Toni in Haiti Part 1

I want to share some events that happened on our honeymoon trip to Haiti ten years ago and our bizarre encounter with the world of voodoo. The resort we visited was practically empty and after spending the first few days in our suite doing what most newlyweds do we ventured out to explore the island. During those first few days I discovered that my beautiful bride, Toni, had a powerful sex drive and seemed determined to make up for all those years of being a good girl. To be perfectly honest, she wore me out and seemed disappointed when I insisted we take a break and do some sight seeing.

At the time Toni was only nineteen and she was, and still is, absolutely stunning. She is 5'6", 110 pounds with waist length blond hair and a perfect 36D-24-36 figure. She was always quite shy and conservative but for our sightseeing trip she chose a rather revealing outfit. First she put on a new bathing suit that consisted of a tiny white top that barely covered her large pink nipples and a thong bottom that exposed her luscious ass cheeks. Over the suit she put on a short pleated tennis skirt and a sheer white blouse that tied around her tiny waist.

We went to a nearby outdoor market and as we checked out the merchandise I noticed that we seemed to be the only American tourists there. We saw a large group of Japanese but everyone else in the crowded market was a dark skinned French-speaking native. My beautiful blond bride really stood out in the crowd and attracted quite a bit of attention.

At one point we got stuck for a minute at a crowded intersection and got separated in the crowd by a few feet. I noticed a tall slender young native pressed against Toni from behind with a huge grin on his face. Toni turned to say something to him but he didn't seem to understand her. When she looked back towards me she had an odd look on her face that seemed part fear and part excitement. When the crowd shifted a little I was shocked to see that Toni's short skirt was bunched up to her hips and the guys dark hands were gripping her creamy smooth thighs. He had a huge bulge in his tight cotton pants and was lewdly rubbing it against my blushing brides ass cheeks.

Toni continued to look at me with that odd expression on her face but made no effort to stop the lewd stranger behind her.

I struggled through the crowd towards her and he smiled defiantly towards me while humping even harder against Toni's naked cheeks. Just before I reached them he let out a groan and I saw a large dark stain spread across the front of his pants as he came in his pants while humping against my wife’s butt.

By the time I reached Toni, the crowd had started thinning out and the guy had slipped away. Toni threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug and I noticed that she was breathing very heavy. I reached down to feel her butt and found it covered with a large amount of warm sticky cum. When I moved my hand lower, I discovered that her whole crotch was soaking wet and realized with a shock that the guy's bold contact had excited her. Toni insisted we return to our room and wouldn't speak about the incident.

Once in our suite, she tore off my shorts, pulled off her thong and bent over the bed while begging me to fuck her. I pulled up her skirt just as the native youth had done and slid my cock into her from behind. Her pussy was hot and wet and it was obvious that our encounter on the street had affected her in a powerful way. I could still feel the Black guy's cum on her ass and I said "I don't believe I'm fucking you with another guys cum on your butt." She rocked back hard against me, gasping out loud as she reached back to feel the sticky mess on her ass cheeks. Then she brought her hand up to her face and stuck her fingers in her mouth, sucking on her fingers while whimpering with excitement. This seemed to set her off and her whole body shook with a powerful orgasm. Seeing her taste his cum along with the feel of her tight pussy squeezing my cock caused me to fill her spasuming pussy with my own load of cum.

Once she had caught her breath she ran into the shower and seemed a little embarrassed at her behavior. Her body’s reaction to our encounter on the street along with her fascination with his cum concerned me but I was so exhausted I didn't pursue the subject. We went down to the beach to get some sun and Toni wore her thong bikini and even took off her top, exposing her luscious young breasts to the hot Caribbean sun. At first she would cover up with a towel whenever our waiter brought fresh drinks but after a few drinks she didn't seem to mind him looking at her bare breasts. We both got a little drunk and fell asleep in the sun and when we woke up around dinnertime Toni's fair skin had pretty bad sunburn, especially on her tits.

Our waiter was hovering over us and staring with obvious sexual interest at Toni's nearly naked young body. He commented on Toni's sunburn and said that his uncle, a Voodoo priest, had a magic lotion that worked wonders on sunburn. He offered to take us to his uncle's shack down the beach if we were interested. I was about to tell him to leave us alone when Toni said " Oh, a magic voodoo lotion. That sounds fascinating. Let's check it out honey."

I tried to talk her out of it but she was persistent and kept saying "But honey, my titties hurt" while cupping her large breasts with her hands. The waiter loved this and kept leering over my shoulder at her. I eventually gave in and after putting her top back on we followed him down the beach with Toni stumbling drunkenly at my side in the hot sand. We came to an old wooden shack set in a stand of palm trees and our waiter went in first to see his uncle.

A minute later our waiter waived us towards the shack and as we stepped into the dim interior I noticed a strong herb smell mixed with some other familiar but subtle smell. An old car seat served as a couch and a few cardboard boxes sat against one wall. The only other furniture was an old king size mattress lying on the rough wooden plank floor.

Hanging on the wall was an explicit painting of a beautiful young white woman with long blond hair tied between two palm trees. A short but muscular Black man with a huge hardon stood behind her holding a bullwhip in his hands. Her white gown was down around her ankles and she had a red welt across her shapely backside. A naked white man was tied with his arms around the trunk of one of the trees and he had a hardon half the size of the Black's.

I couldn't help but notice a strong resemblance between the woman and my wife who was staring at the picture with a look of awe on her face. The man with the whip also looked a lot like a younger version of the stocky Black man now sitting across from me on the makeshift couch.

Our waiter, whose name was Juan, introduced us to his Uncle Leon but Leon didn't seem to hear his nephew. Where Juan was tall, slender and in his twenties, Leon was only about 5'5", close to 200 pounds and looked to be in his fifties. He had dark Black skin with almost no body hair and his arms and legs were quite muscular although he had a large potbelly. He was naked except for some sort of thong, which had a huge bulge in it. He stared at my wife for a long moment with an evil grin on his face before responding to Philippe’s introduction.

He stood up and after taking Toni's hand; he kissed it and said, "Ah mon cheri, you have come to the right place. I will ease your pain and heal your beautiful white flesh. But I see you admire my favorite work of art. An old friend of mine from France who was an accomplished painter in his time did it. He was fascinated with our islands colonial period and had a special interest in some of its more bizarre moments. His lovely young bride was a most willing model and I was recruited to be the male model. It was a most exciting experience for all involved."

As he spoke he walked slowly around Toni, taking in her beauty and even stroking her golden hair at one point. "Toni, my dear" he asked, " Would that be short for Antoinette?" When my wife nodded he continued "What a splendid coincidence! My friend's wife was also named Antoinette and you bear a most striking resemblance to her. I never thought I would ever meet a woman as sexy and beautiful as her in this life. The gods must be smiling today."

For the first time he seemed to notice me and after staring intently into my eyes he said, "You are a lucky man, monsieur. I will sooth your wife's pain but my methods will be new to you. You must sit, and watch and above all, do not interfere. Juan, get our guest a cold drink, please."

Juan stepped outside for a moment and returned with two cold beers before guiding me to the couch where we both sat. He reached under the couch and pulled out a bottle of rum from which he took a long sip. When I tried to take a small sip he tipped the bottle up and forced me to swallow a large amount of the sweet burning liquor. My eyes teared and my stomach burned as I looked up to see what Leon and my wife were doing.

Leon had her bikini top in one hand and Toni was handing him her tiny thong her other hand. After tossing her suit in the corner, he knelt in front of her and looked over her sun burnt skin, pressing his thumb against the top of her feet and then against her upper thighs. Then he stood up did the same to her belly just above her navel and to the top of each shoulder. When he pressed his thumb against Toni's red nipple she shivered and when he pressed against the other nipple she let out a soft whimper of pain. Then he moved behind her to inspect her backside and although I couldn't see him I did see Toni tense up and realized he was touching her perfectly rounded ass. I knew her ass wasn't really burnt and became concerned but then he returned to her front.

