This is why my wife wants black lovers


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I'm not consider myself like a weak man and I have not an small penis. But I admire a lot black men because their virile potential.
You see, my wife had gotten a black boyfriend before me. She told me once that they were having sex standing and her boyfriend cummed so quickly. She needed get an orgasm, so she sucked his penis during two or three minutes no more, and it turned as hard as rock. They coupled again in the rear-entry position and they fucked until she obtained her orgasm shouting of took her only few seconds because she was so excited! Susan was still gasping when he could finish again sighing of relief!
He was a first class male! He had an incredible virile potential! I wouldn't make the love as good as him at that moment. He showed her all his penis strength because he couldn't relax after his first orgasm and he could fuck and get a new orgasm again! I would like be as strong as him in that aspect.
Every women would become crazy for a man like him, wouldn't they?