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Unfaithfully Mine, Faithfully His


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Unfaithfully Mine, Faithfully His

My name is Jason. I met my girlfriend, Donna, almost six years ago
while in college and was immediately hers. Although Donna is
indisputably beautiful at 5 foot 7 inches, 115 pounds, with
ashen-blond hair reaching to just below her shoulders, a sincere face,
a narrow waist, and full C breasts, her caring personality is
the charm that renders her irresistible. Nonetheless, on my 21st
birthday we had been exclusive for almost two years and I was still
unready to say the word "forever" so I suggested we see other people.
At the time, I enjoyed general success with women and hoped a less
committed relationship would let me "have my cake and eat it too."
Was I wrong.

Tearfully, Donna agreed to the suggestion but insisted on some ground
rules. First, each of us would be required to describe in detail our
sexual relations with others. Second, each of us would use a condom
if we had intercourse with another partner whether or not a different
method of birth control was being used (Donna has been on the pill
since soon after we met). Third, neither of us would be permitted to
date anyone in our common circle of friends. Finding her conditions
reasonable, I eagerly agreed.

For several months, I casually dated other women. Usually, these
relationships amounted to little more than a few encounters with some
kissing or petting. Although I always told Donna who I was seeing and
when, we rarely discussed the details and Donna seemed happy not
knowing. In any case, I was having fun dipping my fingers into a wide
assortment of cunts and sometimes even getting my cock sucked. What's
that corny saying? "Variety's the spice of life" . . . I sure thought

Donna was less pleased with the status quo. Though she was constantly
pursued by other men, she rarely dated and when she did, it seemed to
be as "just friends." Even better, I made sure to fuck her pussy
until it was good and sore just before any of her dates. Sometimes I
would show up at her apartment only a half hour before her date was
expected to arrive and interrupt her dressing, putting on her make-up,
etc. by jamming my stiff cock into her unready pussy. It was
wonderful! I'd stand behind her, pull her skirt or dress up to her
waist, and bend her over the bed or couch before lubing my cock with
saliva and penetrating her. She'd quickly be fucking back while I
pounded hard and fast; we both came harder during those sessions than
during normal love-making. When her date arrived, she would
practically run out the door hoping to escape before he noticed her
mottled, flush skin or the sex-smell filling the apartment. While she
was out, I would hang with the boys or maybe go on a date of my own
knowing that my semen was trickling from her damp pussy while she sat
making small talk with some schmuck.

Somehow or another, we managed to keep our relationship open for more
than a year before encountering a serious problem. Donna began to
date a close friend of mine, Anthony, and I wasn't sure how I felt
about it. Well, I guess I thought it sucked but wasn't sure if I
could persuade Donna to drop Anthony without sacrificing my own

On their first date, Anthony took Donna to the movies. I was waiting
for Donna when she returned and challenged: "not in our circle of
friends, huh?"

She giggled, "Oh, come on, you know Anthony's intentions are
completely innocent. We're just friends. We didn't do anything, not
even a 'good night' kiss. Besides, when we agreed that we wouldn't
date our mutual friends, I was talking about real dates. I'm not
dating Anthony, I just go out with him to pass the time while you're
out chasing high school floozies."

What could I say? I had anticipated this response but didn't know how
to handle it. "If you say it's 'just friends', I believe you, but I
want you to promise that Anthony knows it's 'just friends.'"

She countered playfully, "of course he knows; he's your best friend
isn't he? You're being silly." With that she pulled her turtleneck
over her head exposing the silk bra which held those perfectly round breasts.
"Let's go to bed," she suggested and walked into the bedroom.

Noticing that her maroon nipples were standing erect, I followed,
teasing "Yeah, alright, but that better be from the chill outside."

After a month or so of very limited dating, Donna seemed to lose
interest in Anthony and started spending more time with her
girlfriends, Stacey and Karen. On nights when the ladies hit the
bars, I would hang with my male friends or play with some cute
underclass toy.

On these evenings, Donna would come in sometime after
one o'clock, feeling four or five draft beers, and teasingly demand
that I eat her pussy. Usually, I was feeling my own buzz and would,
with half-closed eyes, listen to her gab as she walked round the
bed peeling-off and discarding her clothes on the floor. Though we
eventually fell into a pattern where she would immediately climb onto
my face and use my mouth to please her already sloppy cunt, I was
surprised the first time she behaved so demandingly.

