True story fresh off the press

So obviously we've been checking things out on this site for a while. She has done the hotwife thing multiple times with black male friends. She's been on a lengthy hiatus but recently has been thinking about finding a new playmate. So last night, as we discussed her resurgent desire for bbc, the conversation drifted back to the time when we first began experiencing swinging in general. Before the thought of hotwifing and bbc ever came into play.

So our very first foray into "vanilla swinging" was a trip to a basic swingers night at a club. We were both nervous and sort of awkward about it. There were all types of people and it was intimidating, weird and hot all at once. As you can sort of see from her pic here, she's a petite yet curvy curly brunette. On the Latina side but no ethnic facial features at all. Anyway, In all our early conversations about swingng, she never overtly indicated that she was especially attracted to black men. For some reason she tried to hide that from me, even though she had always exhibited clues for as long as I've known her. Little did she know, her interest in black men didn't bother me in the least. It was something that I wasnt intimidated by and I was simply conditioned by previous relationships that white girls tend to have a certain place in thier heart for bbc.

So my memories of that first night at a swing club had been clouded by time and a lot of gin that night. I recall the awkwardness and in general how much of a let down it was. Typical story, no equally attractive couples who had thier shit together like we did. We talked about that aspect but then she said, "well I did feel bad that I at least had that experience with that one guy and left you hanging for a while". Then I remembered. A mixed race couple was there at one point and she was dancing with the black male half of that couple. He was a prototypical bbc. I recalled that they were dancing while I was talking to a very nice but drunk, unattractive elderly woman. Time is weird when you've had a few gin and tonics and apparently more of it had passed than I remember. She cought herself quick and backpedaled from her assertion that she got some action that night. I knew she danced with the guy and probably made out with him, rubbed his cock in facination or something, but because of what I perceived to be our common uneasiness and solidarity with the lameness of the place, that's where I figured it ended for her and him that night. As I picked up on the inkling that more had transpired, I started digging like an investigative reporter. In not so few words, basically she said he fucked her in the restroom. Rough and intense. I couldn't beleive what I was hearing. I mean I know she's had some great intense sex during her hotwife exploits since then, but that was a different, more innocent time for her. Hearing it lead to a ton of emotions for me. I felt slightly betrayed because the consensus from that night had been one of mutual disappointment and solidarity that this swinging thing was going to be more difficult than we thought. On the other hand I was like "you magnificent hot little slut!!". That night she looked great with a short shiny low cut high dress, thong,heels, ass kicking legs, smooth tan skin and long dark curly hair. I was drunk but I vaguely remember fucking her pretty hard a couple of times after we left the club. Never for once did I imagine that a bbc had ravaged and pumped her full of semen hours before against the sink in the bathroom. She was very reticent as I dragged the details out of her, but the story just got hotter and hotter. Like watching the proverbial car wreck. I couldn't stop hearing the details. Apparently I completley missed the episode where he led her off the dance floor and into the restroom. She said she had felt his enormous cock against her as they danced. Curious, she started to stroke it through his pants. Everything of hers was accessible and he took full liberty feeling her tits and rubbing her clit under her small dress and through her her thong. When they got into the restroom she said that she agressively accessed his cock, grabbed and mouthed it, and that had put him into beast mode. She said he lifted her up, turned her around, pushed her against the sink, ripped her thong clear off and plunged his cock in from the back. She said she was soaking wet so the thrust wasn't as cataclysmic as it could have been but she said she had never had something that big in her before. The place was really loud due to the music, but she said she was screaming (intensely, not in distress) as he pounded her with no condom. At one point she said a woman had tried to enter the room out of concern for the screaming and she told her, breathlessly, "I'm good". She said the encounter was incredibly intense but quick. Due to the condition I was in, i really had no clue she had just had her brains banged out. We stayed for about another hour just sort of people watching and dancing a bit, but in retrospect there were clues to what she had just done. She was incessantly pulling her dress down, conscious of the fact she no longer had panties on, and she made a few more uncharacteristic trips to the restroom. She intimated that the trips to the restroom were to relieve the flow of sperm that he had deposited in her. She said "he let about a fucking gallon of cum into me it seemed. It was absurd. I kept having to wipe it off my leg". That's what sticks with me the most, that mans huge load continuing to leak down her tan, healthy thick little Italian legs. While I exhibited some serious concern about her letting him fuck her bareback like that, she said there was basically nothing she could do about it. Booze and raw animal instinct completely took over. She assured me that she got tested multiple times over the following months and year after, totally fearfull. In hindsight I recall that she had me wear a condom the few times we fucked after that night and we actually had a falling out for a while after that on an unrelated matter. Still, I'm conflicted about her exposing me to possible stds that night. At this point with all this new knowledge and the fact that there have been no reprocessions from it in over 3 years, it's tough to be mad at her now.
Thanks for reading. This is great therapy and a great forum to relate this stuff. I think it's an interesting story about a wife who was a bbc slut before I was ready to deal with it.