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too big

My friend bree one night brings a guy over to hang out with at a party i was throwing we all were playing beer pong as she was making out with the guy on the couch i didnt notice they had gone to the room she burst out, the room half naked she grabs me and tells me his hung we laugh about then she heads back to the room a few mins later as im playing trying to make a shot i hear my friend screaming i miss my shot so i head to the room to tell them to keep it down the door was crack open abit i got to see abit of the action her pussy lips stretch around the biggest black dick i had ever seen and she was taking it all i was getting wet watching i closed the door and headed back my girl a champ for taking it made her walk funny for a few days but nothing better then a big black cock
my first bbc,and so far pretty much my only one,let me tell you hes a 48 yr old man,his cock is massive,he wore 3 packs of magnum condoms,i know now why,so he couldnt feel as much,and last alot longer,hes just a lil short of 12 inches long,and so big around that i cant really even get the head in my mouth,like as fat as a 20 ounce pepsi,he pushed my head against the bed jerked my ass straight up my knees on the edge of the bed,pushed my knees together,,squirted a whole bottle of like astroglide,the big bottle,in my jj,forced 2 of his fingers in me,and they hurt i was so tight,and then says im about to change your life you little white whore,and im gonna start by rearranging this pore little tight white pretty pussy you got back here,and dig you a black man ditch between your pretty legs,,and he did for almost an hour ounce he finally got in me he pounded me so hard i cried and begged him to please take it out,but he just beat it farther in me with no mercy,and said eventually youll love it,and hes right now i do..