Took her to lunch

I was able to take a beautiful young lady that works for me to lunch yesterday. I know her past and she has a biracial baby. That doesn't bother me in fact I like that she is open minded. We went back to her apt after lunch and she let me rub her feet. I was in heaven. When I was getting ready to leave she gave me a peck on the cheek and brushed her hand across my cock and giggled. She said she had a busy day and needed me to go. I went home and played with my little dick and thought about her. At around 9pm she called and said I could come back. She never said she had been on date but you could tell she had been up to something. I went right back to rubbing her feet while she questioned me on my past. I let her know I'm not good in relationship's because my lady's always cheat. This lead to me telling her about them doing it and it seemed like she liked it. I told her I had not had sex in two years but had a ex that would let me go down on her from time to time. She said she would love a friend like that and that lead to me getting my first taste of her. I can't say for sure but I'm pretty sure she was fucked before I got there. Her pretty pussy seemed swollen and puffy. I got her off twice and got nothing in return. A perfect date for me. Should I let her know that I get off on this. She would be perfect for me but I dont want to scare her off. Please let me know what you think.
I just text her to see how she was enjoying her day off and she said she had been at her ex boyfriends house all day. I was hoping she would invite me over but she didn't.