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This forum needs a Chat room Option..Waht do you think ?

there are real persons here right....
what bout htem ?

Also may be the fakes can get in contact with some one they trust till they can revel their identity


Sweet & Cordial
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You know, there's so much fussing on this website about people not being real on here. Yet, all the bitching is being done in the General Discussion section. There are 2 places where people are asked to be "real" ... in Real Persons On BlackToWhite, and in Black Men Seeking White Females. Yet no bitching is being done in those sections, just the General Discussion section and the Cuckold Forum section. I mean, if you're HERE to hook up with someone, it seems those 2 sections would be where to go in an attempt to converse with real people, not in General Discussion.
Also, I can certainly respect people's desire for privacy; some people here need to respect other's desire for privacy. With the way search engines/Facebook/LinkedIn, ect seem to track one's activities & other website connections, you have to be very careful what you put out on the internet ... the crap is almost totally impossible to retract once its on the internet. Some of us would be terribly embarrassed to be called into HR, or be confronted with a family member (parent, sibling, etc), about questionable activities, statements & pics we've posted on the internet. Why are people so naive and basically stupid to this fact?

Mac ;)
Yeah.... To filter out Fakes and Real... Maybe in the chat room itslef it can have Public chat room and a Real people Chat room seperatly...

SO real ones can have real chats...
those who needs privacy can use public rooms...

SO... If any of the members i mean well known members like macnfries etc... can u bring this topic about chat room to the attention of the site admins...
I agree. This would be a good place for a chat room for people, both men and women, to chat and discuss their common interests. If you want to hook-up go to Black Men Seeking White Females or Real Persons On Black To White. I for one would like to see some chat room here.