"Well, your backside seems fine. In fact it is flawless" Leon said with a lewd smile " But your front is pretty burnt, especially on your incredible breasts. I will anoint you all over with my most powerful lotion and then reapply it to your breasts. My dear, please lay down on the mattress and point your hands and feet towards the corners." After glancing my way, Toni did as instructed and as she spread her legs apart, Juan stared hungrily at her plump pink pussy and I saw him briefly squeeze his crotch. This whole scene was getting really weird and I took another long pull on the bottle of rum.

He pulled a mason jar of creamy yellow fluid out of one of the cardboard boxes and poured some into a shallow wooden bowl, which he set aside. Then he picked up a curved gourd that had the top section cut away and said "Monsieur, that bowel holds the secret base of my burn lotion. The last ingredient must be mixed in fresh and I require your assistance for this part. Please stand by the bed between your wife’s feet."

I did as he suggested and as I looked at Toni stretched out on the dirty mattress I felt a strong stirring in my groin. Leon handed me the gourd and said " The last ingredient is fresh cum, usually human although horse cum has even more power. And it should be collected, if you will, in the immediate presence of the patient. Now open your pants, drop to your knees and when you are ready, drop your seed into this gourd for me. When you are done, I will mix it with my base and apply it to your wife's burn."

His request was too weird to believe and I was about to refuse when two things happened. First, Leon put his hand on my shoulder and pushed down while Toni smiled up at me and stuck out her tongue. Leon was incredibly strong and Toni looked so incredibly sexy that I couldn't resist and sank to my knees. I opened my pants and began pulling on my already hard cock while staring at my wife's luscious young pussy. Leon started whispering lewd things into my ear about how sexy Toni was and about how tight her pussy must be and before I knew it I shot my load into the gourd. After all the fucking I had done over the last few days, I didn't cum very much and I could tell right away that Leon was disappointed.

As I fixed my pants and stood up, Leon said, "Thank you, monsieur, but I must have more to have the lotion work. Juan would you be willing to help us out and add your seed to the gourd as well?" Juan didn't answer but he did jump up, drop his pants to the floor and quickly kneel on the edge of the bed between Toni's legs. His cock, which was already hard, was at least eight inches long, two inches longer that mine and was a rich chocolate color. As he began to stroke his dark shaft I looked to see my wife's reaction. She was propped up on her elbows and was staring with undisguised lust at his big brown tool. Things had gotten completely out of hand and I tried to tell Toni that I wanted to leave but she was so focused on Juan's big brown cock that she didn't seem to hear me. Leon handed me the rum bottle and I tried to refuse but he insisted I have another sip.

"Look at that lovely brown member, my dear. Look how big and hard it is. Think how wonderful it would be to feel it throbbing in your hand, to milk it until it swells up and erupts. Go on Toni, sit up and grab his cock. Help him cum " Leon said lewdly.

I felt like I was in a dream as my gorgeous young bride sat up and grabbed a hold of Juan's dark tool, sliding her fist up and down along it's length. With one hand he held the gourd while continuing to stroke his cock with the other. Her pale hand worked up and down his dark shaft, her flushed face only inches from dark swollen tip. With a loud grunt Juan shot a large load of hot sticky cum into the gourd while Toni milked his throbbing brown member. Amazingly, his cock stayed hard and Toni was so impressed with his obvious stamina that she leaned forward and gave his cockhead a quick but passionate kiss. The sight of her lips pressed against his shiny brown knob was the most bizarre and exciting thing I had ever seen. My cock throbbed into hardness and I couldn't understand why this lewd sight had excited me.

Leon nudged his nephew out of the way and Toni let go of his cock but her eyes followed him as he sat back on the couch, her lust for his cock quite apparent. Leon poured the contents of the gourd into the bowel and mixed them together before saying” You are magnificent Toni. Juan has participated in this ceremony before and I have never seen him make such a, shall we say, contribution. You are truly the reincarnation of my dear departed Antoinette. Now lie back and I will sooth you."

He knelt next to my wife and began rubbing his lotion into Toni's flesh, working his way from her toes up to her thighs. His hands lingered on her smooth inner thighs before moving up to her flat belly. Then he skipped over her breasts and covered her shoulders, neck and even her face with the sticky mixture. Toni didn't move a muscle except when he got a little on her full upper lip. She darted out her tongue to taste it and a look of intense pleasure crossed her face.

