Touchy Feeley Wife


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I took my wife out to a club in Vegas when we were there and she danced with several men while I watched. I was not too surprised when she first told me that one of the guys she danced, a big black man, with had started to “get a little too friendly” when a slow dance came on. I questioned her and it seemed that he had felt her ass and ground his hips against her. Of course, I didn’t act shocked and casually asked her if it went any further. She is a very outgoing and fun loving person but it still came as a surprise when she said he kissed her in a quiet corner and she had reached down and felt his hard cock. I think she was testing my reactions because I just asked her if he was a good kisser and she said “okay, but not as good as you.” Then I asked if he had a big cock and she said with a grin, "oh yeah, much bigger than you."