Tips for BBCs on online interracial dating

Hi beautiful ladies, hotwifes and cuckolds lining up BBCs for their wives!

I would love to hear from all of you for some tips for new BBCs like me joining this forum to reach you out effectively. This thread would be a big help for everyone here.

I will also get myself verified this week and would work towards being a top contributor in fucking hotwives around my region.
It can be a lot of work put adds on local dating sites saying you are looking for couples who have cuckold hubbies and then vet the responses carefully and do not be afraid to ask questions. If you want to be a bull you should have at least five full time available couples and then fuck like crazy. Work with the wife alone and ask her what she wants. Work with the hubby alone and ask him what he wants. Do not be afraid to feed the husband your cock often
@tomtomjim I tried to make ads on local dating site but they all had a catch of paid membership plans which is why I assume that site is not real and looting peoples. The woman sucking my dick in the picture is my sex partner and wife of some white guy. I have two more who are into cuckolding, swinging and I have taken part in gangbangs and made a difficult decision of helping an impotent man to breed his wife. I am very confident with my sex power, endurance and ties with the hot wives, but finding difficult here to market myself and reach the right audience.
I went to clubbing ones in my life when I came to the UK. There was a white young couple and the lady was starring at me while I was having my drink. She came to me and started to dance. Things escallated quickly and she started to give me a lap dance and her bf got really angry at her ending up in a fight between them. While I was leaving the place, every lady starred at me as if they want me. In UK, most people are racist, but after a club visit I got confused. I had never been to a club since then because of busy schedule as I am a project manager.
My wife picked up over thirty men at our local club it is a small city 50000 people and I was sure that people who knew us saw her leave with all these young men with me in tow and they knew i was a cuck