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Two Naive Couples Visit a Nude Beach in France

Two Naive Couples Visit a Nude Beach in France
by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from "Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.5"

When my old friend Bill suggested that my wife Angie and I join him and Nancy for a month long tour of the French Riviera, we readily agreed. Though I’ve made a good living as an investment banker in New York City, Angie and I still retained a lot of our midwest sensibilities and we had rarely travelled to Europe. So the idea seemed quite glamorous to us. Nancy on the other hand had family in the region, so she had visited many times and was an expert. We visited Nice and Monaco and admired the super-yachts on the sparkling blue waters, but this was all passe to Nancy and she recommended a tour down the coast to explore the southwestern coast of France which was less affluent.

“I don’t mind, Nancy,” said Angie as we discussed the idea on a veranda overlooking a brilliantly sunny marina crammed with multi-million dollar vessels. “I actually think poor Sam is getting an inferiority complex being around all these billionaires.”

“You’re not kidding,” I agreed with a laugh, taking a sip of my wine. “I thought I was doing well will my millions.

So we packed up Nancy’s aunt’s little car and headed off down the coast. There were some quaint towns, but nothing too impressive and I was starting to wish we had stayed in Nice when we arrived at a town called Cap d’Agde where we stopped for lunch.

The waiter in the place keep leering at us as he served the dishes and as he gave us the check he asked with a knowing smile, “So are you off to the naturist quarter now, my friends?”

“Naturist quarter?” I asked in confusion, feeling a bit muddled from the wine. We had been drinking quite a bit on this vacation and everyone’s cheeks were a merry red.

“Naturist means nudist, Sam,” said Nancy with a twinkle in her eye.

“Well all the beaches down here are nudist aren’t they?” I asked.

“You’ve certainly got an eyeful of the naked young women back in Nice,” teased my wife, kicking me playfully under the table.

“I’m not used to it, honey,” I said, blushing slightly.

“We are pretty conservative, garcon,” said Angie, mangling the French word. “I always keep my top on at the beach. Nobody wants to see my old forty-something ta-ta’s.”

“Nonsense, Angie, you have a marvelous figure,” laughed Nancy, smiling warmly at Angie and putting her hand on her bare arm.

“I sure wouldn’t mind getting a gander,” joked Bill, eying my wife’s generous cleavage lewdly.

We all broke out laughing at this. Angie and I had known Bill and Nancy for over 15 years, so he could make jokes like that. But Angie still blushed beet red and averted her eyes bashfully.

We were sitting beneath the awning of the sidewalk cafe, facing a charming cobblestone square with a fountain in the middle and a warm breeze was blowing, carrying the salty tang of the sea. It was a beautiful summer day and we were a long way from home.

Nancy’s eyes flashed with interest. “You would like to see Angie naked, wouldn’t you, Bill, you old dog. How about you, Sam, aren’t you curious to see me in the buff?” She fixed me with a smoldering look that surprised me and made my penis stiffen in my bermuda shorts.

I gave my wife a guilty look, “Ah, that’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of question, isn’t it, Angie?” I said, laughing awkwardly.

“Don’t be silly, Sam. Nancy is a very attractive woman, it’s perfectly natural for you to want to see her naked,” said my wife, patting me on the knee, and ignoring the growing bulge in my lap.

The waiter stood by smiling, enjoying our patter back and forth. “Oh, I see, you folks are not part of the lifestyle. I don’t think you understand. The nudist quarter of Cap d’Agde is a special place. The beaches there are not like the other beaches of France. Swingers come from far and wide to this place, though the traditional nudists resent it.”

“Swingers?” blurted Bill in surprise. “Well that’s definitely something I want to see!”

Nancy punched her husband’s arm with a chuckle.

“Well, it might be a little, intense,” warned the waiter with a concerned look. “Nudity is mandatory.”

“Well, that’s just foolish,” I chimed in. “No one can MAKE you take your clothes off.”

The waiter just smiled indulgently and shrugged his shoulders.

“What do you think, Angie, should we go check it out?” asked Nancy with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh I don’t know, dear,” said my wife with a nervous smile. “They might make us leave if we aren’t naked.”

“Well so what if we take our tops off? It won’t kill us,” laughed Nancy. “We are thousands of miles from home after all. Aren’t you curious to see the scene?”

“You can’t be serious, Nancy,” I laughed, my penis growing harder and harder as I imagined a beach full of naked couples having sex with strangers.

“Why not, Sam?” asked Bill, his eyes shining brightly from all the wine. “Doesn’t it sound kind of exciting?”

“It does sound exciting,” admitted Nancy, and I nearly jumped out of my seat when she reached over stealthily and gripped my boner under the table. She must have noticed the tent I was pitching. “I think Bill secretly fancies the idea, but he’s just too bashful to admit it.” My wife gave me a devilish smile as she released my knob and it was agreed. We purchased a couple more bottles of wine and then drove off to the nudist colony together.

It was a brilliant afternoon as we arrived in the naturalist quarter of Cap d'Agde parked the car and made our way down to the beach. Security guards were everywhere and naked men and women strolled about casually, without a care in the world. In spite of all my years in the big city, I felt like a midwest hayseed and felt like my eyes were bulging out of my head at all the gorgeous naked women walking around. Nancy and Angie were rubbernecking when a well hung guy walked by and the burst out giggling when one would smile warmly as he noticed their attention to his member. It gave me a pang of jealousy to see how shamelessly Angie was staring at all the men’s penises, but I couldn’t say anything since I was obviously checking out the naked women just as much.

The beach was broad expanse of fine white sand that lead down to the sparkling waters of mediterranean sea. We changed into our bathing suits at the public restrooms and carried our blankets and basket of wine down to the adult section of the beach. Nude couples were everywhere.

“You know, I actually feel almost out of place to be clothed here,” commented my wife with a giddy laugh as we rolled out our large beach blanket and settled in.

“Feel free to disrobe any time, Angie,” said Bill with a leer, eyeing Angie’s boobs as he opened another bottle of wine.

“Maybe after a few more glasses of wine,” she said, giving him a wink that made my stomach churn with jealousy.

“Oh, my goodness, folks, look at this,” gasped Nancy, sloshing her wine a bit as she pointed down the beach a little ways.

We all looked to see a naked man in his twenties and middle-aged woman kissing passionately on a blanket while a grey-haired fellow sat watching and stroking his rod.

“Jesus, who’s the old pervert sitting there and spanking his monkey?” asked Bill, looking on with interest.

“That must be the woman’s husband,” gasped Angie in amazement. “They must be swingers.”

Just then the woman spread her legs and the young man climbed on top of her and sank his rod into her eager snatch. The older man covered them with a beach towel in the interest of modesty, but it was obvious to everyone watching what was going on under the towel as the young man’s ass pistoned up and down and the woman moaned loudly in ecstasy.

“Wow, he’s really giving it her,” said Angie, fanning her face unconsciously.

“He’s quite a young stud,” said Nancy. “Look at that physique.”

“Yes he is, isn’t he,” agreed Angie, sharing a wicked grin with her friend.

“Jesus Angie, you are really getting off on watching them,” I said in surprise, trying to keep the edge of accusation out of my voice but failing.

“Well sure, that’s why we came down here isn’t it?” she replied guiltily.

Suddenly the young man called out, groaning loudly as he ground himself down into the older woman.

“I think he’s cumming right inside her, the scamp,” commented Nancy with satisfaction.

“Well she seems pretty unconcerned about it, so she’s probably on the pill,” rejoined Angie.

The young man climbed off the woman, his penis damp and deflated. He stooped to give her one last kiss and then shook hands with the husband warmly before heading back up the beach toward us.

“Oh my god, here he comes, look at that body,” hissed Nancy with delight.

“He’s very fit,” agreed my wife, looking the naked young man up and down critically. “And even flaccid his johnson is pretty large.”

“Christ, Angie!” I complained.

“Well it is!” she said, hiding her grin in her glass of wine.

“Hi there!” said Nancy brightly as the young stallion passed by our blanket.

“Well hello,” said the stranger, looking down at Angie and my wife as they lay there in their bikinis.

“We say what you did to that man’s wife over there,” said Nancy boldly. “Nicely done.” Angie giggled and covered her face like a schoolgirl and Bill’s face turned bright red in embarrassment.

“Why thank you,” said the young man with a broad grin, eyeing Angie’s slim figure up and down while Bill ground his teeth in annoyance. “Maybe I will come back and give you a one-on-one demonstration after I’ve had a chance to recover a little bit.”

“Ah, that won’t be necessary, thanks anyway. Carry on,” said Bill, jumping to his feet and ushering the young man along, while we broke out laughing.

“What’s the matter Bill, afraid Nancy would take him up on the offer?” I asked with a smirk.

“Look at that ass,” said Angie as the young man walked off shaking his head and laughing.

“Jesus, Angie,” I said, my face burning with embarrassment.

“Sorry, honey, I think the wine is going to my head,” said Angie, suppressing her smile. “Also, I’m not used to seeing gorgeous men walking around naked in broad daylight. It’s pretty exciting.”

“When I suggested this, I didn’t think our wives would turn into cock-hungry sluts,” said Bill grumpily, pouring himself another glass of wine.

“Oh hush,” teased Nancy. “I see you eyeballing all the naked young women. You can’t fool me.”

Just then a short Arabic looking fellow with a hawk nose and bushy eyebrows strode up to us. He was wearing a white sun helmet with some sort of emblem on it and a pair of white speedos.

“Ladies, ladies, can’t you see that this is a nude beach? It is very rude to wear clothes here. You women must disrobe immediately, I insist,” sputtered the man angrily with a thick French accent pointing an accusing finger at Angie and Nancy.

“Now look here,” said Bill standing up to confront the shorter man.

“Can’t you read the signs? Nudity is obligatory,” spat the stranger, facing Bill down boldly and making him take a step back.

“Well, I guess we could go,” I mumbled weakly from where I sat.

“No, no, we are having fun here,” said Angie quickly.

“We can go along with their customs,” agreed Nancy. “When in Rome and all that.”

“Ah, really?” I asked, my mouth going dry as I watched Nancy untie her bikini top and slip it off, exposing her naked breasts and stiff pink nipples. Her boobs were much smaller than my wife’s but still pert and perky for a 43 year old. My dick jumped to attention as I ogled my old friend’s wife’s bare chest for the first time.

“My god, Nancy, look what you’ve done to my husband, he’s springing a boner at the sight of your boobies,” laughed my wife as she tossed her top casually aside.

“You’re gonna give me one too, Angie,” growled Bill, gripping his crotch as my wife’s large pale breasts came swinging free.

“What, these old things?” asked Angie, cupping one big boob in each hand and pointing her nipples at Bill playfully.

The stranger stood watching and I noticed his phallus growing stiff as he stared at our wives’ breasts.

“Now your bottoms,” he insisted forcefully, squeezing his rod through his shorts and licking his lips. “You must be totally naked here.”

“What are you, the nudity police? You still have your shorts on,” said Nancy, leaning back languidly and looking up at the angry little man.

“What? Oh!” exclaimed the man in surprise, and he swiftly pulled his speedo down, and his boner came popping out.

“If he’s the nudity police, he sure seems to enjoy his job,” said my wife, eyeing the little man’s crooked erection with amusement.

“Quit joking around and take off your bottoms right now,” commanded the diminutive enforcer.

He stood above our wive, stroking his stiff penis as they complied, sliding their bikini bottoms down and exposing their snatches to him. His eyes went from Angie’s neatly trimmed blonde bush to Nancy’s wiry black snatch, back and forth wildly as he tugged on his dick more and more insistently.

“Are you just going to stand there, jerking off while you ogle our wives?” I croaked indignantly, but feeling like a hypocrite since that’s exactly what I wanted to do once I saw Nancy laying naked before me.

“No offense, sir, but you obviously know nothing of our customs here and I suggest that you shut up,” he snapped, his eyes fixed on my wife’s twat as he wanked himself furiously.

“I can’t believe how shameless he is,” my wife commented, watching him jerk off in fascination. “He’s not embarrassed to flay his bent little pecker right in front of us.”

“Oh, yes? You call me little? I will show you,” he replied, dropping to his knees before her and pointing his dick right at her face. “I may be crooked, but I can shoot straight,” he grunted as he began spurting out cum all over her face. The first shot hit her in the eye and the second landed in her mouth as she gasped with surprise. I sat watching in horror as the little jerk sprayed glob after glob of sticky jizz all over my wife’s face.

Finally, I came to my senses, jumped up, and dragged the little man away from my wife. I was about to strike him, but Bill was there and he restrained me. The stranger shrugged me off and drew himself up with dignity as he marched off down the beach, leaving his shorts behind. I was shaking with rage and it took me a minute to realize that Bill and our wives were all cackling with laughter over the incident.

“He really gave you a piece of his mind,” cried Nancy with delight.

“Tastes a bit salty,” commented my wife, wiping his jizz from her lips.

“Oh Angie, you are bad,” laughed Bill.

“But, but, this is an outrage!” I shouted. “We should report him to the authorities.”

“Sam, please calm down. There was no harm done. It’s hardly the first time I’ve had a man shoot his wad in my face,” laughed Angie. “He was just your average, everyday, pervert.”

“I have to hand it to him, it took real balls to get us to strip like that just so he could jerk off on us,” chimed in Nancy.

“What he got you to?” asked Bill, his laughter subsiding somewhat.

“Oh, yes, he was quite a prolific spunker,” said Nancy, pointing to a blob of semen on her right nipple. The sight of cum on her tits made my dick twinge and Nancy arched her eyebrow at me when she saw my bulge twitch.

“Hey, guys, pull those short off, don’t make Angie and I sit her naked by ourselves,” said Nancy looking me in the eye.

“Yeah, Sam, let Angie get a look at that hardon she gave you,” said my wife.

I blushed deeply, unable to take my eyes off of Angie’s slim, naked figure before me as she looked at my bulge expectantly. Bill took no notice of my hesitation and whipped his own trunks right down.

“Yeah, this feels good!” he said as his own prick came springing out at attention.

“Ah, ok,” I agreed, pulling my shorts down.

Bill and I stood there naked, cocks stiff and upright above our nude wives. There was a tense moment, sparking with sexual energy as I stared down at Bill’s wife’s naked body, slim and tan and he stared at Angie’s pale curvaceous form. Angie gazed with interest at Bill’s prick and Nancy stared at mine and none of us said anything for a moment.

“Well, alrighty then,” said Bill nervously. “Who’s up for more wine?”

We all were, so glasses were quickly filled all around as Bill and I sat back down next to our wives.

Our attention was quickly drawn to the naked men and women passing by. Many of them waved and greeted us warmly.

“This is such a crazy place,” said my wife with a slight slur. A big, dark skinned man was walking slowly by and looking her naked body up and down and she was gazing unabashedly at his thick member which hung down impressively though soft.

“Madam, it is rude for you to stare at my penis like that,” he said giving Bill and I a lewd wink.

“I, uh, well,” stammered my wife, blushing deeply as the big man stopped and looked her naked body up and down. She covered her nipples with her hands, and pressed her legs together in a cute show of modesty.

My stomach flooded with icy anxiety as the black man’s penis slowly responded to my wife’s naked body. I took in his chiseled features and brilliant white teeth and felt a wave of nauseous jealous wash over me.

“You like my penis, huh?” he said with a laugh. “Well, look, he likes you too!” And it was true, his dark black penis slowly inflated and soon formed a straining erection as our wives watched with interest, totally enchanted by his prodigious rod.

“Oh my gosh, it’s definitely getting bigger,” said my wife, staring wide-eyed at his huge member.

“Take your hands off your breasts, let me see. Don’t be bashful, you have a wonderful body. I like how pale it is,” said the big black man.

“That’s my wife you’re talking to,” I objected, feeling my pits grow damp with apprehension.

“You are a lucky man,” laughed the stranger, flashing his white teeth at me. “Your wife has a sexy figure, just like an hourglass.” Then he turned back to Angie, “Please, don’t cover yourself. You are enjoying my body,” he said gesturing to his stiff dong. “Let me see yours.”

“I feel bashful,” admitted my wife, taking her hands away from her breasts and letting his see her stiff nipples.

“Such pretty pink nipples,” cooed the stranger, gripping his dick distractedly as he eyed my wife’s boobs. “Spread your legs, let me see more pink.”

“Now take it easy, buddy,” I objected.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing that myself,” muttered Bill under his breath. I could see the sweat beading on his brow as he looked Angie’s pale naked body up and down, and his cock was stiffly erect as well.

“Christ, Bill, you too?” I asked in surprise.

“Is this what you want to see?” asked my wife meekly as she spread her legs for the stranger and then slipped one hand down between her legs to gently part her labia, flashing her pink twat for him to see.

“Angie, you are such a horny trollop!” cried Nancy, clapping her hands with delight.

“Look at that cock, Nancy,” gasped my wife. “Can you blame me?”

“Angie!” I objected, as my gut twisted in jealousy. She shot me an apologetic grimace before returning her attention to the big black cock.

“How would you like to touch my penis, to stroke it?” he asked my wife with an arched brow as he strode forward and planted his feet on either side of her generous hips

“Oh I couldn’t do that,” giggled my wife, biting her lip seductively as she lay supine below him, gazing up longingly at his throbbing meat. “My husband would have a fit.”

“Yes, I certainly would,” I said, my voice cracking nervously

“Nonsense, it is perfectly natural reaction for a healthy woman like your wife to admire a nice big penis like mine,” he told me with a winning smile. His English was good, but I couldn’t place his slight accent. He knelt down casually, straddling Angies with a knee on either side of her torso and his huge dong just inches from her chin. “Here take my penis in you hand ” he coaxed.

Angie, Nancy, and Bill all broke out laughing while I looked on in amazement.

“Wow, he doesn’t beat around the bush, does he?” chuckled Bill.

“Oh my gosh, you are a big boy,” gushed my wife, grasping his stiff rod eagerly. She immediately started stroking it rhythmically and the big man grunted with pleasure.

“You hussy!” cackled Nancy with glee as she sat up and closely watched my wife jerking off the well hung stranger.

“Your wife likes my penis,” the confident interloper told me with a wry smile. He absently reached down and toyed with her breasts, pinching her nipples as she jerked his dong. “Here take my balls in your other hand. Feel how heavy,” he said with a deep laugh.

“Wow, nice stones,” gulped Angie as she weighed his big black nutsack in her hand.

“Angie, really, this is going too far,” I complained, my heart thumping in my chest a mile a minute, and my dick still standing eagerly at attention as I watched.

“Can I suck it?” blurted Nancy, looking up at the stranger beseechingly.

“Of course,” he said magnanimously.

“What the hell?” gasped Bill in surprise.

Nancy turned to her husband and said, “Don’t watch this, dear.” Then she hungrily lunged forward and clamped her mouth onto the uncut tip of the black man’s prick. I saw her cheeks cave in as she sucked for all her worth, and I gripped my cock as I watched.

The big stranger sighed with pleasure, and lunged forward so that his balls were dangling above my wife’s face and my stomach fell as I saw her tongue flicking out, lapping greedily at his scrotum.

“You have to stop this at once,” I cried, jumping to my feet and approaching him. I was unsure what I could do since he was quite a bit heavier than I was and thickly muscled as well.

He stood up easily, disengaging his dick from Nancy’s mouth with an unceremonious pop. He put his hand on my chest and pushed me gently aside. “Don’t be silly,” he told me with a smile. “Sex is natural, it is healthy. I will make your woman very happy, watch this. Spread your legs for me, woman,” he told Angie and she readily complied, spreading her legs as far apart as she could and spreading her cunt lips for him with her fingers as well. “There you see, she is surely willing,” he told me with a friendly smile, gesturing down at my drunken wife as she earnestly offered herself to this total stranger.

I watched in frozen shock as he dropped down between my wife’s legs and started pushing his rod into her cunt while she whimpered with pleasure.

“Oh god, go slow, you are so big,” she moaned, making my blood boil with jealousy.

I reached down to grab him by the shoulder but Nancy jumped up and intervened.

“Let them do this,” she breathed in my ear, and I was suddenly very aware of her naked body pressed up against my own naked body. Bill didn’t notice as my hard cock pressed into his wife’s belly. He was jerking himself frantically as he watched the man’s stiff black dick penetrate into my woman and then withdraw, slick with her juices. Over and over and over, the black man’s ass pumping up and down as drove his huge cock in and out and in and out of my wife while she cried out with pleasure.

“Yes, that’s good, nice and tight,” commented the man as he dicked my wife.

“I think I love you,” gasped my wife reaching her arms around his back gripping his muscular buttocks in her hand to help pull him down inside her.

“Angie, come on,” I complained lamely, watching with my mouth hanging open stupidly as my wife got very publicly fucked by a strange black man on the beach.

