Trying to encourage my wife for BBC



Hi everyone

Found this website yesterday as I thought it would be nice to find some nice BBC to shag my wife.
It is more my initiative than her but when I mentioned it to her, she never said strict NO, so I kept going deeper. She is very practical girl and doesn't get involve in internet so I told her about this idea and she is quite excited now.

I'm away very often and I know she is very hot and in need of proper fuck so it would be nice if a decent black guy could join us to satisfy her needs. She still insist that I satisfy her enough with my 7" cock but I still think that she needs more when I engage into our playtime a 10" dildo and then she is really stretched. But still she says she prefers the warmth of a real cock, so that's why I wanted to combine her two worlds in one in here. I will be uploading some pics of her soon so keep checking, she really likes to ride a cock. We are based in Manchester area in UK. She is 30