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I have a few that really stick out, I've never experienced having a gf being fucked by a black man yet, but my number one would be seeing my girlfriend and her mother play with a BBC. My ex and I talked about my interracial fantasy she said she wasn't interested in BBC tho :/ but she would sext me scenarios and talk about it during sex/foreplay. One of my ultimate favorite scnenarios she sent me once was this... And I'll set the stage for everyone then tell me what you think! My ex(at the time 18, adorable innocent looking blonde hair blue eyes B cups cheerleader) was up getting a midnight snack wearing a black satin push up bra, black lace thong and black and white striped knee high socks, she heard a weird noise coming from her moms room and went to go investigate, the door was opened slightly and there lay her mother(a more mature version of my ex but with D cups) bra and panties on the bed in black opaque tights(I have a huge sock/legwear fetish) with the crotch ripped open and between her legs was a 30ish year old fit black man slowly thrusting his 10" thick BBC into her vagina, my ex had then started to rub her clitoris in excitement. Her mother then assumed the doggy style position and the black man grabbed his thick dark cock and pressed the tip against her asshole, spit on the tip of his cock and slowly started to penetrate her mothers ass, my ex being into anal and analplay had started rubbing her clit faster as she watched, panties starting to become wet, her mother then winced in pain and let out a sigh of intense pain/pleasure as he was now balls deep inside her asshole, he pulled out to reveal her gaping hole as then he quickly thrusted his dong deep into her big wide ass, my ex was fingering herself at this point and accidentally let out a gentle moan while spying on her mother(who is married) her mother and the black man stopped and he pulled out, her mom looked up and said my ex gfs name. 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Listen closely..' not knowing what the hell was going on I did as she said. She then said 'by the way I have your favorite tights on and my pink pussy is glistening with juices' at this point I thought she was in my house or something I got very excited. She stepped back into her mothers room put the phone on speaker and put the phone on the nightstand. Meanwhile her mom had the black stud laying down as she was sitting on his face as he tongued her loose pussy lips she sucked his cock. Then looked up at my ex and said 'wow look at you!' The black guy stopped feasting on her pussy and looked up at my ex girlfriend and said 'damn!' My ex whispered to the black man and her mother and said 'ian is on the phone' the black man then got the hint and proceeded to say 'i never been with two white bitches before, and I get the mother and daughter I'm one lucky ass black man' at this point I heard all that and continued to listen. 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