Nancy surreptitiously grabbed my dick and started tugging it, and I mindless slipped a hand between her legs to start fingering her as I watched the stranger’s big black balls slapping against my wife’s ass. If Bill noticed, he didn’t say anything, his eyes were glued on my wife getting fucked and he continued masturbating madly.

“Do me,” commanded Nancy drunkenly and she dropped to all fours in the sand before. I needed no further coaxing and fell to my knees behind her.

“Hey, now! What are you doing?” asked Bill in surprise as I plunged my stiff prick between Nancy’s swollen labia and sank my dick into her.

“Sorry, Bill,” I gasped as I started dogging my old friend’s wife from behind.

“Don’t look at us, look at Nancy and her bull,” urged Nancy, her breasts swaying as I pounded her from behind.

Suddenly Angie cried out in climax and Bill refocused his attention on her.

“I’m cumming into you now,” the black man told my wife affectionately.

“Yes, do it,” urged Angie, her damp hair sticking to her forehead in lank strands.

“Oh, yes, so much cum, so deep inside,” laughed the interloper as he dumped his seed inside my wife.

“Oh, shit, that’s hot,” grunted Nancy and I could feel her twat tighten around my shaft as she was plunged into an orgasm by the sight of the big dark man violating my wife of 20 years.

The stranger withdrew his long dick from Angie’s cunt and jumped lithely to his feet. “That was delightful,” he told my wife as she lay, sweaty, flushed, and thoroughly ravaged.

“Oh my god, it was amazing,” she gushed, looking up at the big man with rank adoration.

“Bye, bye,” he said to her and then noticed me with my dick still lodged deep in Bill’s wife and he laughed again. “Hey, that’s not your wife, mister! Bad boy, bad boy!” He shook his finger at me and then strode away, chuckling deeply.

“You ARE a bad boy,” purred Nancy, looking back over her shoulder at me and squinting her eyes sexily. My dick throbbed inside her in response to her provocation.

I glanced over guiltily at my wife, but she was propped up on her elbows, checking out her new lover’s ass as he sauntered away. Bill still had his dick in his hand and was looking at me with a strange expression.

“Ok, fuck my wife then, Sam, go ahead,” he stammered drunkenly. “Watch what I do!” Then he moved closer to my wife and stuck his dick right in front of her mouth. “Suck this for me, Angie, will you?” he asked nervously.

Angie looked at his red, pulsing glans and then over at me, with my cock sunk deep inside her old friend Nancy and she just laughed and slurped the head of Bills’ dick right into her mouth, looking me right in the eye with a merry expression as she did so. The whole scene was just so twisted that I felt myself spurting cum right inside Bill’s wife as I watched my own wife sucking him off. Angie quickly choked in surprise and Bill yanked out so he could drench her face in sperm as Nancy and I looked on.

Angie giggled and giggled as he pumped his jizz across her cheeks and into her open mouth, then she took his dong back into her mouth and sucked it lustily, gazing up at Bill innocently as she suctioned his softening prick.

“Ouch, ouch, I’m done, Angie, I’m done, I can’t take any more,” gasped Bill, yanking his tender penis free from her lamprey-like sucking. He flopped down next to Angie on the blanket and looked over at Nancy and I in dismay. “Well that happened,” he said, in shock.

We all laughed awkwardly and I delicately withdrew my own deflating penis from inside Bill’s wife.

“I can’t believe you let that stranger fuck you like that,” I told my wife.

“I can’t believe how good it felt,” she rejoined with an impish grin. “But it looks like you wasted no time getting your own willy into Nancy.”

“I egged him on,” admitted Nancy, glancing down at my limp penis. “It was pretty hot watching you get boned by that well hung casanova. And I’ve been wondering what it would be like to get fucked by Sam.”

“And how was it?” asked Bill with a quirky grin.

“Not bad, Bill, not bad,” said Nancy, smiling warmly at her husband and running her hands over her bare boobs. “How did you enjoy getting your dick sucked by my best friend?”

“She’s a fine cock sucker,” said Bill, glancing down at my wife as she wiped his cum from her face and licked it seductively off her fingers.

“This vacation suddenly got very interesting,” said Angie as she turned her attention to a pair of naked men with erect penises escorting a nude woman off the beach, while she gripped one hardon in each hand.


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