True story from some years ago

True story from some years ago with my ex. We were mostly into Femdom, but in on of our threesomes it turned into some heavy cuckolding sessions

One dominant Bull brought his own paddles and whips, and they had planned a rather long session (I found out later..)

She told me early on to strip down, and I spent the first hours together with her totally naked, only equipped with a buttplug. When he came around, I had to open the door and greet him, to his great delight

After serving some drinks, they were both getting frisky and into the mood. They changed to leather outfits and tied me up by the bed. I was left there for a while, who knows what they were up to in the other room
But when they came back after a few more drinks, they were both in a really good mood.

They started taking turns on whipping me, it didnt make things better for me that I was turned on by it. I think they kept it going for at least 30 minutes, and I was quite red and warm!
After this, I was tied up on my belly, next to the bed – and blindfolded. From what I could tell, they were fucking on the bed for a while, until he came. He pulled out first, and came on here ass cheeks. Before he went for a cigarette, he placed her so I could lick her clean. It tasted salty and think, and there was a lot of cum – looked like he had saved up for the occasion..
When she was clean, she went out – and I was left on the floor. Tried to move, but they had done a good job with the restraints. They came back from their smoke break, and had some drinks on the couch.

The next session she wanted to show him how much of a slut I was.. really humiliating.. She used different sizes of dildos on me, and finished with the strapon. If any of you know the size of the Bam dildo, you understand why he was impressed! And aroused again, so they finished with Him fucking her doggystile with me underneath. He came again, this time less cum – but my face was directly underneath, so when he pulled out I got most of it on my face.

For the grand finale, they lifted my legs up so I could jerk off onto my own face. It took some time, but I finally spurted. So there I was, two drunk and happy people laughing at my cum stained face, while unleashing me from the restraints. They got dressed again, I got her night gown.. The rest of the evening was spent on the couch with them, until he had to go to his place.

All in all, a really good night - too bad He wasnt a black guy


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Wow! I'm a bit stunned. :eek: I guess I should congratulate you on being an extremely lucky person. :unsure:

I just don't understand how you could figure it was "a really good night", unless you mean because you survived being the bottom, in a BDSM scene with a couple of drunks who not only whipped you while under the influence, but left you unattended while tied up. :confused: