UK thread

Hi, I am a white man in the UK hoping to get his wife blacked. I have told her but she is not keen on meeting someone off the Internet. She is 40 and we don't meet any black men who might hit on her.

Don't want to arrange with someone to meet her behind her back as they may confess afterwards and then I am in trouble.

Thought I would start this thread as a "self help" thread for Brits to suggest good places to go or things to do to get your partner in a situation where she will get hit on.

She has fucked a few men since w e have been going out so I am definitely serious and she is definitely slutty enough to do it if I get her in the right situation.


Real Person
best way to get her started is away from home. take her on a holiday abroad. you can bring her to oman for one. i wud be happy to show u guys around and fulfil ur fantasy too.