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"Truth or Dare, Mom," ( hope this one is not out of bounds)


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"Truth or Dare, Mom,"
By Leta with mkarl

Susan Knight wasn't suppose to be home yet. The
attractive wife of Michael, and mother of both Scott and
Angela was still suppose to be at the hospital where she
worked as a nurse. She had returned home early cause she
had come down with a touch of the flu and wasn't feeling
well in her stomach.

What she was overhearing now as she was inside her
home, made the queasiness of the flu seem like nothing
compared to the stunned shock that her 'children's words'
were causing the mother.

"You better not wimp out, Scott. I already got a
commitment from both Deon and Jerome that they will try
to knock her up, if we can get her to play."

"I'm not going to wimp out, Angie. You know I wanted
to fuck her too ever since we spied on her and dad. Are
you sure this is going to work though?"

"Of course it will. You know how mom is about
playing by the rules. She may act like such a prude in
front of us but you know as well as I do that she sucked
dad's cock and took it in the ass... so she is a whore
and we can use that to our advantage."

Susan was shocked. When she had first entered her
house, she had almost called out to see if either of her
teenage children were home. Scott was fifteen while
Angela was only thirteen. They had always been such good
kids. Perhaps that was why Susan had been so shocked when
she had heard the squeaking of bedsprings as she had
returned home early for work.

At first, Susan was in denial. As she tried to
silently climb the stairway, she wasn't sure who she
would find in her bed. Michael was out of town as his job
had taken him overseas for the past month. It had been a
long time since the springs of her bed had gotten a
workout and the squeaking seemed to indicate their recent

The thirty-eight year-old mother had to admit to
herself she hoped it was Scott. Not because she wanted to
see her son. [Well, that wasn't the MAIN reason.] At
least Scott was a boy. Angela was only 13 and if she was
the one who was suddenly moaning loud enough for 'mommy'
to hear, than Susan had definitely screwed up not having
the 'talk' with her kid yet.

Susan Knight thought to herself that she was too old
to start raising another kid.

Maybe Angela's 'boyfriend' would be wearing a

It wasn't that Susan was a prude about sex. She
actually was a very horny woman. She had always been
horny ever since the time she had gotten mounted by the
family dog way back when she was just nine years old. She
never took off her panties till she was thirteen. After
that she had gotten herself fucked by everything that
moved. as long as it walked on all fours and wouldn't
'ruin' her reputation behind her back.

Susan had always been aware that she had a
'reputation' to protect. After she had cut the dogs off
at age sixteen, she had gone five long years without
cock. It had not been easy but it had managed to land her

His daddy owned a small oil company. Michael was
quite the catch even if he wasn't exactly 'great' in the
sack. He tried okay but there was only so much you could
do with such a small cock. After the dogs, Susan barely
felt Michael unless he was willing to give it to her in
the ass. About the only saving grace was that he was
'easy' to deep throat, and Susan did like sucking cock.

It was pretty clear as Susan approached the open
door to her bedroom that the female moans of pleasure
were her daughters. Susan wasn't sure if she should just
burst into the room and stop everything. Even though
Angela had been developing into a younger [and just as
sexy] version of her mother, with very ample development
in the cleavage department and well-toned and
proportioned 'everything-else,' Susan wasn't prepared for
her little girl getting herself fucked.

Especially in Susan's own bed.

Susan had decided to keep her cool, than she had
peeked in and just froze in absolute paralyzed disbelief.
It WAS her fifteen-year-old daughter, Angela laying
there, with her legs spread wide, getting fucked. but the
'boyfriend' was Susan's other baby. Angela's own brother
was fucking her.

At least he did have a rubber on.

Susan almost fainted. Her mouth moved but no sound
came out. The kids were too 'involved' to realize that
their mother was watching them shatter the taboo. Angela
was wrapping her long legs around Scott's ass and pulling
her brother in. She ran her hands through his hair as she
pressed her lips to his.

They were just so FUCKING passionate.

Susan Knight had never watched two people fuck
before. Sure she had watched porn. She had watched a lot
of porn, but she had never been just a few feet away
while two people fucked like animals right in front of
her. To the shocked mother's horror, she LIKED IT.

It was her own kids. It was wrong. It was so WRONG!
She had to do something, but why couldn't she move? Why
didn't she want to move?

Scott was going to finish. Susan knew the signs. The
boy's daddy actually acted the same way. Scott did look a
lot like his father. At least in the face and body type.
One area that Scott had it all over his daddy was between
the legs. Susan was shocked at herself that she noticed,
but how could she not?

Angela was not quite as big a girl as mommy was, but
Joey's cock still looked like at least two handfuls from
Susan's perspective as Angela and him prepared for his
ejaculation. Scott pulled out of Angela's wet pussy with
an audible 'plop' and than the kids were so quick that
Susan realized they must have done 'this' before.

Scott let his little sister grab hold of his eight-
inch cock and pull the protective rubber off. Than Angela
got down and put her face in the 'firing line.' It was
like the porn movies Susan loved. Scott shot in his
sister's mouth, and Angela swallowed while mommy watched.

It was so obscene. so taboo. SO FUCKING HOT.

Susan Knight had her hand under the short skirt of
her white, starched, nurses uniform and into her panties
by the time Scott glazed his sister's face with his cum

She wanted to get off too. She hadn't been so turned
on in years. It was wickedly sinful, but as much as she
was now desperate to not get 'caught' by her kids, Susan
stood just outside the doorway to her bedroom and
frantically fingered herself. She was afraid that she
would have to run if the kids suddenly got up but they
seemed to have 'business' to discuss.

