackened and seducing her. I sent you to read that story and do some homework to prepare for the next steps we have to take.

    How is that for my memory? How have you and your wife been doing and how have you been making out with preparing for our journey together on blackening your lady?

    hoping hubby1: LOL. Outstanding! Pretty good memory indeed. Yes I did follow your suggestions and in addition to openly talking about my fantasy with her, but I did get her a new 9 inch, pretty thick black dildo for x-mas. She pulled it out for the first time and did oral on it and let me penetrate her. She had 7 orgasms that night.

    bigblackbull76: VERY VERY VERY GOOD my friend. See the fantasy role-playing is working.
    i like how you are engaging her, discussing about it openly as you said, having her engage and participate in your fantasy, and you used the dildo to give her 7 orgasms?

    What did you name the dildo?

    hoping hubby1: Next will be taking her to the Ritz Carelton in Tysons Corner and have her talk up a black man or two. Dildo is Mr Marcus. Or I call it Mr Big. Some orgasms were oral. Couple of times with Mr Big inside her

    bigblackbull76: Good. Next time say to her stuff like this;

    Do you like that Big-Black-Cock stuffing you baby?

    I want to hear you say you love Big-Black-Cock.

    Say you love being fucked by <insert the name you gave dildo here>.

    Pull the dildo in and out, slap her pussy softly, not too hard to bruise her with it.

    The sex-talk is important to stimulate her erotic mind also. Woman go crazy with that hot slutty sex-talk. They all tell me they love that shit.

    Then say to her:
    you hear that dick slapping against that tight wet pussy and them ass cheeks clapping

    Im gonna fuck you real good with this bigblack cock,

    Say fuck me you black motherfucker! (this is a set-up).

    Say oh you talking shit back to me/I’m gonna fuck you harder with this cock now.

    tell me who’s pussy is this —

    say its yours [Master|BigBlackBull|or Dildo Name]

    pull it out and lick the pussy up clean

    Then say dam baby you got some sweet tasting pussy, yeah thats some real good tasting white pussy and i see how wet and horny you get now for Black Cock you little slut

    She will loose her mind I'm telling you if you say all that shit. practice and rehearse it and soon lets talk about you inviting over a good friend from a working-relationship (me) to come by.

    hoping hubby1: I am on it

    bigblackbull76: Good man. And report back in to me every few days or as often as you have new developments or need more advice.

    ~End of Field Report One.

    -More to come
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  13. phatbootywife

    phatbootywife Member

    OK I have already got her watching IR porn, sometimes she will be in to it other times she will look for a sec then look elsewhere. I have her a BBC dildo that I use on her and ask talk dirty to her like, you like that black cock fucking your pussy etc etc And o does she cum. However I'm not sure what my next step is as I have asked her about getting the real thing she says NO and gets pissed when I ask. Is there even a next step?
  14. samcc2

    samcc2 Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I need any and all advise I can get, I really can't wait to share my wife with black men. I know she will love it once she tries it!

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  15. falcondfw69

    falcondfw69 Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Not meaning to be a killjoy or anything, but how about you first start appreciating what you have and THEN start talking to her about your desires?
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  16. samcc2

    samcc2 Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I really would love to watch you fuck her!
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  17. hubby_spain

    hubby_spain Member

    I have always wanted my wife to be trained
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  18. bigblackbull76

    bigblackbull76 My BBC would bodyslam KingKong off top the Empire Staff Member Real Person Gold Member

    Ok, after a long hiatus, coming back to resurrect this thread and help out the guys on their quests. Here is one field report, reposted from something @SandCinPA posted on the long path he took but finally made it in getting his gal blackened:

    [Field Report:]

    Well after almost 2 years of talking about it watching IR porn and chatting with guys C finally got her first taste of BBC this past Friday for her 22nd Birthday she met a great 29yr old BBC Bull from Craigslist she got to meet him at the bar after a few short drinks she felt comfortable enough with him she took him back to the house and they fucked for 2hrs where he dumped 3 loads inside her young white cunt!!!!!!! The only thing was he didn't get as many pics as I would have like but her is what we have of her first time enjoying BBC I also attached a few pics to show how innocent she looks!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Original post ref: https://www.blacktowhite.net/community/threads/tiny-white-wife-finally-had-her-first-bbc.39529/#post-620809
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  19. Deepthroatco

    Deepthroatco Well-Known Member

    Have to LOVE a hot wet stretched pussy coming home.. :) :) Hope she was full of his thick cum too
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  20. Hansjensen

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    Great thread! When bigblackbull76 writes something it's definitely worth reading.
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