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uk wife


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You can see the grin on his face as he lays back and watches my wife suck his big cock
Can you blame him?
You are very lucky, she looks quite lovely. Especially with a Black dick in her mouth.
Would love to see some pictures of him grinning with his Black dick buried deep in her cunt and ass.
I'll bet she looks really beautiful that way as well.
He got my wife knelt on the bed with her arse and cunt on show right in front of him.She had worn her sexy,slutty black crotchless panties for him,but he wanted full view of her naked bum and delicious pink cunt.He roughly dragged my wifes panties off and threw them on the bed.You can see her discarded panties on the bed.He got stood behind her and rammed his huge cock up her juicy cunt. mywifexxx3.jpg


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Here he is easing his big black cock into my wifes already well fucked cunt.Once he built up a good rhythm,he began to pound her cunt good and hard.His big hanging balls slapped noisily on her bum and she was gasping as he plunged his cock deep up her married sloppy cunt. View attachment 69693
Very nice!
He appears quite capable of filling her completely.

Would love to have seen this from the opposite side of the bed as well to enjoy the looks on their faces. I can just imagine her eyes widening as he stretched her open and then pressed against her cervix. :inlove:

Judging from the grin he had while your Wife used her mouth to pleasure him, I'm sure the grin he must have had when he rammed his dick deep into your Wife's cunt and shot his load of baby batter right into her cervix must have been a sight to behold! :)

I hope you were able to enjoy cleaning them up afterward.

I couldn't wait to get my face into her smelly well fucked cunt.He left her laid open legged on the bed oozing his hot cream from her well used juicy cunt.
He sends me text messages instructing me how he would like her dressed in slutty undies.He loves mature white wives who willingly dress up like complete sluts.After we had met a couple of tumes,he said he wanted my wife to be in his harem of wives he fucked regular.My wife agreed to this eagerly.