Susan wasn't even aware that she was the topic of
discourse at first. Mom was so busy in replay of the fuck
she had just watched that she almost missed that the kids
were talking about adding 'her' to their sinful

Except, it was going to be so bad.

The kids wanted to get mom impregnated and by a
'black man!!!'


"So it's settled than. We will do it Friday. Mom
hasn't had cock in over a month. As small as dad is, I
bet she will like Deon and Jerome's twelve-inchers too.
She won't be able to refuse anything once the game has

"You are sure that Friday is the peek day of her

"Of course I am sure, Scott. I have been keeping
track for three months. Mom will be primed for baby
making and than we will have her ready to blackmail into
being our sex slave forever."


Susan was week in her knees as she walked back out
the front door. She was still queasy from her 'sickness.'
She was flustered from the mind-blowing orgasm she had
just finger-fucked herself too. Mostly, she was in
absolute stunned disorientation as to just 'what-the-

Her own kids were planning some sort of perverse
game of truth-or-dare in just three days time where the
goal of the game was to make 'mommy' submit to allowing a
couple of black studs the opportunity to pump their
potent seed into her 'unprotected' cunt, knocking her up
with a bastard.

How could the kids think that Susan was so into the
'rules' that she would put the playing of a game ahead of
the sanctimony of her own fidelity vows with their
father? Why hadn't Susan stopped the kids from their
disrespectful and wicked plotting? Why did Susan not know
if she was going to stop it?

Surely, she could never allow herself to be her
kid's sex-toy. Susan had never done anything so
outrageously shocking. Even letting a dog fuck her cunt
paled in comparison to the final 'taboo.' Susan had to
think of a way to thwart her kid's plans. She had to.


It was Friday morning and Susan was still stick. Her
flu was done, but she had called in to work to let them
know she wouldn't be in. Scott had asked permission the
past night to have a couple of his friends sleep over.
Susan had tried to be calm as she asked him who they
were. Her boy had just smiled as he told her 'just a
couple black guys mom. Don't worry though, I am sure you
will really like them."

Michael had called on the phone. He had wanted to do
some phone sex, but as Susan had 'played' with her absent
husband all she could think of was what would happen the
next night. She wondered if she would have a 'surprise'
in her belly by the time her husband got home.

Susan Knight had never been able to take the pill.
Both Michael and herself loved kids and had wanted lots.
Michael wasn't overly potent though. It had took five
years for the first success. Susan had become so
concerned that she had a doctor examine if the problem
was hers. When she had been told that she was 'extra-
fertile,' she realized that not only was Michael small
and 'fast,' but he was pretty much a dud all-the-way-

Susan had been able to overcome Michael's
inadequacies to make Scott. Than the miracle struck twice
and gave her little Angela. It was a true testament to
Susan's extreme fertility. Even at age 38, if she was
going to risk taking a sperming into her pussy from a
couple virile, young black men, Susan knew she would
definitely conceive.

She would just have to tell Michael she had been
raped. She loved her husband, but she wanted to be fucked
'good' at least once in her life.

It was all systems go.


Susan Knight had spent three hours in the bubble
bath while her children were off at school. She had
momentarily battled reason to get herself a diaphragm,
but it was too late. It would be less than twelve hours
till she would be full of 'black man's' sperm and their
bastard baby.

She wondered if she would still recover so quickly
from the pregnancy this time around. Susan loved being
pregnant. She had never been happier than when her belly
had grown so beautifully with her first two children.
Even the morning sickness and exhaustion of growing a
baby had been borne with pride by the dedicated mother.

Nothing fulfilled Susan's life like being a mommy.
As Susan stepped out of the bathtub and stood before her
full-length body mirror to examine her nude profile, she
slowly ran her hands over her flat tummy. She was very
proud of her looks.

At 115 pounds, the 38D-28-36 body was in peak
fighting shape. or was that peak 'fucking' shape??? She
shook her head to let her long, dark hair flush out and
cascade down over her shoulders. She looked in close to
the mirror to eXXXamine that her face was just as
youthful as the rest of her remarkable body. Susan could
easily pass for the eighteen-year-old she was when she

Susan did hope that the baby wouldn't ruin her
figure, but she wasn't as young as she used to be and it
would be difficult... still, it would be worth it,
wouldn't it?

It wasn't easy for the horny woman to wait until the
kids got home.


Angela had cheer leading practice and wouldn't be
home till almost supper time so that left Susan as the
only female when Scott showed up with the boys. Boys.
They were practically men. Deon looked to be about 6'1"
and around 180 pounds. He was very athletic looking and
very, very black.

The kid was wearing a Michael Jordan Chicago Bull's
jersey and with his shaved head, kind of resembled the
famous basketball star.

Jerome looked more suited to being a football star.
He had a short, afro-looking hairstyle. Was around an
even six feet two and at least 225 pounds. His facial
features were classic Negro with big, thick lips and very
dark skin. His smile just lit up the room in stark
contrast. Susan couldn't help but think her own skin
would have similar contrast when the 'black man' would be
fucking her within just a few hours.

The boys were going to wait for Angela and her
friend Kate. They went up to Scott's bedroom and Susan
was left wondering just what the boys were talking about.
She wanted to listen.


"Fuck, she's hot. I can see why you want the bitch.
She gave me wood with those tits. How big are they."

"Mom wears a 38D bra. Would you like to see one?"

"Sure. you got one?"

"Yeah. It was one she had back when she was nursing
Angie. She threw it out cause I guess dad must have got a
vasectomy or something and she probably thought she
wouldn't need no nursing bras anymore."

"Guess she's going to need to buy some new ones
after we get done with her tonight than."

Susan blushed at the boy's laughter as they so
casually discussed getting her impregnated with a black,
bastard in her white belly. She still couldn't believe
that instead of being infuriated by her children's
wickedness plotted against her, that she was so actually
desirous of their 'success.'

"Remember guys, mom is a real stickler for game
rules, and she'd rather kill than go back on her word. If
we can get her to promise to play by the rules and not
drop out until the game is over, we have it made. So no
giving it away before we make her promise to play right."

"No problem Scott. When Angie said she needed us to
knock up your mother she explained everything, but how is
it going to make you feel watching your mother come her
fucking brains out all over by big, black dick?"

"It will be okay. I'll like it. I want to see you
guys get a little rough with her too. Make it as racist
as you can once we get going. If the video doesn't
totally make mom look like a slut than dad might forgive
her and we need to get him out if we want the money now."

Susan's mouth dropped as she had her ear pressed
against her son's closed bedroom door. This wasn't just
about perverted sex. Her kids wanted to get rid of daddy.
The little BRATS!

"So, than. It will be like 'I dare you Deon to act
like a rapist and hold Mrs.. Knight down across her desk
while Jerome fucks her up her unprotected, married cunt
with his potent 'black man' dick to knock her up?"

"Exactly and Angie will be like 'sorry mom, but they
are daring me to video tape your shameful breeding with
this camcorder.' Don't worry though, we won't show it to
daddy. Fuck, like he won't know what happened anyhow when
he finally gets home. Mom's belly will be showing good by
than. She doesn't believe in abortion and she won't be
able to do anything but have the baby.

All the boys laughed again at Scott's wicked
comments. Susan knew it would be a lie about the
videotape not being shown to Michael. Any hope of
explaining the baby away as a 'rape-result' would be
dashed. Unless Susan found the courage to resist her
wicked desires... her twenty-year marriage was about to
be over.

Susan couldn't listen any longer. She had to think.
Could she still go through with it?


Susan Knight was still thinking when Angie and Katie
got home. Kate Burns was a little slut. Susan had never
really approved of the two girl's friendship. Still, what
could a mother do? Kate was kind of pretty though.

At 5'6, the blond fifteen-year-old was three inches
taller than Angie and had two inches on Susan. She
definitely wasn't fat, but she was solid. She was a great
sports star in her own right, excelling at track,
basketball and volleyball. She was also very beautiful
and was the captain of the cheer leading squad at the
junior high school.

Angie worshipped Kate and despite the two years age
difference the girls were like sisters as best friends.
It was no surprise that she would be involved in Susan's
ruin. Either from a friendship point-of-view, or the fact
that she was a slut.

"Hi girls, was cheer leading practice good today?"

"Yeah. Me and Angie where working on a couple
special cheers. We will perform them for you this

[Right. Give me a 'B.' Give me a 'A.' Give me a 'B.'
Give me a 'Y." What does it spell? 'BABY!" Knock-her-up-
Knock-her-up. YEAHHHH MOMMY!]

Susan knew just what the girls would be cheering

"Did Scott and his friends get home yet mom?"

"Yeah they are up in his room."

"Me and Kate are going to go up than. We have
something we need to talk about before supper."

'Like your final instructions on how to get me as
your sex-slave,' Susan thought. Why wasn't she stopping


Susan was still asking herself the question as
supper was almost over. She had managed to keep her
composer as she had served the children her award winning
five-star Texas Chili. Everyone had seemed too excited to
eat much, Scott's own tummy was so nervous she could only
manage to nibble a piece of toast.

It was almost time to start clearing the table when
Scott asked, "So what are we all going to do tonight?"

Susan listened as her daughter quickly chimed in,
"well, there is three guys and three girls here. Why
don't we play some sort of game?"

Susan started to open her mouth to excuse herself
and back out of the line of fire, but as she went to make
the sound, nothing came out.

If her kids noticed her sudden anxiety, they didn't
let it slow them down at all.

"What would everyone say about a game of 'tuth-or-

It was all coming along so fast.

"Isn't that a little childish," Kate chimed in.

"We could make it more challenging. Like the time at
Christine's party."

"Count me in," Deon spoke.

"Me too. That would be sweet," Jerome added.

"What about it mom. We really need an even number of
guys and girls," Angie spoke so innocently.

"Umm. I d-don't know."

Susan was definitely wavering. Risking impregnation
by a black and even committing incest were one thing, but
the knowledge that this was also being done to hurt her
husband and lover of twenty years was a difficult concept
to accept. Susan did love Michael, but she wanted to be
fucked too.

"Come on, mom. please," Angie begged

"You know how much you like games, mom," Scott

"Be a sport, Mrs. Knight" Kate challenged."

"It will be fun," Jerome smiled.

"Okay than," Susan surrendered. "But we have to get
the dishes cleaned away first."


Susan had never seen her children so eager to help
out. All five of the kids pitched in. Angie washed, the
boys dried. Kate put away the leftovers and Susan's
excuse to delay the inevitable was over just like that.

Everyone adjourned to the living room where Kate
explained the 'rules' of the game.

"We draw cards to see who challenges and who
receives the challenge. The high card challenges. The low
card receives. There is no tie because spades beat clubs,
clubs beat diamonds, and diamonds beat hearts. The
receiver elects to tell the truth or take a dare. If you
elect truth, and the majority thinks you lied or withheld
the whole truth, you must take a dare from each and every
player. It's that simple."

"I see. Well it sounds simple enough," Susan agreed

"There is one catch though, Mrs. Knight. Once the
game starts, no one may drop out until the game has run
its course. We'll play right to midnight. That will give
us almost five hours."

"That's quite a long time, isn't it?"

It's kinda like Trivia Pursuit, Mom. Once you start
playing you won't want to stop. It's an awesome way to
kill an evening."

'Or start a new life,' Susan thought to herself

"Yeah, it's fun like Trivia Pursuit, but in Trivia
pursuit, you don't get your bare ass beat with a belt for
failing a dare, don't forget Scott," Angie giggled

The kids all paused to see what 'mom's reaction
would be to Angie's revelation. Susan knew some sort of
protest was necessary to protect her own 'image.'

"I don't think I can play. That isn't a very
appropriate sounding thing for a grown woman to be doing
with you kids. I don't thin any of you should be playing
a game this severe either."

"Come on mom, don't embarrass us. We told the guys
you were cool. If you do what the challenges are than you
don't have to worry about any punishment."

"Yeah, don't be chicken Mrs. Knight. Live a little.
It's all for fun," Kate smiled.

'Yeah, your kid's fun,' though Susan. Course Susan
knew she wanted it too so she had to say, "Okay than. but
only until eleven. I work tomorrow."

The kids actually cheered. Deon was sitting in
Michael's chair and the front of his sweat pants were
like a fucking pup tent. Jerome and Angela were sitting
so close together on the couch, she might as well have
been on the black man's lap. Scott was standing next to Kate
who had the deck of cards in her hands.

Before the game could begin, the kids wanted one
last assurance that Susan wouldn't be able to back out of
the fun

"All right folks. Here we go. Everybody raise their
right hands and swear after me. 'I swear to remain in the
game and abide by all rules till the very end under
penalty of a bare ass spanking in front of everyone else
for failure to comply with a dare.'" Kate looked Susan
straight in the eyes as she cited the pledge

Susan and the others all repeated the pledge.

"Now the game begins. Susan, since you haven't
played before, you will draw the first card. As the
dealer, I will draw the other.

As a skilled card manipulator, Kate was able to
allow Susan to draw a ten. Kate plucked a six for
herself. No sense rushing things.

"Okay, Mrs. Knight, challenge me."

"Truth or Dare?"


Susan paused to consider a question. She knew a
little of how the game was played despite never having
actually took part in the game as a kid herself. She knew
that the question should be risqu‚, but Susan decided she
was getting a thrill out of the seduction and wanted the
kids to work at it. If she was going to end up knocked
up, than they could damn well get her off too.

"What is your favorite class at school."

"Mom, that is so lame." Kate couldn't believe the

"Usually the questions are more risqu‚, Mrs. Knight.
Maybe Scott can ask one for you so you see what I mean."

"Okay," Susan smiled to herself. It really was kind
of fun playing the 'dumb' mom. Especially given the
circumstances that Susan secretly knew that these kids
were planning to get her black-pregnant,

"What color are your panties, Katie?"

"Scott, that is no question to ask a proper young
lady," Susan mocked her 'shock.'

"It's okay, Mrs. Knight. If you don't want questions
like this you don't take a 'truth.' I'm not wearing any
panties, Scott."

"Challenge," Deon, Angie, and Jerome all shouted

"What's a challenge?" Susan asked.

"A challenge is I have to prove the 'truth.' If I
can't, everyone gets to vote on whether I was truthful or
not. If they vote that I lied I have to take a dare from
every other player.


"Really, Mrs. Knight. But as you can see." Kate
smiled as she started to lift her skirt. "I was
truthful." Kate stood before Susan and the three boys
with her skirt pulled all the way up. Her natural blonde
pussy hair was just slightly darker than the golden locks
atop her head. She looked as though she kept it trimmed.

Susan felt herself blush even deeper. The game was

"Okay I lost that deal so now I go to the person to
your left. That would be Jerome."

Kate held out the cards while Jerome drew a nine.
Kate pulled a queen.

"Truth or dare, Jerome?"


"I dare you to show us... your erect cock."

Susan blushed as red as she had ever blushed in her
life. There was no subtlety at all with these kids. "I
never knew this was going to be happening. I can't
possibly play this."

Part of Susan was actually serious. Part of her
hoped that the kids would have a way to 'force' her to

"That's too bad, Mrs. Knight. You can't quit. If you
do, we'll have to strip you naked and lock you outside
until the game is over. after you get your bare ass beat
with a belt. Those are the rules if anyone quits before
the game is over."

"Y-you can't be serious," Susan stuttered

"Sorry, mom, the rules are clear. It's okay though.
Just play.. please." Kate was so bad. Susan had to think
that what the kid needed was to have her own ass spanked.
Yeah, that would HAVE to happen.

"O-okay, I have no choice than. Try to remember
though that I am an adult here, and married. There's no
telling how far you kids are thinking to take this but
try to think of Michael, okay."

Scott and Angela both smiled. Kate was also all
happy inside. Jerome just stood up to fulfill his dare.

"Try not to feel too embarrassed, Mrs. Knight. I may
be a little bigger than you've seen before."

