To my surprise

As always I will say this is a true story. I am a school teacher, I have known the school for six years or more. We would make little comments toward each other. But on Monday I said that I needed a physical examination done and could she give me one, she replied sure come by later, my reply was ok. Still to this day I do not know why her office is at the back of the school whereas at other schools it is in the main office. Oh well moving on I saw her in the hallway but I had my class an I said at what time should I come see you, she said if you are dropping your class off to PE you could come now. Rushing to get to her office, she said close the door and learning to not pass up an opportunity I just dropped my pants and she came over an grabbed my balls and rolled them around with such tenderness and said I have always wanted you and I responded with the same here. She is about four feet eleven with a small frame. Italian women with long silky black and grey hair, a real turn on. She took my fat black swollen cock trying to fit as much of it into her mouth, I needed to sit down because it was getting very good. I sat on the twin bed as she was sucking hard and very fast on the head of my fat cock. Know that we had limited time I grabbed head head and pushed her mouth away from my cock. I pulled down her scrubs and ran my hand over her dark slit letting a finger enter her wet pussy as she moaned an grabbed my head pulling my mouth onto to hers as she kissed me with passion. I am not into the kissing, but now I take her small body and lift her up and drive my fat black dick into her dark pussy lips as she try to take the thickness of my cock. As I am standing up hold her legs opened wide bouncing her up and down off of my dick as she is biting my jaw. Her pussy is really getting the best of me until I could no longer hold off not cumming, I let go one good hard push up into her tight wet pussy with a force of a rhino as I fill her pussy up my my cum. I could no longer hold her in my arms we fall onto the bed and rush to wipe off, she clean me up and she noticed that some cum juice was on my pants, I had to be wearing black pants that day. I will be doing her often, but in the meen time searching for my next piece of white pussy. Ps I am still trying to post pictures, A little help please