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unpleasent body odour


this is my first threat so please excuse me if i posted in the wrong section nor my english is not good enough

my question is regarding body odour of the bull/other man,

had anyone experiecing this before?

let me tell my part of the story

it was a few months back when we (me and my wife) met this couple (black american+indonesian wife) in some session for a coffee.
we had a nice conversation and a warm welcome from them

long story short, we ended up having a 3some (me,wife and black american)
i'm not really sure wheter this is the same as BBC or not

at the hotel, he (let's called him Mr.X) had a full shower first before any encounter,

the main problem was when my wife tried to suck him off

later on she told me that it was unpleasent that turns her off, due to the unlikely situation, she jerked him off fast and get it over with,

so, have you guys had the same experience like we had?