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This has nothing to do with cuckoldry, and while it could be potentially interracial related, that's not the premier theme of this thread.

I don't watch porn much, but I always found tribbing to be extremely erotic. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, tribbing is basically when women grind their vaginas against one another.

Truth be told, I don't really intend to continually post to this thread. This will be more of an once-in-awhile type thing, if even that.

tribbing.gif tribbing1.gif tribbing2.gif tribbing3.gif tribbing4.gif tribbing5.gif tribbing6.gif tribbing7.gif tribbing9.gif tribbing10.gif tribbing11.gif tribbing12.gif tribbing14.gif tribbing15.gif tribbing17.gif tribbing22.gif tribbing23.gif tribbing24.gif tribbing25.gif tribbing26.gif tribbing28.gif tribbing29.gif tribbing30.gif tribbing31.gif tribbing32.gif tribbing33.gif tribbing34.gif tribbing35.gif tribbing36.gif
Damn IRL, this is some hot's definitely different..goes back to the basics-like cunnilingus-got to treat the vagina and clitoris right...drilling for oil is nice, but panning for that gold is lucrative...
Tical, this tribbing is hot as shit...this shit is so hot and I aint really into porn..but these women are off the charts...they are all fine as hell and it is eyes are watering up..had to call the eye doctors, maybe having vision problems after this thread..osp:bounce:
Wow, I wish I knew where that third image came from (the one third from the top with a brunette with amazing breasts tribbing the blonde who is facing away from the camera). I'd pay good money for more from that series.
did this in first college dorm room with thong on so no one would say I was gay,, lol,, I was very very curious lol....omg this thread is nuts lol.. was well is so fucking funny to imagin what we looked like....
So what was your experience with it? Just messing around a bit?

I have tried it with a lover because it looked hot to me, just like the guys seem to think, but found it's never been good for any more than getting us to the hot and bothered stage, not actually to moaning and thrashing - where we want to be, and which is what guys would actually want to see.
I would love to watch my wife do that & then have her first bbc.
Like I wrote before, scissoring usually only seems to be good for getting us girls hot and bothered - is that all your expecting before the main action starts, and what of the other girl then?

Just curious about how you imagine it.... :oops: