Too Good to be True - Volumes 1 through 4

Recently had the opportunity to view these interracial porn movies with the pleasure of my wife at my side.

Though she "liked it" in some way, she was partially upset that there were only the two male black actors throughout almost every movie / scene in all four volumes. Further, she was disappointed in the way the two male actors treated their female counterparts.

Don't get me wrong, Laurita does like aggressive and assertiveness in a man and does have her own wild side, but the porno scenes depicted a little more "disrespect" than she would like to see, or be a part of. And again, she became quite bored at seeing the same black male actors throughout the entire length of the volumes.

So, is there any suggestions out there on some quality Interracial Porn that she and I should consider and look for? Any out there with some assertive / aggression but not so much disrespect toward the woman? Any out there that depicts some good, sexy, sexually pleasing lovemaking where the black guy passionately takes the female actress??

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Persistence. Patience. Perseverance. And in due time, she will.