Leon placed one of his knees between Toni's legs and poured the remainder of his lotion between her full but firm breasts. As he started to rub the bizarre mixture into her soft skin with both hands Toni let out a soft moan of pleasure and squirmed around on the mattress. The visual contrast between his dark hands and her pale breasts was striking and in spite of the jealousy I felt, my cock seemed ready to explode in my pants.

As his hands continued to knead her breasts, Toni's breathing increased and she squirmed around until his knee was pressed against her pussy lips. Once contact had been made, she started to rub up against his leg like a cat in heat, actually lifting her ass off the bed to press harder against his dark muscular flesh. I could see her pussy juices coating his leg and felt a strong stab of jealousy at the way she was responding to his touch. I felt quite drunk and realized that Leon had taken control of my beautiful blond bride and I was powerless to stop him.

"Ah Toni, how does that feel? Do you like what I'm doing to your lovely breasts?" Leon said while pulling on my wife's large pink nipples. Toni nodded eagerly and Leon said "Now that I've soothed your skin, would you like me to sooth your deeper need?" while grinding his knee against her crotch for emphasis. "Oh yes, please!" my bride begged this strange Voodoo priest. "Then untie my thong and see the instrument of your salvation,” he ordered her.

Toni glanced nervously towards me as if looking for permission and I could only meet her intense gaze with a drunken frown. Then she reached up to untie Leon's thong and exposed his cock, which was thick, uncut and easily ten inches long. I had thought Juan's was big but Leon's looked like it belonged on a horse. Toni let out a soft moan at the sight of his cock and immediately reached out to skim back his foreskin and expose the fat swollen tip.

"Go on my dear, take it in your mouth. Taste the source of my Voodoo power." Leon urged her while grabbing a hold of her long blond hair and pulling her face up to his throbbing Black cock.

Toni wrapped her lips around his cockhead and began to noisily suck on the fat tip while pumping his shaft with her hand. Then her head began to bob back and forth as she swallowed more and more of his enormous Black cock. The sight of her pale lips sliding along his dark flesh was incredible and I was spellbound.

"You like sucking on my big Black cock, don't you Toni? Leon demanded and my wife nodded her head, her eyes staring up into his with a look of complete submission. Then he reached down and slid his thick middle finger between her swollen pussy lips and said

"Would you like me to fuck you with my big fat dick like this,"

He asked as he jammed his finger deep into her vagina. Toni bucked against his invading finger and let his cock slide out of her mouth before whimpering, " Yes please fuck me! I want to feel this inside me" Leon let out a lewd chuckle and moved to kneel between my wife's thighs while looking over to gauge my reaction.

" Monsiur, watch carefully. Your wife is about to experience the power of Voodoo and she will never be the same again." As I watched him rub the fat crown of his cock along Toni's wet pussy lips I wondered if her tight pussy could take all of his huge Black member.

First the fat cockhead slid between her smooth pink lips and then the long dark shaft slowly slid deep into her body. Leon pumped his cock into her until she had taken about eight inches of his thick cock and Toni began to whimper as if in pain. " Oh, it's so big. Please go easy,” she said as her hands clutched his fat Black ass cheeks. Leon did take it easy at first, letting her tight cunt adjust to his thick Black member and letting her cunt juices lubricate his shaft as he slowly fucked her.

Then he slid his hands under her body, grabbed her shoulders and with a lewd grunt he rammed the last two inches of his huge cock into my wife's body. Toni squealed like a stuck pig as he pounded his huge cock in to the hilt, fucking into her with quick brutal thrusts. I could see his heavy balls bouncing against her ass as his cock reached places inside her that I could never hope to reach. Each time that he fucked into her she let out a little whimper of pain but it was obvious that she was also enjoying this brutal fucking from the way her hips rose to meet each thrust of his cock. When Leon pressed his thick lips against hers, she opened her mouth and returned the kiss, jamming her tongue up into his mouth.

His dark flesh glistened with sweat in the steamy shack as he brutally fucked my wife with his enormous Black cock.