Now that was an understatement. The black man was A LOT
BIGGER than Michael. He was bigger than most the guys in
the movies, or even the dogs from her childhood. Jerome
was absolutely HUGE.

He was already around three-quarters hard. He needed
to stimulate himself to get to a full erection though.
Jerome stared right at Susan as he slowly jerked his foot
long cock. He was absolutely unashamed and utterly

Susan tried not to feel the boy's challenge, but she
finally had to advert her eyes. She glanced over to Scott
who was watching her reactions. Susan felt like she was
the one eXXXposed. She felt so flushed. Her eyes went
down to where Angie was sitting. Her fifteen-year-old
daughter was just sitting there as calmly watching the
boy jerk his exposed cock, as if she was only watching
another episode of Sesame Street like she had as a five-

Finally Jerome was hard.

"You are so big, Jerome," Kate giggled. "How long is

"Hey, save it for the next challenge," Jerome smiled
without any embarrassment as he pulled his pants back up.
"Guess it is me and Angie next."

Kate let Angie pull from the small cards. Jerome got
to make the challenge.

"Okay than, 'truth or dare?"

Susan couldn't resist hoping that Angie would take a
truth. Even though the girl was obviously quite wicked
[more so than Susan ever could have believe] she was
still her daughter too. Susan didn't want Angela at the
mercy of this 'black man.'


"Everyone seems to want to know how big I am, so I
dare you to get your mommies tape measure, bring it back
here, get down on your knees at my feet. take out my
dick, get me hard again if I am down at all. and measure
me from the tip of my cock to the base of my balls."

Angie looked at her mom, "if I don't, I'll have to
get spanked."

Susan knew her daughter wanted 'permission from

"I guess you have to, Angie."

Susan's words sounded strange to her. She was
telling her daughter to actually grab a black boy's cock
and measure it. maybe even need to stimulate it.

Angie went to the sewing room and came back with the
tape measure. The well-developed fifteen-year-old,
smaller version of Susan, dropped to her knees as Jerome
stood above her. Angie paused just long enough to look to
make sure her mother was watching.

Susan saw her 'sweet, innocent' daughter unzip the
boy's pants like she was a professional streetwalker.
Angela seemed completely without shame as she took
Jerome's long cock in her hand. It still looked fully
erect, but Angie wasn't going to let the opportunity pass
by without giving mommy a show.

Susan almost wondered if her kid was going to suck
black cock right in front of her. Angie constrained
herself to just giving Jerome a quick hand-job. She had
to leave something for the next level.

Finally Angela ran the tape along Jerome's thick
black cock and after a little fidgeting for show called
out the number to the group. "Twelve and one half

Everyone looked at Susan as she just had to stand
there and wait for the next development.

"Okay, Angie. You and Deon go next," Kate said as
she again orchestrated the winner. This time Angie won.

"Truth or dare, Deon?"


"I dare you to let me measure your cock now so we
can see who has the biggest."

Deon got out of the chair and made sure to stand
where Susan would get a good look at him. Angie got down
on her knees and made a repeat performance of first,
'stoking' the black man's big cock to it's full erection,
and than measuring the 'stick' and calling out the
numbers. Twelve and one half inches. We have a tie."

Deon pulled up his pants while it was his turn and
Joey's to go. Deon won and made the challenge, "Truth or
Dare, Scott?"

"Truth,' Scott smiled.

"Who has the smallest cock you have ever seen?" Deon
smiled back while shifting his eyes to catch Susan's"

Scott paused. "I'm sorry mom, but I have to tell the
'truth.' My dad is like two inches or so."

Susan gasped, "That's not true. Michael is at least
four inches."

Suddenly, Susan realized that since the question had
specifically been asked to embarrass Michael in
comparison to the boys. She had only made it worse by
trying to defend him. Still, it had to be challenged.

"Challenge," Susan said.

Since Michael wasn't there, a vote needed to be
taken. Everyone believed Michael had the smallest cock
Scott had ever seen, except Susan.

"You lost the challenge, Mrs. Knight. You need to
play against everyone now."

Susan had to wonder if they were just making up the
rules as they went along. If they were, it was pretty

"Scott you play first with your, mom."

Susan drew a five. Scott got the king.

"Truth of dare, mom?"


"How many guys have fucked you."

"SCOTT!" Susan couldn't get any more blushed.

"Answer the question, Mrs. Knight or you will get
spanked." Kate smiled.

"Just one... my husband."

"You can't tell me you only had that tiny cock, Mrs.
Knight," Deon spoke.

"Hell, you can't barely call that even getting
fucked," Jerome laughed.

"Challenge," Angie suddenly said.


"Sorry, mom. I just can't believe that."


"We'll need to vote on that, Mrs. Knight," Kate

Susan knew what the vote would be. Five 'no's.'

"So, now you all get to dare me?"

"That's right, Mrs. Knight. Sorry, but if you need
to lie, you should have made it more believable. Even
Scott and Angela know you are way too pretty to only have
been with anyone as small as Michael," Kate said. "Angela
will dare you first since she was the one to challenge

"I dare you, mom. To get up on the table and strip
naked in front of everyone."

"ANGIE! For Pete's sake, I am your mother."

"Do it, Mrs. Knight, or you will get locked outside,
naked and tied to the tree after we all whip you."

"You kids are rotten. I can't believe you are
doing this to me. I was tricked to play. If I would have

"Angie didn't say talk, she said 'strip.'"

Susan Knight had no choice. It was all happening.
She kicked off her heels before trying to step up onto
the coffee table in the middle of the five kids. Scott
helped his mom keep her balance before he took a seat to
enjoy the 'show.' Kate went over and started the music.

Susan was wearing a blouse and skirt. She had made
herself up for the children. Her hair was up in a bun.
Susan always liked to look good. While she had forced
herself to 'behave' to preserve her 'reputation' she had
never found anything wrong with just letting guys look.
Even though the guys and 'girls' were her own kids and
their young friends, it really wasn't all that awful to
strip in front of them [at least not compared to what she
knew she would be doing next.]

Susan decided to save her tits. She reached down to
undo her skirt first.

"Come on, shake that white ass," Deon shouted.

"Dance, mom," Angie encouraged.

Susan started to dance. She ran her hands over her
body. It was embarrassing, but it was also fun. She went
back down to remove her skirt. She decided to bend over
and show her ass to Scott as she opened her skirt and let
the garment slip off and drop to the table. Susan was
wearing a pair of sheer, black, almost see-thru panties.
She knew they were tight enough that the mound of her
bush would be visible to all the kids.

Jerome whistled and so did Scott.

"All right, mom. Show us the goods," Angie laughed.

Susan tried to keep her knees from wobbling. Even
though she was the adult and they were all just kids; it
was a little unnerving to be stripping when she knew just
what they all meant to do to her.

"Show us them tits, mom," Scott croaked.

"Yeah, we want titties-we want titties," Kate
started a little cheer."

Susan bit her lower lip, "Be nice kids. I might have
to obey you all, but talk with some respect. I am still
an adult."

"A fucking gorgeous adult. We just all want to see
that hot white body of yours, Mrs. Knight," Deon stated.

"If I am going to be forced to take dares from all
of you, call me Susan."

It did make Susan feel more desirable than she had
in. 'as long as she could remember.' These kids really
were 'into' her. It wasn't just something naught like
'only about knocking up a white, married woman.' Susan
knew that these kids though she was beautiful with her
forty-inch tits and long, gorgeous legs, and Susan did
want them to see.

She started to unbutton her blouse.

From the top down, one button after another was
worked by the eXXXcited woman. Hints of her bra were
flashed as she continued to groove and wiggle to the
music. She still felt a little awkward, but it was
getting lost in the intense heat of the moment. Finally
Susan was ready to let the blouse fall with a shrug of
her slender shoulders. She stood in front of the kids in
just stockings, bra, and panties.

Everyone started to chant, "show your tits, show
your tits."

Susan paused. She didn't want to just pull off her
bra. She tried to dance a little more and tease but the
chants got louder. The kids really wanted to see Helen's
big tits.

"Okay, okay," she said, but her words were not
audible over the very vociferous chants of 'SHOW YOUR

Susan just had to reach up and unhook her bra. She
turned away from Scott as she let her tits spring free.

Everyone cheered.

Susan reached up and put a hand over both her bared
breasts. Partly for modesty, but also partly so she could
give her nipples a pinch. God she was eXXXcited.

She barely had time to adjust to being topless for
the kids before the next chant started, "Now the panties-
now the panties."

Susan turned from face to face. She tried to look
reluctant. It wasn't easy. Luckily not a kid had the
slightest hint of mercy for her in their eyes. It would
allow Susan to 'pretend' but still make sure she would be
forced to go through with it.

She reached down to start at her panties. She
started to tug them down but stopped and turned. Than she
started again before turning again. She had her panties
down almost to the point where they were cutting across
her clit and the crack off her ass was starting to show
when she paused for dramatic effect.

"Please kids. Angie, don't make me go any farther.
It's not right. really, I shouldn't be doing this. I just
can't take off my panties. Please. I will play the game
if you let me stop, otherwise."

Before Susan could get out her threat to quit,
Jerome got up and moved up behind Susan. He reached out
and hooked his index finger into the waistband of her
panties and pulled them down. Susan groaned as she was
suddenly 'naked' in front of everyone and had the teenage
boy rubbing up between her legs from behind to crook his
finger into the wet groove of her sex.

The boy was touching her. Susan gasped as she
quickly tried to decide what she should do. Jerome rubbed
her firmly as though trying to get Susan to be obvious in
her response. What was the point in resisting?

She actually parted her legs even though she tried
to keep a 'shocked' look on her face. It was so hard that
she finally had to resist to bashfully hiding her face
into her hands as Jerome continued his maddening tease.

"You like having your pussy played with, Susan,"
Jerome spoke softly. "It's my turn to dare you now, and I
dare you to spread your legs wide. and masturbate
yourself to orgasm."

"Oh my goodness. I can't. That can't be allowed as a

"Yes it is, Mrs. Knight. Now get your feet to the
edge of the table and look at Scott while your finger
yourself. and no faking of the orgasm or you will fail
the dare," Kate smiled.

Susan had to do it. She turned to face her son and
tried to spread her legs as far as possible without
losing her balance. Jerome continued to hold one of her
legs, while Kate reached out to steady her second one.
Susan was able to concentrate on working her pussy.
Scott and Kate both watched their mom from the front
as Susan rubbed her clit just a couple feet from them.
She tried to 'get' into it and let herself start
breathing louder. She sort of wanted her orgasm to be
'real' but she knew the kids would never be able to tell
if she 'faked' it. Susan had learned from years with
Michael, 'how to fake it.'

Kate gave Susan a slap on the ass, "get some fingers
into your pussy and rub tat clit, woman."

As Susan fingered herself, she closed her eyes. She
briefly wondered what Michael would do if he could see
her now. She wanted to feel sorry for him, but she just
couldn't. Susan opened her lust-filled eyes and locked
them with Scott's as she just let herself get lost in the
moment. She was almost humping her hand, she was so
'into' it. As she worked herself, Jerome reached up to
fondle her breasts. Kate pushed her face to Susan from
behind and started licking at the older woman's cunt and

Susan came. She screamed, and she came, and came.

She felt like such a slut.

It was now Deon's turn to challenge.

"I dare you to get down on your hands and knees like
the bitch you are."

Susan gasped. She was about to get fucked.

"and eat Angie to orgasm."

The black man couldn't be serious.

"Sorry, mom. If we don't we will both get whipped,"
Angie offered as she stood up. She was unzipping her
jeans before Deon finished his challenge.

Susan was resolved to meet the challenge. It would
be difficult to suppress her reluctance, but she had to
go through with it.

She movie aside to let Angie lay down on the table.
Then Susan put her face in her daughter's crotch. Kate
was still right at the table while all the boys were back
to take in the 'show.'

"Better get ready to swallow, Mrs. Knight. Angie
cum's like a boy," Kate giggled.

Susan had never licked a girl before. She pretty
much had never even thought about it. Maybe she had been
curious as a girl. She had seen it in the movies she
watched. She never could have imagined she would ever be
eating out her own thirteen-year-old-daughter.

Angie moaned and pulled her mom's head tighter. She
wrapped her legs up and around Susan's ears. Come on,
Mom, eat my pussy. I am going to cum all over your face."

Susan got more and more into having Angie squirming
on her tongue. She wondered what 'it' would taste like.
As she licked her kid, she didn't notice that Jerome had
moved up behind her until she felt him at her own cunt
again. Susan lifted her face from Angie's wet twat to
ask, "Can he do, that?"

"It's up to Deon since it is his dare," Kate smiled.

"Sure, I don't mind. He can fuck you if he wants."

"Wait a second, boys. I'm not on the pill. Just what
are you kids planning on doing to me?"

"Relax, Susan. I'm not going to fuck you back here.
Just eat your Angie while I eat you."

It was out in the open. Susan had revealed she was
unprotected. By continuing, she was letting everyone know
that she would go all the way.

Jerome just played with Susan as she spent several
more minutes eating out Angie. Finally, Angie was ready
and she screamed as she started gushing out a stream of
her girl's cum onto her mother's pretty face. Susan
dutifully licked Angie's climaxing pussy, amazed at her
daughter's prodigious flow.

Susan Knight face was wet with her daughter's cum
when Angie finally let her mother lift her face again.

"My turn to dare you now, Mrs. Knight," Kate said.
"I dare you to ask Scott to jerk Jerome off into your
unprotected cunt while Angie videotapes you."

"No way. that's going to far," Susan tried to
protest for show.

"You want to get your ass whipped instead. Cause
I'll do it, bitch."

"Of course not. Kate, listen to me. I told you that
I am not on the pill. Today is my peak fertility. Scott,
Angie. kids, help me."

"Sorry mom, there is nothing we can do. I have to
jerk Jerome off into you."

"Well, at least get one of the condoms from your
dad's dresser. I am not racist, but I can't have a black

"I never said you could use a condom, Mrs. Knight.
His sperm has to go into your cunt. If you refuse we will
all whip you and lock you outside in the cold all night
until the neighbors see you in the morning."

"You kids are rotten. I will get pregnant. I can't
believe you are doing this to me."

"Are you going to do it mom? Are you going to ask
Scott to jerk Jerome's black cock into your pussy?"

"Get the camera, Angie. What choice do I have. I
will just have to pray that I don't get a black baby."

Susan was laid down on the coffee table while Jerome
took off his pants. Angie went and got the camera. A
videotape was already in it and ready to go. Scott got
down on his knees. He wasn't particularly gay but
actually being the one to fill his mother's cunt with the
potent black man seed was such a turn on to the boy. He
reached out with his right hand and grabbed hold of
Jerome's cock to guide it into his mother's fertile cunt.

"Okay Mrs. Knight. Beg your son for the camera,"
Kate giggled.

"Please, Scott. Jerk Jerome's potent black cock into
mommies unprotected pussy."

Scott smiled as he made sure Angie had the camera
aimed to capture the penetration than he aimed Jerome's
cock as the black man pushed it about halfway in.

Even at the half, it was almost twice the cock Susan
had in over twenty years. It was almost as thick as those
dogs had been when they had knotted with her.

"Scott, remember. I am your mom. Your father's wife.
I have to allow you to jerk this black cock off into me,
but you can pull him out before he impregnates me.
Please. I can't have a black baby."

"No trying to get out of this, bitch. Do you think
you are too good to have a black man's baby. You're not. You
deserve this. You want it. All married white women do.
Tell your son how much bigger this black man cock is than
your tiny cocked husband. Say it so the camera can record
it that you love black man cock more than white cock and you
want him to knock you up. I dare you."

"You have to mom, " Angie said as she aimed the
camera. "If you don't take the dare you will get

"You kids are just making these rules up. The dare
was to just let myself get knocked up. Not to beg for it
on camera. If your daddy ever saw me begging for a
'black man's' baby and telling him I loved it."

"Dad won't see this video mom," Scott lied. "You
have to say it, please. I don't want you to get whipped."