Though Donna was a good lover, she had never been particularly
aggressive and preferred fucking to oral sex. She disliked giving
head and felt uncomfortable receiving because of the unspoken pressure
to reciprocate. Given this history, her new demands caught me
off-guard and I asked for an explanation.

Straddling my chest while dragging her fingers through her noticeably
wet pussy, she explained that sexual subjects had dominated the
conversation that evening and went on to describe in detail some of
the fantasies she, Stacey, and Karen had shared.
As she finished her story, she said, "Anyway, I know you've been
using your tongue to impress those freshmen and sophomore
bimbos who spread their legs for you, it's about time you started
impressing me, too."

With that, she used her strong legs to pin my arms against me chest and sides and
placed her gooey box onto my face and into my mouth. "Hold my pussy
open," she commanded, "I want your mouth to be completely filled with
my sticky juice."

Conceding, I slurped my tongue through the pink folds and tangled
hair noticing that she was wetter and tangier than ever before. After
coming, she slid down next to me commenting that I should get used to
this new routine. My cock was rock solid by now, and figuring that I
was about to get mine, I started to mount her. Before I could get my
cock inside her, however, she'd clamped shut her legs mumbling
something about having my turn later.

During the next month or so, Donna went out with Stacy and Karen on a
regular basis and repeated her demands each evening when she got home.
Throughout this period, I didn't get my cock into her a single time
and had accustomed myself to masturbating when she tired of riding my
face. It may be hard to believe, but I didn't mind too much; I had
never seen her strong side and kind of liked the idea of my girlfriend
being a bit of a dominatrix.

Maybe six weeks after Donna's liberation, I was blindsided by news of
just how liberated she had become. While having beers with three
friends, someone, I think Jerry, observed that Anthony was
conspicuously absent.

The comment seemed directed at me and I asked
whether Anthony planned on stopping by later. My question triggered
some uncomfortable chuckling around the room and Tim, another friend,
suggested I ask Donna.

Well, I knew what this was about. I explained, "Look guys, Anthony
and Donna dated a little but that was a couple of months ago and I
know exactly what happened -- nothing!"

I continued, "Donna tells me
everything and asked for approval before seeing him. I wanted to see
other women so I said 'OK.' You all may be hypocrites but I'm not, and
if I was going to date around, how could I ask her not to?"

"Nothing? That's not what we heard," Tim countered, "Anthony says he's
been plugging her with his fat cock two or three times a week for over
a month."

Laughing, Matt added, "I've seen Anthony's cock; if he's
putting that thing into her on a regular basis she'll be ruined for
mere mortals."

Tim finished, "I'd bet he's banging her right now."

I didn't know what to say. "You're full of shit" I challenged, only
half believing my own words. A sickening feeling was growing in my

"She's out with Stacey and Karen. The three of them may spend a
lot of time talking about sex, but they aren't fucking anybody."

Tim said, "Look, I'm just playing devil's advocate, but Stacey told me
she was staying-in tonight. Why don't we give her a call and see?"

Throwing back the rest of my beer, I agreed, "sure." What the hell?
If I was right and Donna was being truthful it would shut them up; if
I was wrong . . . well, I needed to find out sooner or later.

Jerry dialed Stacey's number and clicked on the speaker phone. The
room was hush as we listened to the electronic rings on the other end
of the line.

On the third ring, Stacey picked up, "Hello?".

"Hi, Stacey. This is Tim. What are you doing tonight?"

"Oh, nothing, I guess. I thought I might study."

"Yeah, right. Some of us were thinking about grabbing some beers at
Peanut's and thought we might persuade you to join us?"

Except for her agreement, I didn't really hear the rest of the
conversation. When Tim hung up, no one spoke at first. After a
minute, Tim said, "Well, you heard her guys, we've gotta meet Stacey
at Peanut's in a half-hour."

As the group filed out of Jerry's
apartment, Matt joked, "Hey Jason, better buy one of those vacuum
pumps for your dick or start looking for a new girlfriend."

I declined the invitation to get into it with him and started for
Anthony's. As I left, Tim was serious for a minute, "Don't do anything

Not sure of my next step, I walked towards the liquer store thinking
that whatever I ended up doing, another six-pack would make it easier.

