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    My sex life from the very beginning with my wife was completely under her control, and we both shared the truth you from the earliest days, sexuality has to do with filling a woman’s needs and pleasures. I have always found my male sexuality weak and pale in comparison to pleasure a woman can derive.

    It turns out my wife had been enjoying black men sexually throughout high school and saw no reason to give that up while we were dating, and after we were married. Early in the marriage she took off with a black man from her office and vanished for almost a month. Eventually she came back to straighten things out and move back in. As things progressed so did her views, similar to yours come out, and views that she knew I have always shared.

    Usually sex with her had to do with her riding me from on top, controlling things and often I was told the appendage I have was little more than a dildo for her pleasure as she saw, when and if she saw fit to use it. When it came to her enjoying lovers she found enjoyable, it was made very clear to me that my place is home doing chores, that her sex life was absolutely none of my business, often getting me to admit that I agreed with her.

    It was easy for her to belittle me as a male when alone, with family, or friends, my points of view were often laughed at as I was put into my place properly as they should be.

    Sometimes she would laugh and ask me how it felt to know that her sex life is exciting, fulfilling, and very active, while mine is dependent on her, or at times, pitiful solo act.

    Many times she tried to convince me to go out with her and find a big, black male lover for her, I was completely devoted to her, and have no interest in watching her getting fucked by these studs whatsoever, but my existence has to do with serving her needs. She told me that my role was to enjoy watching her get fucked by real men.

    Her mother and her sister knew how the relationship was set up and worked. Sometimes they would come over and sit with me while she was out telling me it was better to let her live her life and support her in her fulfillment and that I should take great joy in her fulfillment. I think they were also into black cock.

    I know that when I traveled on business she would often have black men stay here, neighbors had mentioned this to me, yet somehow she took great delight in keeping much of this from the time.

    There was one incident where she called me from her cell phone from upstairs in this house, telling me to bring her two beers while she was taking a bath. Obediently I got up selected two beers, open them, and went upstairs knocking on the door before I entered the bathroom. She told me to take a quick peek at her naked body, and then get out of the bathroom and close the door. She was expecting a call from someone very important, so much more important than me. This later turned out to be a a young black personal trainer she was involved with, and as I went downstairs again, to hear her laughing about what she just put me through to her stud lover, further putting me into a males proper position in life underneath women.

    I wish I had the courage to leave her, but I am addicted to her and being a part of her lifestyle. The few times I get to fuck her will have to do for now. Most of the time I just watch her get filled by a huge, black dick. Its the life of a true cuckold!
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    Watch closely dear. You might learn something.

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    I bet it was important to you to share your story, and I commend you on being that honest, that insightful; however, your last paragraph says it all. My cuck hubby wishes he could satisfy me, but he cannot. But like you, he is addicted to seeing me slut myself for black men. Hubby has said many times, my photo below is his view of sex.

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    What he's doing aint difficult, but filling her up, going that deep and old it that long I just can't give her.
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