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This isn't really about sex at all I just want some opinions.

I've been tossing around the idea of getting a nose piercing and can't decide whether to get a ring in my nostril, or in my septum. I think they both look cute and sexy on girls.

What do you guys think?


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If your avatar is your pic, you're way too pretty to be junking up your face with piercings. Besides, you're not a teenager any more, right? There's plenty of "fake" rings and piercing stuff that you can obtain and wear when you're in the mood to feel wild and crazy. So, please don't feel insulted by my discouraging you from poking holes in that pretty face of yours, and considering "temp" hardware.

Maybe I'm just a bit more straight, but I actually prefer females with no piercings or tattoos, or other body markings, and nicely smooth shaven. I think most guys feel the same way. So, if you're considering this to make a statement to the guys, you might be reading guys wrong, here.

Glad to see you posting again, F-P ... Mac
Wow thanks! I'm still debating at this point, I was looking for input and I'm glad I got such a range of oppinions.

All my girlfriends say to get nostril, but none of them have a facial piercing of any kind. I'll probably get some of the fake jewelry and take them for a test drive before I make a final decision.
That sounds like the way to go. I personally don't really mind piercings, just nothing too showy or too many. The subtle ones work best in my opinion.
It just so happens... I was at a place just last week ordering a drink when a girl so beautiful that she almost looked outa place came up to me to take my order. This woman had a few piercings but the one that grabbed my attention was her septum piercing. I'm not sure why but I was instantly turned on and infatuated with this woman. My thoughts weren't that she was easy but more like I bet she's pretty wild when givin the chance.
The nostril is more common and cute I feel. The septum to me says your daring and willing to try things.