Beer in hand, I considered my options. First, Tim was right - I
shouldn't do anything crazy. Maybe, the whole thing was innocent. So
Donna wasn't with Stacey; she could have a million explanations
besides, "I was fucking Anthony." In any case, the possibility that
Donna was banging one of my close friends made me sick and I had to
find out. Had she ever gone out with Stacey and Karen, or had she
been fucking Anthony for the past month as Jerry said? The timing
seemed right. I headed for Anthony's.

Anthony lived in an old apartment building which seemed to permanently
smell of blackened fish; on the way up the elevator, my thoughts
wavered between cajun food and the sound of Donna moaning as her pussy
stretched to take Anthony's hard dick.

Apartment 713. I knocked on the wooden door still unsure of my plan.
An old Genesis tune slid through the cracks surrounding the door; he
was home. Finally, the bolt turned and the door swung inward.

Anthony stood there for a second, his hair wet and a blue bath towel
around his waist. Seemingly unsurprised to see me, he invited me in.

"I was just on my way to meet you guys," he explained as he headed for
his bedroom. "Go ahead and grab a beer while I get dressed."

Opening another of the beers which I had purchased earlier, beers
which Anthony seemed not to notice, I watched him walk down the hall.
I guess if Donna was going to sleep with one of my friends, he wasn't
a bad choice. He was in good shape and had a hairy chest; something I
didn't offer that I knew Donna was into. Matt had mentioned a big
cock, too; I wouldn't find out about that til later.

When Anthony came back into the room, he was wearing only a bathrobe.
Sitting down next to me on the couch, he casually asked "what's up?"

"You're fucking Donna, aren't you?" I blurted.

For a minute he just looked at me, then answered, "Yeah. She loves my
cock and you obviously don't satisfy her at home or she wouldn't be
here all the time. She just left."

I didn't know what to say. "You're lying," I responded.

"No, I thought about lying, but why bother? I'm not going to stop
fucking her. Hell, now that you know, I may fuck her more often.
Maybe everyday, maybe in your bed, maybe in her ass."

I dove at him, spilling my beer, and we wrestled for a minute before
he pinned me on the floor. I was on my stomach with my left arm
pulled painfully far behind my back. He was on top of me with one
hand on my left arm and the other under my neck.

Gritting his teeth, he continued, "You know what Donna's pussy smells
like, don't you?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"What about the taste? You know what it tastes like, don't you?"

"Yes," again.

"Well, here's your proof," he exclaimed while rolling off of me and
jamming something soft into my open mouth.

Jumping up, I pulled Donna's damp, cum-stained panties out of my
mouth. They were smeared with her juices, his cum, and my saliva.

Holding the door open, he said "Get out of here. When you calm down,
call me, and we'll work things out. Don't mention any of this to
Donna. If she finds out that you know, I'll take her for good. If
you don't believe me, just try to put your little prick in her; I told
her to stop fucking you over a month ago and I know you haven't
been inside of her since."

This was too much. Clasping Donna's bunched panties in my hand, I

That night, I waited for Donna as usual. When she came in, she
stripped like normal and immediately straddled my face, rhythmically
grinding her wetness against me while I probed inside of her with my

For the first time in six weeks, I knew the true reason she
was wet and why her juices were so tangy. Contemplating how to
confront her while sucking her sloppy hole, I was surprised when my
cock grew hard.

How could I be hard knowing that another man's
cum was dribbling out of my girlfriend and into my mouth? I began
concentrating on the taste, trying to distinguish her from him. As
her legs began to tighten against my temples and her breathing became
gasping, I felt my cock begin to twitch and soon my own cum was oozing
out of my pulsing cock.

Donna didn't notice until she laid her hand on my belly as she cuddled
against me. She sat up and put a finger to her mouth. "God! I must
have tasted really good tonight. You came just from eating me!. He
told me you'd come around eventually."

"'He' who?" I asked.

Catching herself, she gave me a puzzled look "I didn't say anything
about 'he'." Satisfied, she gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek
and was soon asleep.

I, however, couldn't sleep. Had I cum without touching my cock just
from knowing that I was eating Anthony's semen out of Donna's box? I
had intended to confront Donna and demand that she fuck me but now I
was limp and wouldn't be able to get into her sloppy cunt even if she
wanted it.

The next morning I called Anthony and asked if we could get together to
discuss the situation. He agreed, and we arranged to meet at his apartment later that

As I traveled through the foyer to his living room, he followed asking, "So.
You didn't try to fuck her?"

