This loser wants to be a cuckold

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    Hello everyone. I'm a whiteboi who knows he's inferior to black men and has embraced his fate.

    I guess it makes sense that a whiteboi would be single, but I'd very much like to be a cuckold for a bbc exclusive Princess. I am looking to talk to females on this site who might be interested in cuckolding me, online roleplay, or just chatting.

    Ultimately I would like to sign a bbc contract along with my long term partner and live a life of obedience to virile Black Men everywhere. I imagine we would likely have a few primary bulls who would command us on a regular basis, but I like the idea of being subject to the will of any Black Male.

    As you can tell from my picture I enjoy the idea of being used financially by my partner, since that's one of the few ways I'm useful. Maybe that will entice some of you beautiful bbc addicted ladies (;

    Humiliation Pic.png
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