Tom, french cuckold hubby

Hi all,
I am Tommy (32 yo) from north of France.
Let me introduce you my wife Kimmie (32), who has been cuckolding me for more than two year with her black lover Camron (6 years younger than her). I am a submissive cuckold hubby who assumes the fact that Camron gives her much more pleasure than I do. They meet head to head as well as in my presence. We used to be swingers Kimmie and I, before meeting Camron. Thought, Kimmie now only trusts Camron for introducing her to new guys... only black bulls as you can imagine, since Camron managed to make her desire only black cocks. The thing finally happened : a few weeks ago Camron finally invited and offered the opportunity to a good friend of him, obviously black, to fuck my blond wife... at home, in our bed. Kimmie appreciates seeing me humiliated by her lovers (cumshots on me, blowjobs...)
(please forgive me for my writing mistakes, I will try to do my best)