I turned and looked at him.

"It's probably for the best," he continued, "Donna's completely loyal to me
and I wouldn't want you two to fight. You should get used to the idea that from
now on she's going to fuck only the people I tell her to. As I mentioned last night,
maybe you and I can work something out."

I knew I wouldn't be able to get the upper hand, but I figured I should try
to get back onto the playing field with him, so I lied: "First of all, I fucked her good
and hard last night, and, second, she's promised to stop seeing you."

"Really?" he taunted. "Donna stopped by to suck me off earlier today and had
a different story to tell. She said that last night was just like every other
night: she sat on your face and let you eat my come out of her well-fucked pussy. Oh, she did
day there was one difference; she said you came just from eating her. What could have
caused that? Besides, you didn't tell her anything. If you had, I wouldn't have
agreed to see you."

"She you gave you head?" I asked.

"Don't get hung up on details. She wouldn't blow you even before I stuck
her. Grab some beers from the fridge and come into the living room; I have something to
show you."

I took a seat on the sofa while he messed around with the TV.

"I wasn't sure you knew just how devoted she is to me or exactly what I do to
her, so I decided to video our session this afternoon. However, I don't want a repeat
of yesterday, so I'll only play it for you if your hands are tied. Just
agreeing not to get upset or violent isn't good enough; who knows how you'll react
when you see a real man making your girlfriend squirm."

What the hell? He was clearly in control and I really wanted to see the
video. Rather than grovel, I held out my hands so that he could bind them with my own belt.

Anthony aimed the controller and clicked on the VCR.

I had expected the scene to open in his bedroom. Donna wouldn't have agreed
to let him tape her sucking his cock, so I assumed he must have lured her into the
bedroom where the camera was secretly set-up a closet or something. Instead, the
couch I was now sitting on came into focus. Donna strolled into the room and sat in the
exact place I was sitting now. Donna is a funky dresser and looked great. She was
wearing a short, form-fitting, suede dress with white, cotton, waffle tights and
groovy, square-toe, brown leather shoes. In the tight dress, her breasts looked larger and
rounder than I remembered. It was strange to see her sitting in the same place I was
sitting now. I scanned the room for possible camera hiding places; there didn't seem to be

Realizing what I was looking for, Anthony answered my unasked question: "I
set the camera on a tripod right in the middle of the room. This isn't the first
time I've filmed your sweetheart taking my cock. Once, I left the camera zoomed in on her
cunt and got a great close-up of her slit stretching to accommodate my fat stick. After
I filled her with semen, I slowly pulled out, leaving her pussy a sloppy, gaping hole. On
the tape, you can actually hear the sound of a bottle being uncorked when I pop out of
her. She watched that one over and over again, unable to believe how much her pussy
could stretch and how it was unable to close itself after I finished with it. I'm
surprised you haven't seen it, I gave her a copy."

My prick began to fill as I intently visualized the scene he was describing.
My attention was soon pulled back to the video by the sound of Donna's voice, however.

While my thoughts were on Anthony's story, his video counterpart had entered
the room and was sitting on the couch listening to Donna speak in a smooth,
comfortable tone: "He actually came last night while sucking your come out of me. I was
worried that he might be getting fed-up with our little routine, but it seems he
likes it better now than ever before. How did you know he would like the taste of your sperm so
much? Just think if he knew. He'd probably be physically ill."

"Maybe, maybe not," he countered.
"You didn't let him fuck you?" Anthony asked.

"Of course not. I'm not sure if I'd even be able to feel his little dick
inside me now that I've grown accustomed to your monster." Emphasizing
her point, Donna leaned closer to Anthony and placed her hand on his denim covered
crotch as she finished her sentence. "Besides, you told me not to fuck him, so I don't."

The video-Anthony stood up, "So, how much time do you have?"

"I need to be back in an hour," Donna answered.

He was now standing directly in front of her, his crotch just an inch or so
from her face. "That's not a lot of time; maybe you should get started."

Without hesitating, Donna unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. She pulled them
down off his hips exposing a prominent bulge in his striped boxers. Reaching a
hand up through the loose fitting leg hole of his underwear, she grasped his cock
directed it through the open fly. Seven or so inches of his semi-erect cock was now
visible. As she grasped the base of his exposed dick with her right hand, she began
needing his balls with her left (still in his underwear). His cock continued to swell and
was now jutting from his underwear at a 45 degree angle, completely hard. I guess it
was about nine inches long (Donna now had both of her hands wrapped around it, holding
it like a baseball bat, and the entire purple head was still visible) and not as fat as
the beercan I was holding (though just making that comparison is a compliment). In any
case, it was MUCH bigger than my skinny six inches.

Donna had begun to slowly stroke it with her right hand while flicking her
tongue all over the head and in his piss-hole.

"What do you think?" he asked me.

I answered truthfully, "I've seen large cocks on video before (though never
belonging to a close friend or in my girlfriend's hand); it's not all that impressive."

"Hmm," he responded. "Donna seems to disagree."

"God, I love your cock! It's all I can think about. I love to touch it, to
have in me," Donna murmured as she rubbed the damp head and
hard shaft against her cheeks, mouth, and even forehead.

"It's a shame we don't have more time," he commented to her. "I'd let you
rub it over your entire body before you make me come with your mouth."

Taking the huge prick out of her mouth for a minute, she looked up asking
"What are you doing tonight?"

"Be here at 9:30," he answered as she began working more feverishly on his
hardening tool.

He plunged his hands into her hair and started to slowly fuck her mouth. She
looked almost surreal as she struggled to keep her mouth opened wide. Her face had
grown mottled and flush, evidencing her own arousal, when Anthony suddenly
stopped moving and white semen became evident at the corners of her mouth (at the
time, I had no idea how much she had swallowed).

Anthony raised the remote and hit 'stop' on the VCR.

The video over, I became keenly aware of the uncomfortable bulge in my pants.

Because my hands were bound, I was unable to adjust the position of my cock
as it had become rigid so that it could lay flat against my belly. Instead, it was
very obviously trapped against my right thigh.

Anthony had noticed as well. "You seem to have enjoyed the show. I guess I
didn't have to worry about your getting upset. Let me see if I can help make you
more comfortable."

As he leaned towards me, he simply untied my hands.

Relieving my discomfort as best I could without completely embarrassing
myself, my thoughts turned to the immediate future. What was coming next? How were we
going to resolve the problem? Maybe we'd discuss the "arrangement" to which he had
twice referred.

He finished his beer in one extended swallow and stood up. " Donna will be
here in a couple of hours and I have some errands to do before
she shows up."


I was in bed, but wide-awake, when Donna came in at 11:30. She clicked on
the light. Without undressing, she climbed into bed and began kissing me fervently.
Soon, her kisses were bites and I turned my head this way and that trying to avoid her

She stood up and stripped down to her beige, silk underwear. It was the
first time in weeks I had seen her bare, tan skin in the light. Her panties were
noticeably damp and there were crusty white stains on her belly and inner thighs. Reaching
behind her in that way a women can, she unhooked and removed her bra, fully exposing her
cream colored breasts.

I blinked, unsure if my eyes had completely adjusted to the brightness. Both
of her nipples were dark and swollen and surrounded by small violet bite marks and

"What do you think?" she asked.

I was in shock, and although I managed to sit up, I didn't say anything.

"That was my reaction when I let Anthony fill my cunt
with hot, gooey, sperm just as I have everyday for the past month in a half."

" You're the one who completely ignored our agreement."

Bending gracefully at the waste, she removed her panties, "Lay down. I have
something for you."

I did as she asked.

She straddled my head but kept her twat four or five inches off my face.
"You know," she went on, "up until tonight, I always sat on the toilet and tried to
squeeze all of his semen out of me before making you eat me. I would also wipe
my pussy with a washcloth so that my bush wouldn't be crusty with his come.

If I had only known how
much you'd like seeing his gooey sperm in my pussy and in your mouth. Well,
tonight I did my best to save all of his jism for you, sweetie, and I'm sure you've
noticed the white stains on my inner thighs. Now, be a good girl and open wide."

I opened my mouth as she lowered her pussy towards my face. Stopping just an
inch or so from my open mouth, she used her hands to spread her puffy vaginal
lips. Grunting a little, she contracted her sex muscles and Anthony's goo began to
trickle into my mouth.

Because the lights had always been out in the past, I had never before seen
her pussy after he had fucked her and was amazed by the wear. It was red, swollen, and
stood slightly open even without her helping fingers.

