this is killing me not starting 100 posts today..

please, no one fight over this. all is well. I broke down and I am fine now. This is no ones fault but my own so please don't blame others for my problems.I am fine and things are well.
Splitter, I agree with Macs assessment of you. You burst bubbles and you probably don't make a lot of friends here. However. You talk sense and speak the truth.

And the truth is that I am in way over my head here. Like some starry eyed bumpkin who wandered onto a porn shoot.
I know it seems outdated that hubby does not want me to work,. I know his mom never had to work and also I believe he thinks he stole some of my childhood from me by me gatting pregnant at 17. he wants me to be free now I feel like an ass sounding like I am complaing when there are many people who have to hold down multipole jobs just to get by. I have a charmed life and should not complain.
i can`t agree with those here who compare what @vanessabbc does with cheating. Everyone has fantasies, including sexual ones. That`s but human nature - one important even if possibly not the most important reason for a couple to be attracted to each other and get to start a relationship in the first place.

ImO it is stupid to frown on sexual lust and arousal at the point one is in a relationship. As i said, everyone has fantasies. They come to one`s mind rather than being chosen consciously, and sometimes we are surprised by them. Still it is natural and happens to every adult. Trying to ignore them and feeling guilty about them does not make things better, it makes them worse. It would be denying human nature. jm2ct`s


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I cannot argue with any of this.
How do I feel about work? I don't mind it. it keeps me occupied and I like being around people. I have had terrible jobs that I hated. I won't lie.

If he werer doing what I was doing, yes I woulld be furious, hurt, broken, diminished and yes, cheated on. I admit it, what I an doing is wrong. But saying that and stopping that are different things. Maybe I do need help. I don't know what to think half the time, babe.
Most of the women that share my bed started doing so because they weren't getting their needs met at home. There are some myths about having it all. Sometimes you can but very often you can't get it all from the same place. None of the women that share my bed involve their husbands. Whether or not the husbands know I have no idea. It is information I don't need. Quite often compromises are made. To run a successful business, or to have a good medical practice, or other business very often other aspects in life ends up compromised. Most of the women I have fucked over the last 15 or 20 years have been upper middle class or better. They like the nice homes, nice cars, and other perks of a comfortable existence. The one thing that is missing is that they don't get their toes curled often enough from their husbands. I would say that all of them love their husbands and their lifestyle and have no intention of getting divorced. I give them that something extra that they need/crave. Some people can go all moral on me and talk about deceiving the one they love but really who is being hurt? Everyone is happy, nobody is taking home any STD's, nobody is filing for divorce, husband is happy, wife is happy and I am happy.

In the ideal world everyone would be able to talk out any issues and people would get their needs met painlessly. The real world doesn't work like that. Basic questions: Are you better off with your husband that without him? Would he understand your needs? If he wouldn't understand and you want to stay married they I would say by all means find someone to scratch your itch. Be discrete and have fun. Ideally you should get in to a LTR with a fuck buddy or two. It is safer and less likely to attract attention
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