Touch... A poem

Mariposa blanca

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Hi folks,

Some thoughts were running around in my head, and came together into a poem, of sorts.

Now that I have shared it privately with the person who inspired it, I'd like to share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy.

Touch ... A poem
Skin on skin,
Gentle fingertips exploring and caressing,
Strong hands kneading and grasping.

Soft lips skimming and tickling,
Firm tongue inciting and urging

Hard rod probing depths,
Warm, wet, welcoming centre.

Skin on skin,
Jolts of electricity,
Nerve endings on fire.

Teasing yet serious,
Timid yet strong,
Kitten yet tigress.

Skin on skin,
Climbing to the peak,
Soaring to ecstasy

Copyright Mariposa Blanca Aug 10/13