Aroused and humiliated, I set out to please my brazen girlfriend as best I

When I awoke the next morning, a Saturday, my face was still pressed against
Donna's silky bush. When Donna had finished feeding me her lover's semen, she had
commanded that I lay between her legs and gently lick at her sore pussy until
she fell asleep. Eventually, I had fallen asleep, too.

Without moving, I watched her breasts rise and fall as she breathed. The
soft morning sunlight accentuated the dark hickies covering her otherwise
milk-white breasts. Wanting to kiss them, I slithered up her smooth body. As I touched
my lips to her right nipple, I became very aware of the dry fuck-juices which still
coated my cheeks and made my skin uncomfortably taught.

She awoke and pulled my mouth to hers. As we kissed, she grasped my morning
hard- on and guided it into her still slimey hole. As I made love to her for the
first time in six weeks, she spoke to me in a pleasant, genuine tone, "Jason, it's clear
that things between us have changed. No matter
what you say, it's obvious that you want Anthony to
fuck me as much as I do. Maybe you know your little prick can't satisfy me and want
other men to fuck me because you want me to be happy. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you
don't mind my fucking him because I'm not going to stop. I want and plan to stay with
you, but I'll never be able to respect you as I once did. You'll never be a
satisfactory lover again. So make love to me one last time. Anthony told me not to let you, so
it will have to be our secret, OK?"

In answer, I simply pumped in and out of her; she hardly seemed to notice and
I knew that all of her humiliating assertions were correct.

"Come on, come inside me," she urged.

I came after only a minute or two and collapsed on top of her.

************************************************** *********************

The ringing telephone woke me about an hour later. Donna, already up and
about, answered it in the other room. Though I couldn't make her words out, she
seemed pleased to hear from the caller. After a minute, she hung up and strolled
into the bedroom, "That was Anthony, he's coming over for an early dinner; then the
three of us are going to meet some of your buddies for drinks"

"You made plans for us to go out as a threesome?" I asked. "You know, Matt,
Jerry, and Tim all suspect."

"I know," she said very casually. "Anthony likes to brag. Besides, I told
both Karen and Stacey; they were bound to blab sooner or later."

"You don't mind?" I asked in disbelief.

Without giving her time to respond, I answered my own question, "I do! I'll
be a laughing stock."

She walked over and kissed me softly on the mouth, "That's cute, honey, but
you need to start getting used to your new role in my life. You can't expect me not
to have boyfriends, can you? I do think it's time you gave up the younger women.
You can't satisfy one woman; how could you
possibly satisfy more than one?"

Around three that afternoon Donna called me into the bathroom. "Why don't
you help me get ready for our date? What do you think I should wear?" she teased.

I didn't answer. I still hadn't accepted that she was going to go through
with it.

The tub filling in the background, she went on, "think about it while you
help me bathe. I'm going to like telling Anthony that you shaved my legs
and under my arms so that I
would be smooth for him. God, Stacey will get a kick out of it, too!
Though she'd deny it, she's had a crush on you for years. Now that you've
shown your true colors, I don't think I'll be jealous
if you and she spend some time together. I may even let you date my big titted friend.
Maybe the three of us and Anthony can all go out together."

Donna winced a little as she climbed into the steaming water. She was so
beautiful; how did I lose her? Well, I hadn't really lost her, I just had to share her,
and sharing wasn't so bad. Whatever my "true colors", I had to admit that the thought of
Anthony pounding my girlfriend with his giant cock made my prick grow. And more,
what was that Donna had said about me and Stacey? I loved the thought of that too.

After soaking for a minute, she handed me the soap and her razor then raised
her left arm. One day's stubble was just peeking through the soft skin. "Well," she

In answer, I rubbed the soap against her pit and, using the razor, began
readying my girlfriend to meet her lover.

************************************************** ********

Anthony arrived just before six. Rather than knocking, he just opened the
door and walked in as if he owned our apartment in the same way he owned my
girlfriend. Donna met him with a long, sensual kiss. At 6'1", Anthony was 5 or 6 inches
taller than both Donna and me. She clasped her tan arms around his neck as he pressed
his mouth to hers. I stood quietly on the other side of the room.

As always, Donna looked great. Wearing a short-sleave white bodysuit like a
second skin, she had forgone a bra and you could almost see her maroon aeroleas
through the thin fabric. The bodysuit met a pair of tight Levis at her waist,
accentuating the roundness of her hips and ass. Brown suede boots finished-off her outfit.

