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Unconventional white male

I'm a nice looking masculine white guy with a nice cock. I have always had emotional ties exclusively with the women in my life, and between those relationships I've sometimes explored my fascination with huge black cocks. I've become very adept at taking a huge black cock balls deep orally, and occasionally have bottomed for the same. These black men were most often in relationships with or married to women and just needing relief from someone who can handle their size well.

I'm not even close to being a cuckold, there's nothing about this that makes me less of man in any way. The experiences were never subservient in nature, and it was never about submission or humiliation in any single experience I've ever had. It's fun, exciting, and the sex is amazing and on a different level entirely.

I would like to meet a woman and enjoy a very normal life in most aspects, be responsible, have and keep a nice house, hot tub fun, nice trips and vacations and such - and then live a sex life that most only dream of.