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True Story

Earlier this year I created an email account for a fictional black Dom who I called Big Black Daddy (original, I know). I wrote emails back and forth with this account and my own talking about a get away I was going to have with my wife. Acting as this man, I wrote to her (via my email account) and told her what would happen that weekend. She said yes to the game and we followed "Daddy's" instructions. She wore a skirt in the car on our way to the hotel and pulled her panties off. She stuck a fat black cock toy into her pussy and rode it all the way to where we were going (about an hour drive). Her instructions were that every time she came she was to say, "Thank you, Daddy" all weekend.

She did.

When we got to the hotel, I was to spank her ass while she counted the slaps. Five on her right cheek, stinging slaps. Five on her left, also stinging. Five again on her right, this time with heavy blows. Really hitting her. And then the left. On and on. She counted to fifty, while I alternated cheeks and blows.

Then we took pictures of her on her hands and knees from behind with each toy we owned resting on her ass and then inserted in her pussy. From the smallest to the largest. After I took the photo I fucked her until she. And with each toy. Then I'd move on to the next.

It was a lot of fun, but she was reticent to play more with "Daddy" and I dropped it.

What are your thoughts regarding this. Should I tell her it was me? Should I revive Daddy for another trip we're taking? I'd like to find someone who'd be willing to play like this with us for real.