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Should white woman pay Black men for sex ?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. Detroit50

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    I was first cucked in college which probably accounts for my predilections. I love interracial porn but only if I believe the young lady loves her experience. I the last few years the only sex I have had is the paid variety but I pay extra to hear pillow talk of a beautiful white girl explain the wonders of a sex with her always Black Pimp. I don't believe the typical cucks fantasy of "all" white girls wanting BBC. But there are certainly enough of them. I sometimes can't even believe it but its true. I haven't the nerve to pay for the ultimate ( actually watching a beautiful busty white pros servicing her Daddy). The girls are actually breaking the rules to even talk to me about it. The scene I'd like to see even in porn is a white girl PAYING for the privilege of fucking a BBC. These girls tell me they give their Daddy every penny they earn !
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