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I can’t believe this is actually happening. As I look down I see my bikini bottoms pulled to the side just enough to allow his thick, black cock to slide frantically in and out of my very wet vagina. He is thrusting almost uncontrollably with his full weight on me while tightly holding my wrists down against the couch cushions. He has fire in his eyes almost like a wild animal closing in on its prey. There was nothing I could do to stop him. I wondered if he was actually going to do the unthinkable and stay inside until he released everything inside of me that was pent up for so long. He was so deep inside that with every thrust his low hanging balls were swinging against my rear. This shouldn’t be happening, we both knew this couldn’t happen despite how much we desired it to. But like a ticking time bomb it was bound to explode eventually I guess. It was wrong and we both believed that, but we also didn’t expect to be in this situation. There was nothing I could have done to prevent this, but the question was would he really take the chance of changing our lives forever and stay in until the end? I lay there completely helpless. What if my husband finds out? What if I get pregnant? Right now it doesn't matter. I need his cock deep inside me. I need him fucking me. I need his juices flowing through me.