Turning point

Was it a difficult period transitioning from being a man to the cuck..?

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Yes. In one sense it happened the first time that she had sex with another man. It was compounded by my willing cooperation.
It has been a 3 year journey into being the best and most degraded cuckold I can be.


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Although my wife & I tried to go straight after our swinging years in college, we had our first "married" 3-some with her old college BF (who was also my roommate for a while in school), and I'll admit, I was extremely jealous and worried. I'm so glad my wife and my roommate saw through my jealousy and helped kill the concerns I was having at the time.
Yes, it was for me. My wife had b/f's but our marriage was normal except for sex. When she hooked up with Jay(BBC) he insisted on me becoming a cuck. A close friend helped me make the transformation from man to full cuck. The journey took 6 months and at times it was very hard to digest(yes a pun)some of the challenges. But when I suck his cock, the bull, I enjoyed it. She made me realize who I really am. My wife is gone, we have filed for divorce. But, one door closes another opens. so overwhelmed I have agreed to be a totally dedicated cuck to my friend. I owe her everything.
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ps I really feel "whole now" with my friend submitting to her as cuck/slave. No games 24/7, a full real life. Another friend said my whole life prepared me for this. I am so happy now :)