Thought I'd share a few of my BBC loving wife...

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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    She's played with a few guys, and is always looking for more...
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    Very lucky men
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    She is on the hunt for a new guy. Her current stunt cock is moving.
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    This past weekend my wife met a new guy, and I sat at the bar while she had her fun.

    I decided to jot down what I was experiencing as she was with him. Here is my account of tonight's events:

    My wife and I were on AFF, and a guy had sent us message...and my wife decided to meet actually him. Before tonight, they have never spoken.

    She had it in her head that she was getting some BBC tonight, and that was it!

    We got dressed, she locked me in my cage, and we went to a local hotel. We had arranged for them to meet at 10:30 -

    Since this is a first time meet, I dropped her off at the hotel and went to the bar next door...
    I'm close - but not involved. I'm okay with the arrangement, as long as she is safe.

    She gave him her phone- and he's been sending me pics of her sucking him off.
    It has been 10 minutes since the last text, and the anxiety is KILLING me!

    Just got two more...he is pounding away at her... Seeing him stretch her open is such a mixed feeling - I'm glad she's getting her pleasure, but still having difficulty knowing she needs to get it from someone else...
    The first guy was longer than me. This guy is longer and thicker.
    I can only imagine the sounds she is making with that monster inside of her.

    It's been 20 minutes since their last text... I wonder if he's still fucking my wife

    They just finished round one....
    They might go for a round 2.
    Anxiety is still really high. After seeing the pics of him inside of my wife, I am not sure she will be able to walk right or feel me inside of her afterwards.

    They are going at it again. I am literally straining against my chastity cage. This time is way different- she is with a complete stranger, and submitting to him and his big black cock.

    Just got the first video of him entering her. Listening to her moan like that drives me insane.
    I am pretty sure that she is going to want to see him again.

    The constant anxiety is insane. Perfect combination if pleasure and angst.

    He is still hammering away at her. I am pretty sure that this won't be the last time my wife sees this guy.

    They just finished...
    Excited to hear everything.

    After we got home, we went immediately into the bedroom and quickly undressed.

    We kissed, and my wife pushed me down her body, and told me to lick her.

    Her lips were still spread and swollen from the pounding she took, and I could smell their combined sex on her.

    "Lick me where that big cock just was". She urged.

    I had never gone down on her after she'd been with another man, but I readily complied.
    It seems that the more times she has sex with someone else, the more she embraces the cuckold relationship we have started.

    I brought her close to orgasm with my mouth before she pulled me back up. She finally freed me from my confines, and she allowed me to enter her.

    I could definitely tell that she had been with with someone a lot bigger than me.

    As I was still in her, I asked which one she preferred- mine or his...

    She laughed, saying that she could barely feel me inside of her and she could see how some women become "size queens"

    After a few minutes she realized that she was way too sore for any more sex, and asked me to get her off with my hands.

    After she came, she allowed me to jerk off while she told me the rest of the evening's events.

    It didn't take too long, and I quickly finished before she could tell me everything that had happened.

    I will post a few pics if there is any interest.
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    I suspect there is more than a little interest at this site in those pictures ;)
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    Here's 2 from Friday night... Will post a few more if there's more interest

    image.jpg image.jpg
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