True sex stories by Picollo

Often times when I am bored on a night out I stop by the Adult theater in Reno. The theater is small, with just a few rows of seats. The very back row is just two seats split wide apart
. I decided to sit there since it's the safest place to be while my eyes were adjusting to the lighting. As usual there were a bunch of white guys sprinkled all around the room. In the row in front of me there were three people, a white guy, a blonde girl, and another white dude. I could see there was a lot of groping going on, so I just sat back and observed. The guy closest to me and on the girl's left seemed to be her man. The other guy looked to be just some guy that was in the theater.

Then things started to heat up. The girl leaned over and started sucking the stranger's dick. As things go, the entire theater began to shuffle around for a better look. I just sat calmly in the same spot. Next thing you know all three of these people were taking turns sucking dicks. I didn't want any part of that, so I just watched the movie. Not afraid to be in public, I pulled out "Tall Tommy" while watching the flick.

About this time the girl and guy decided to take a break. The way my seat was positioned
, the dude could just look just over his left shoulder and see me. I see him look at me, then whisper to his girl. Then she looked at me. Then he gets up with his back to the screen right and front of her, and whips his dick out for her. She starts sucking him, while he gives me the thumbs up. I laughed, and I guess that was all he needed. He pushed her head back into the lap of the guy next her, then motioned for me to come over. I came over, and he placed my hand on her back. I was thinking, why the hell do I want to rub this girl's back? Then he moved in front of her, and started eating her pussy. I walked around to the row in front of them and sat down.

So this dude wasn't having that. He stood her up, and walked around to the aisle in front of me. He bent her over the seat, and went back to eating her pussy. Again, he motioned me over. I could see all the other dudes in the theater looking at me in anger, like why him? I knew what he wanted, so I walked in front of her and unzipped the pants. She went to work immediately, and started sucking my dick. I was thinking it felt pretty good, but wasn't the best. Well, her man must've been thinking the same, because he grabbed the back of her head and started shoving my cock into her throat each time she slid up and down on it. Now she was choking and gagging with my cock invading her esophagus.

Her man was behind her, trying to get his cock hard to fuck her. For whatever reason things just weren't working out for him, so I decided to help him out. I walked around and pushed my cock into her sopping wet pussy. She gasped as it entered her, and then I proceeded to feed her all my length. After awhile, I was fucking her in earnest to the awes and ohhs of the crowd of onlookers. Her titties swaying back and forth, and I slammed into her.

I could feel myself getting close, but being a fan of fellatio, I wanted to make sure she finished me off properly. So I guided it back in her throat, and after a few more delightfully, sloppy sucks I unleashed stream after stream straight down her gullet. She licked me clean, and I was on my way. I probably should've stayed and exchanged numbers, but fuck it!!

More stories to come!!
This story is absolutely true- I know it's gonna seem hard to believe.

I was driving down the road one day. It's one of those days where the weather is perfect, so I have the windows down, and the roof open. I see a couple cuties walking by this park. One is a ginger with a nice ass. She is wearing a tank top, and a pair of khaki short shorts. The other is a black girl. Wearing a similar tank top, but with short jean shorts. I make a slow pass, you know, to access the situation. Are they legal? Check
. What's going on in the face? Are they cute? Check. So I whip back around and ask them if they need a ride. The redhead smiles, and looks at her friend for approval. The friend smiles back, and they hop in the car. I ask where they are headed, then we chat it up on the way. We get to the friends house, and she asks if she can run in and get something and if I can run them somewhere else. Now, I am on high alert because either I am being played, or a couple dudes are gonna come running out of the house to jack me in broad daylight.

So there I am waiting for them, all the while checking my mirrors. They come back out the house, and off we go to the other girl's house. On the way, the redhead asked if I wanted to chill for a bit. I said of course, and so we stopped, grabbed a couple drinks, and headed to a motel. All 3 of us chatted it up for a bit while drinking and them out of know where they started kissing. I sat there and watched those two lithe bodied girls writhing all over one anther for a bit. My dick was rock hard, straining against my shorts. The redhead noticed, and sat on the edge of the bed. She fished my length from my shorts, and hungrily devoured it. While she was sucking my dick and making delightful little slurping noises, her friend crawled between my legs and started eating her pussy. Now she is moaning on my shaft, and I am loving it.

The girls get up and switch places. Now the black girl is laying on her back, and the redhead is on all fours with her face buried in between the other girl's legs. It is clear to me at this point that the black girl is probably a lesbian, because she only wants to eat pussy/have it eaten, but the other girl is bi and wants cock. So I put a hat on it, line it up, and split her warm folds. She jumps a little as I enter her, so I let her settle in, and then I start plunging my spike into her. I love when you are beating the pussy up good, and it starts talking to you. Most girls get embarrassed, but this guy just loves it. And this girl's pussy was have a full conversation with anyone who was willing to listen. She is moaning into the black girls womb. The black girl is moaning, and watching me drive my spike in and out of her friend. Everyone is having a good time. The pussy was good, and I was about to cum. I pulled the condom off and cum rocketed from me. The first shot flew over the redhead and onto the black girl, who despite her affinity for women, didn't seem to mind. The rest left a trail up the redhead's back. We all laughed about it in the shower, and then I dropped them back off at home. It was most def a good time!!