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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alex batnes, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Alex batnes

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    Ok so I have a plan for my girls first BBC. But I need a few Answers to actually go through with it. Me and my girl have great sex and she is totally satisfied.. I think it would b such a turn on to see her witha black guy tho. So this isn't because she neve gets pleased.. Im the biggest she's even Been and I'm very above average . So the guy I choose has to be Huge not just big . I plan to have him just whip it out in front of her once they get comfortable with each other.. Is a huge black dick irristible if you are turned on and see it right in front of you. ?
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  2. Playful4uinfl

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    Well for me personally it is not just about size. Hubby and I LOVE the color contrast and the taboo nature of it all. So it is the entire package for us. Of course a nice size is also part of it as well.
  3. LilMami

    LilMami New Member

    definitely the color for me too. size is cool too of course, I prefer thickness anyways.
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  4. CuckinVA

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    agree, the contrast is great for me too, plus confidence of most black men. Don't get me wrong size is nice too.