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First of all, this is a true story. thats my word.. about 3 years ago i was unfaithful to my wife. after 8 years she withdrew all affection physical and otherwise. this opened me up to the advances of other women and i ended up in an intense relationship with a 23 year old chick. fast forward to last fall. for the sake of the kids we ended up back together. she stipulated though that she resented the fact that i got to fuck another girl so she said she's going to need to have some fun of her own. she's the only girl i've been with who i've never given an orgasm to. being what i feel to be pretty talented for a white guy, i suggested to her that the only guys who will do no strings attached AND be able to make her cum would be black guys. plus black guys who fuck chicks for fun tend to be normal guys where the white dudes tend to be dicks or just down right creepy motherfuckers. anyway, she never expressed an interest in black guys before so i thought it would fall on deaf ears. low and behold, on the contrary she informs me that shes had a crush on a big nigerian dude she works with but he left the job a week earlier. she then claimed to fantasize about him all the time. besides validating my notion that
she didnt fuck me because she wasnt into me, not because she lost her sex drive, i admit that it was hot how my little wife was was sitting there saying she was down with black guys. a big part of it was the thought that finally shed be able to have an orgasm and the positive attitude change that would follow. her admission to me that she thought it was highly likely only black men could make her cum was both a letdown but also very intriguing. so, we got to work. the first guy we met held a lot of promise. big guy from a high class ugandan family. after her first night with him she came home all disheveled and i was giddy with excitement. she brought the mood down fast though. she said that he had a lot of stamina but he was no bigger than me and thus didnt make her cum. she tried another date with him and that didnt work out either (although, i think the dude sorta fell in love with her, not the playa we thought he was).
on a following date night we decided to hit a swingers club. after about 20 minuets in there, of course the only black dude in there starts talking to her. another enourmous dude, he was there with his white wife who didnt look especially happy. all i could think is that she didnt want to have to step down to a white dude in a swinging situation. anyway my wife and this guy were soon in a stairway tounge kissing and fondling each other. after a while she came back to me and gave me yet another report that a black man wasnt as big as me. she did say she was turned on by the guys 6 foot 6 frame and smoothness. still, she said he wasnt going to do it for her. i had mixed emotions after. on one hand, it felt good to realize not every black guy has a bigger cock than me. on the otherhand she was becoming disillusioned by the whole hooking up with a guy thing (black or white). i just wanted her to finally cum. somehow. i just knew it would be good for her. then, one night while drinking some wine, we got into a fight. we even threw around getting divorced. i ended up leaving and staying out that night. she on the other hand decided to text her black friend from work. she told him about our marital problems and what a big crush she had on him. he in turn told her how sexy he always thought she was and how much he fantasized about fucking her. the conversation ended with both of them agreeing to stay in touch. getting together wouldnt be easy since he moved about 6 hours away. the whole time since she started pursuing the idea of bbc, she started working out a lot harder and eventually her little italian body started to look even hotter. she grew out her curly dark hair long, started dressing sexier, etc. One night after our fight (we had sorta made up) and her text to him, i noticed she was even acting hotter. something was up, so i asked and she told me about reconnecting with her friend. i was taken aback a bit, and even felt a bit betrayed but nonetheless it was a provocative story. i ended up encouraging her to stay in touch with him. on the next wine drinking night she said she wanted to send him a pic of her tits. after getting my blessing she took what i swear is one of the hottest pics ive ever seen. suble but so sexually honest. the kind of pic a girl would want to give to a guy that she completely lusted after. after she sent it, out of the blue she said "i just know he has an enormous cock. i just know it". considering the past cock "reveals" shes been through, i laughed and said it will probably be just another dud. upon receiving the pic himself he showered her with the expected accolades. saying things like "oh if i only knew how sexy that body really was before", etc. her response was "im glad u like it, but now you owe me a pic" . a little while after, he texted her back a pic of his cock, saying he seriously had never done such a thing before. in my mind that was a pre apology for a pic of a small dick. i couldnt have been more wrong. with a shit eating grin she handed me her phone to see the pic. it looked to be to about the size of a shampoo bottle. in his next text he told her he was actuality coming to town the following week and was wondering if she wanted to meet up and maybe see it in person. without hesitation she said "of course!". that night was the best sex i ever had with her. she was soaking wet the whole night. Sorta felt like i was onto something at that point! little did i know that it wouldn't be all fun and games.
