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    My wife started fucking a guy that we met dogging and it has now turned to me being cucked i have even cleaned a creampie up from her and cleaned him up as well after he had had her.
    Im also open to cuck duties for any couples in the midlands area that would like for me to lick suck the both while they are having fun. will post some pics up very soon on here my dream would be to suck off a husband while his wife watches instructs just one of my fantacys that will never come true i suppose

    just tried to upload pics how do you do it as it dont seem to work anyone willing to post them if i send them the pics till such time i can find how you do it!!!!
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    my horny wife
    mmmmmmmmmm now thats horny with her bull

    web1.jpg web4.jpg web3.jpg web5.jpg
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    looks very tight needs a real long thick bbc to open her up properly that will reach the depths that has never been touched b 4
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    bring her on a holiday to oman, will stretch that tite pussy good and proper