This Valentine's Day ...


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Yes, Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away. Before you know it, it'll be here. I hope by then the winter would have abated somewhat so a lot of us can get to enjoy it. There's so much one can do for that day, and though it's not like an established holiday much like Christmas and New Year is, still it's a good day to be jolly.

For the hubbies, it's a good time to put some spice in the wife's panties: surprise her by inviting a black bull over to come play with her, or do something kinky with her. For those who haven't yet crossed the threshold, consider this a day where you can make this subtly known to the wife, that's if you're courageous enough to go through with it" Get her an erotic sex toy or a dildo, buy her an erotic novel that talks more about what you desire of her, or rent out a movie that's got interracial coupling involved. The main goal is that you make something happen by surprising her, and yourself.

Let me hear from you what plans you have for Valentine's Day. If there's any idea I forgot to include, or if you have special plans, do get in touch and let me know. Follow the link below: