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Truly Cuckolded

Cuckolds - have you ever sucked a cock while your wife watched?

  • Yes, loved it.

    Votes: 28 40.0%
  • Yes, but I didn't like it.

    Votes: 2 2.9%
  • No I haven't.

    Votes: 14 20.0%
  • No, but I wish I could.

    Votes: 26 37.1%

  • Total voters


Gold Member
I'm not sure I would want this, but I think the truest form of cuckolding would be my wife forcing me to suck her black bull's cock either to get him hard for her or to clean him off after he has fucked her, maybe both. My wife often teases me that she would like to watch me suck her lover's cock and she tells me that I would like that too. I guess it is tempting but I would really have to be cucked to do that, although I guess I am now as she freely bangs black men on a regular basis. I wouldn't mind cleaning her pussy but licking his big cock clean I'm not so sure about. How about the other cucks in this group?

I never have, but agree that short of pregnancy it is an ultimate expression of being cuckolded. In a way it is almost a tribute to her lover, a way of showing your complete surrendering of the Alpha role. So, yes, I would.


Well-Known Member
I recently told my wife that I would suck her black lovers cock hard if they wanted me to just so I can watch her with a black guy.....I wouldn't mind it at all actually. She likes the idea but so far hasn't offered any black dick..:(
I would if my wifes bull insisted on it and she was really into it but I have only recently found pics I'm not sure I should or shouldn't know about since I have my access to my wifes email and ive hinted id be into this. My wife is into anime and 2 guy one girl hentai and on more than one occassion hinted about creampies. I finally ate my first one about a week ago and I did like it and saw her take pics obviously for her boss who planted it there. She had beads in they capped her off and sent her home but she sid nothing. One of the horniest moments of my life i think I am hooked on eating at home more often ;).
It's been a long time since I had a wife to cuckold me. Mine passed away 10 years ago. But, during our 23 year marriage she introduced me to the excitement of threesomes. actually, a twosome with a close up witness and assistant, me. During that time, being fearful of stds, she only selected two black guys as long term lovers. Both were also married and just liked to play out a little when the situation was safe. Over time, if my wife wasn't finished geting ready, she jokingly suggested that I give the man of the hour a little tease with my tongue to keep him excited. Well one thing led to another and over the years, I took a bunch of loads in my mouth and a few in my butt also. Of course she always got the main course, but generously shared as much as I could suck out of her beaver and butthole while they were resting. I guess the chemistry between all of us was just right to keep things going. But, now I've been alone for 10 years and don't have a clue where I would meet a prospective wife with a built in lover, who might let an old sage join their club. My little dick only works now and then, but my tongue is always ready. And I have to admit, I'd love to feel a big black cock down my throat or up my ass at some time before I croak out :)