'But it's okay that mommy gets black-pregnant, huh?
You little brat,' Susan thought.

"Yes. Yes Scott, yes. That big black man cock is so
much bigger than your daddies tiny little dick. I LOVE
IT. Please, jerk him off into mommy's unprotected cunt
and knock me up," Susan spewed forth a stream of
obscenities for the 'camera.'

Under her breath she decided to try to act a little
more as though she wasn't about to cum herself at the
'forbidden thrill.'

"Pull it out, Scott. Please pull it out for mommy."

"I can't mom, and I won't."

"You son-of-a-bitc."

"Don't call yourself a bitch, mom. Scott cleverly
quipped, "I think Jerome is about ready to cum. Can you
feel his cock twitching."

"Yes dammit, Scott. pull it out-pull it out. NOOOO.
Oh no."

Jerome just let himself shoot as Scott slid his hand
to the base of his cock to allow the black man to insert in
almost the full twelve inches. The fuller 'fill' caused
Susan to gasp and triggered her own orgasm as her son
finished jerking Jerome's big, black cock into her
vulnerable and defenseless cunt. Susan had been black-
creamed with hundreds of thousands of little baby-making
sperms and all she could do was allow them total access
to invade her womb, seek out her hapless eggs, and
totally subdue and conquer them into utter submission.
Susan just knew the potent, black seed would grow in her
fertile, white garden.

"You kids. You are horrible. If I get pregnant than
Michael will probably think I had an affair with a black
man. You kids know he isn't as tolerant as I am about you
even having black friends, let alone a black baby to
'color' the family name. I'll have to tell him I was
raped or he will divorce me. You now I don't believe in

"You might not even be pregnant yet, Mrs.. Knight.
You only have dares from Deon and Scott left. It's Deon's

"Well, I dare you to take me up to your marital bed
and suck me until I am ready to fuck you. Than you can
lay your ass down and I am going to fuck you while you
scream that you love 'black man' cock and want a black baby
knocked up into your white, married belly."

"Please. not my bed. I can't dirty the sanctuary of
my own marital bed."

"You can and you will. Kiss me while Angie films and
than invite me to your marital belt."

Angie aimed the camera while Susan allowed the 6'1,"
shaved-headed black man to take her into his arms and
squish her milk-white tits up against his broad, muscular
chest. Susan took the kiss onto her lips from the boy and
than begged him, "please, lets go to my marital bed. I
want to get fucked by your beautiful, black cock in my
unprotected, white cunt in my husband's bed. I want to
get fucked good at least once in that bed."

Susan couldn't believe how much it excited her to
add the last line.

Everyone went up the stairs. Susan was actually glad
to be getting off the uncomfortable table, even if she
did feel a little guilty that she was about to be fucked
in her own bed.

Susan got down on her knees at the foot of her bed.
Angie moved around to make sure that she would get a good
shot of her mom's face as Susan sucked black cock. Deon
stood above the submissive woman and laid his foot long
cock along the length of the face. It was SOOO BIG!

"Tell me you want to suck my 'beautiful, black cock,

"I want. I want to such your beautiful, black cock."

"How tiny is Michael's little white cock. Is it easy
to throat?"

"It's small. It's so small. Your cock is so much
bigger and looks so delicious. I want to suck it and
swallow your cum. I want you to sperm all over my face."

"No you don't Susan. You want my potent, black man seed
in that fertile, married, unfaithful white cunt. Say it."

"I want to suck you and than you can cum in my white

"I want, your black man baby in my white tummy."

"I-I want your black man baby in my white tummy."

"That's a girl. that's a good, white bitch. Now

Susan felt Deon pat her on the head like she was a
dog. She was a dog. She was a cheating little bitch. She
had allowed herself to be weak, and there was nothing she
could do now but admit the truth. With the video and
everything, there would never be any turning back. She
knew in her heart she was pregnant, but she also knew
that she had never been more excited.

Susan licked and sucked Deon's big, black cock. He
was already rock hard, but the dare had been to suck him

"Damn bitch, I am going to shoot if you suck like
that. You must love chocolate dick If I didn't know
better, I'd swear you wanted to throat me. Is that so?
Would you like to get choked on my foot of prime, thick,
black meat."

"N-no. That's okay. I want it in my pussy. I want
you to fuck me in my husband's bed and impregnate me with
your love baby. I want to make a black baby from your
superior black man seed. Knock me up, black man. I want you to
breed me."

Scott and Angie smiled at each other. The
inheritance was as good as theirs, and best of all was
that mom was such a slut of the camera that they could
legally get her to give up her money to before they
betrayed her and gave the tape to dad anyhow. Mom would
be left at their mercy forever,

Susan wasn't thinking of anything other than how
wonderful it felt to have Deon on her. He laid his full
weight down on top of Susan. She spread her legs and gave
the boy full access to fuck her as hard as he wanted to.

Deon loved fucking Susan. He had fucked three other
white woman in his short life. He had fucked a few girls
to, but he loved to fuck women. especially married white
women with no protection. Deon wanted to pump the biggest
load he ever shot into Susan Jones' fertile cunt. Chances
were that Jerome had already knocked her up, but there
was always the chance she had more than one egg available
and maybe his swimmers would do the job on at least one
of them.

Susan came for the third time in under an hour. Deon
sped up and slammed it home so he could cum together with
her. His potent seed erupted from his potent fuck stick
and blasted deep into her cunt. The boy kissed her
intimately as his seed filled her womb.