Tucson, AZ wife needs regular Blk Bull

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  1. AzMwf4Blk

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    I'm looking and will only respond to LOCAL BBC Black Dom Bulls in TUCSON, AZ.
    (I might respond to local like-minded couples or IR couples too)

    I'm a married, curvy, natural redhead, waxed-bare, bi-friendly, female sub that NEEDS a Dominant Black VERY REGULAR (full-time, multiple nights a week, so a local is best) lover/owner.

    I have a white cuckold husband that truly loves me and understands this is a very deep-seeded, life-long, need of mine (this goes back to my college years with many black men) and he is 100% supportive of me being completely owned sexually by a Black Dom. He is sub, will defer my body completely to you, participates only by licking me clean anywhere you've cum, or you can cuck-train him in any other way you want (just letting you know where he is so far). We will both obey all rules that you might set for us.

    This is not game-play or new for us. It is chosen, needed for both of us, full-time marriage commitment. We have experience, both know our different (unique) marital roles and love our places in that, so ask any questions if needed, we are completely open about it.
    IMG_7919.jpg IMG_8298.jpg

    However, we both have full-time demanding jobs Mon-Fri and a home/aging family/good friends here in Tucson (we never had children). So although honestly open to a lot, including 3+ over-nights a week, most weekends, and me traveling with you for your work or away on vacations with you alone, we are not 24/7 (not interested in sub slave type roles) and we do want to be discrete with family and vanilla friends.

    We are only into real-life experiences, in hopes of something long-term. I will not cyber-sex or phone-sex (until after there is a real-life physical relationship first - lol). I will want to trade cell numbers and talk/text right away.

    Our only absolute requirement is seeing a very recent full-panel printed STD test at our very first meting. I will provide the same.

    Of course I will want to see pictures of you before we meet to establish sexual attraction.

    Thank you

    CHUCK D THA BBC New Member

    I'm in Phoenix and willing to travel
  3. Antar

    Antar New Member Real Person

    I'm in Tucson again and would love another chance to prove myself :)
  4. whiteknight4QofS

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    Loved your thoughtful profile post and your body is amazing! Also I was curious if you keep your cuckold hubby in chastity?