Pulling away, Anthony complimented her beauty. As promised, Donna informed
him that I had helped her get dressed and even shaven her legs and underarms.

Raising her arms in proof, she continued, "I think Jason wanted to be sure
that I was sexy enough to get laid because this is the smoothest I've ever been."

Chuckling, Anthony responded that I had nothing to worry about.

Anthony sat on the couch and Donna sank down next to him, pressing against
him as he draped an arm over her shoulders. "Why don't you open the wine, Jason,"
Donna commented. Doing as she suggested, I left my girlfriend in another man's
arms and headed for the kitchen.

Returning with an opened bottle of fume blanc and three glasses, I half
expected Donna to be on her knees servicing his hard prick. As it turned out, they
were just talking but Donna had become flush and her nipples stood erect against the
white lycra. I flipped on the stereo and sat on a chair three or four feet from

"So," Anthony addresed me, "I hear you like sucking my cream from your
girlfriend's pussy." Donna giggled approvingly. "You know," he continued, "I told her all along
that you were a cock-sucking whore, but she didn't believe me."

Donna had moved her hand to Anthony's thigh and was now
kneading his cock through the blue denim. After a minute, her hand moved to
his waist and she began fumbling with his belt. The buckle eventually came free and
his button- fly was quick to follow. After pulling his pants completely open, Donna
plunged her hand into his boxers.

She stood and unsnapped her jeans. As she wiggled her jeans over her hips, she remarked
"Well, Jason, I guess you win. But now you're going to see more than a blow-job.
You're going to sit in that chair and patiently watch as I impale myself on his hard tool.
You're going to find out how easy it is for a real man to take a woman even when she's on top.
By the way, how does it feel to see me sucking Anthony's thick cock knowing that I'll never suck your
your little twig?"

Her pants off and laying on the floor, she unsnapped the bodysuit at the
crotch and climbed onto Anthony's lap. They were both looking straight at me as he
positioned the tip of his prick between her slick pussy lips. As he began to penetrate her,
Donna turned and looked into his eyes, her gloating smile becoming a concentrated
grimace. It was then that I realized I had made a mistake. It was one thing to watch
Donna's face bob up and down on his cock. It was another to see what he could do to
her with his cock. In two years, Donna had never looked as pleased when we made love
as she did lowering herself onto my friend's lap. She groaned as her cunt
stretched to accommodate his size.

After a minute or two, her ass cheeks came to rest on his thighs and he
appeared to have his whole cock inside of her. Grasping Donna's hips, Anthony began to
slowly move her up and down. Slowly increasing their pace, Donna was soon squealing
with pleasure. He refused to let her pause as she came for the first time. "Oh,
my God! Oh, my God!, " she yelled. "God, I love you Anthony. Fuck me with your fat
cock. Show my boyfriend how a man fucks a woman. Oh, God! Fill me with your

Unexpectedly, Anthony stopped and called to me, "I don't know why I'm doing
all of the work. Come over here, Jason, and move your girlfriend up and down on my cock
until I tell you to stop." Donna laughed.

Positioning myself behind Donna, I grasped her naked hips and began to lift
and lower her. They were soon thrusting to meet each other in rythym with my movement.
As they fucked, Donna's head brushed against my face. I leaned forward and kissed
her neck.

"Stop, Jason," she directed. Ignoring her, I continued to run my tongue along her smooth tan skin.

Anthony's open hand struck my face, "She said stop, you little cunt!"

Very startled and I was kinda pissed, I began to jam Donna pussy onto his
long dick. If she wanted that big prick inside of her, I'd let her have it. Each time
Anthony bottomed out, I'd hold Donna still for a minute to make sure she felt his full length.
With each stroke, she'd yell: "you're so deep", "it's too much", "Oh, God."

Finally, Anthony stopped thrusting to meet her and I knew he was blowing his
wad deep in her cunt. Donna collapsed against him, his dick still buried in her
twat. "I love you, Anthony," she murmured while kissing his neck. "And you," she said
turning to me, "that's the closest you've ever come to fucking me like I should be
fucked; of course, you couldn't have done it without help. I think I may be sore
tomorrow. Good thing I have your soft, pretty mouth to kiss and suck my ravaged pussy."