so finally the big night arrived. they agreed to meet up at a hotel/restaurant complex nearby where he was staying. i told her to have a good time, but text me periodically to give me updates. there was a snowstorm that evening. typically shes a baby when it comes to snow and avoids ever going out into the stuff. tonight she couldn't get out of the house fast enough. a couple hours went by, i put the kids to bed and still no word from her. now, i tend to have a lot of confidence as a man over all, but i could not help thinking what this big, lean black guy with the huge cock was doing to my little italian wife. it was crazy. finally, i heard from her. an uncharacteristically short text. "round 1 (2 hours!) still no orgasm tho :( but fuckin WOW". again i had conflicting feelings. i was sure she was having the best sex of her life, and it didnt include me. however even a man of this caliber wasnt making her cum. so i proceeded to text her back. " round 1? so there will be more? ". she replied " oh yeah.. ". again, i was conflicted. loved to see her acting this hot, but she almost never went multiple rounds with me. maybe twice in 10 years. all this drama finally put me to sleep. at about 4 a. m. she came into our room. looking completely fucking turned out, and the hottest mess ive ever seen (hickey marks, no bra, wrinkled clothes, running mascara, hair a complete mess), i asked why she didnt stay. apparently he was under the impression that she was totally separated from me and he felt weird fucking her while i was still in the picture. this is a man who was raised properly and had a conscience i guess. he simply could not beleive that i was ok with her fucking him. so to avoid any more awkwardness she just came home after their 3rd round of the night. in reality im not sure if he just wanted to avoid having her get attached by sleeping together, if he was turned off by not making her cum, or if he truly felt guilty. after a couple days though, it was apparent that she did in fact become attached to him. shes never been fucked like that in her life and she tends to get attached easily anyway. at one point she admitted that he could definitely make her cum on the next date once the nerves of the first encounter subsided. she also said that she had emotions for him that she hadnt felt in a while and that fact would assist with her being able to cum. this admission definitely made me distraught. as the week went on, i could see that she was getting love sick. ignoring the kids, getting irritable with me etc. That dick did a number on her. she really didnt know what she wanted. i swear she was thinking about abandoning me and the kids at one point to go live with him. when things finally came to a head he was the one to snap her out of it and tell her to stop acting crazy. a conventional relationship would never work for them and she belonged where she was. if in fact i was allowing her to fuck other guys, he could work with that and they could occasionally have fun during his trips back to the area. it still took a while for her head to clear, but eventually she was ok. she still hasnt seen him in person in the last 6 months, but they still correspond. i think we theyll probably see eachother this summer.
by this point the cat was out of the bag sort to speak. the " once you go black" thing is mostly accurate. the sex we have is definitely better since she went black, but i know shell need her fix of bbc periodically for the rest of her sexual life. about 2 months after being with her old work crush, she realized he wasnt coming back anytime soon and she needed a bbc fix. two things happened at this point. first she developed a fat crush on a young black stud at her current job. to this day, he's also apparently a man of principle and has declined her offer to be FWB, she said shes working on it though and theres hope. second, she found probably the best bbc available on a swinger site we use. not only is this guy a great person, hes enourmous, ripped and very hung. i even met the guy at the beginning of one of their dates. real gentleman. in the sack hes exactly how youd expect him to be apparently. while she says she still didnt cum on him, she claims no one has ever controlled her sexually like he does. on thier first date she said she almost became dehydrated, he made her take his condom off, fucked her mouth until she dry heaved and forced her to swallow his load. something that she NEVER does. i asked her how that made her feel. initially she said she was trying to tell him no, but he persisted and she relented. ultimately, she says she loved it. in addition to the forced mouth fuck, he told her on his honor he was clean, beleived her about her clean report and was not going to use a condom for the rest of the night. she said he proceeded to put "a gallon of spem" in her and on her throughout that first night. he came on her face, her back, her hair and inside her multiple times. god as my witness the next day the girl could barely walk, and when i tried fucking her the night after, the poor girl was screaming in pain until i stopped.
since then she has seen him one other time and claimed things were a lot more laid back. it was a work nights for both of us them and they were tired. both agreed to meet up next on a weekend when the energy level is higher.
what amazes me so much now is how cool she has been about everything. sure she has her guys that she communicates with but shes not overly anxious about it. things are good with us. we fuck almost every night and its never been better. eventually i know shes going to fuck one or all of these guys again but i know her head is on right at least. its all for fun. the one wildcard though is what happens if one of them finally makes her cum?


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Are you saying that she has never had an orgasm or just that she hasn't experienced one while fucking? :confused: