Unusual For A Black Gal

I'm a middle age divorced black mom. One of my turnons is watching white women get taken hard and nasty by BBC. I know that is odd for a black gal, but that has always turned me on and I've introduced many of my white girlfriends to the joys of BBC as long as I got to watch. I was married, but been divorced for close to 12 years now. You can imagine that my ex loved being married to me. I didn't mind him fucking around as long as it was with white women and he shared what he was doing with me. I haven't found too many other black gals who is turned on by this. I suspect there are more then you would think, but it is taboo among black girls to admit it.


I think you're right sweetie. I think it's a lot more black women out there who like this. Yeah I wouldn't have mind being married to you lol