Update on getting the GF black owned

So previously when I have tried to get my GF to tell me her fantasies she has said she doesn't have any. So yesterday I had a discussion with her and she said when she thinks about sex, it just of me and her doing things we normally do. So I had to describe fantasies to her and eventually told her my favorites are a bunch of guys and one girl as well as interracial. I was hoping she would agree that it is hot, but she did not but she wasnt too put off either. So a little later when we had sex and after she started to get into it I said "do you want some black dick?" and she tild me "stop it". I then tell her that I have a few black friends she should fuck and she caved finally and said "ok". I then told her they wouldnmake her geton her knees and suck their dicks and she said she would do that. I told her after that "they would bend her over and fuck her as she sucked one of their dicks" and at this point she is really moaning and grinding on my dick more than usual. I then asked her "where do you want them to cum?, she responds "in my pussy", I repond "all of them?", and she replies "mmmhmm" with a smirk on her face. And at this point she is making sure I fuck her really deep and she orgasms shortly after (which is difficult to do). Needless tobsay, I think it was a fairy successful session. I think I may show her some IR porn this weekend.
Now that's progress, eh!;)