U.K. Cuckhusband


I'm cuckold husband I'm 37 years old
My wife and i got married when we were both 18. And it was Emma who heard about cuckold loifestyle and that was actually before we got married it was her idea that we try it. I did go along with it.
She met her first BBC 2 weeks before we married and upto that point I was the only guy she had been with. Her first guy was a 54 year old very muscular guy and very very well endowed . Something that I'm not. I didn't get to watch her first few times as I was away working yet she called me after to tell me all the details which I found very exciting. It wasn't until after we tortured from our honey moon that I got to meet him and watch them together. I did sense all the time though while we we're away she was thinking of him and disappointed with my sexual performance.

I didn't realise just what the cuckold lifestyle would mean to me and that I would soon no longer wanted by my wife in our bed and that my place there would be taken I thought cuckold was just watching her having sex with another guy.
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